Spend Money … To Make Money – Part 15

quote-you-must-spend-money-to-make-money-plautus-146593Continuing my business endeavor postings today I have to say I am still stuck at a fork in the road. Almost 1 yr. into this and I’ve reached a stale point in the business. The fork in the road splits into two(2) option … Quit and continue the Life of being content with they way things are or Continue forward and make some sacrifices.

Now you’re probably wondering WTF are you talking about ? Well, I already disclosed that the business I am involved in is Amway. I already explained it’s not a pyramid … It’s not a cult … and It’s not a Scam !! What Amway pretty much is in a nutshell is a investment. If you know about investments like a Savings account or Stocks or a 401k or whatever you put a steady stream of money in that will eventually grow to something substantial.

Amway is just the same except you get products from the money you put in and if you can get others to invest in you then you’re investment income growth will be substantial and the more you get to either invest in you or to join you and start an investment themselves is all the driving force between how to make money from Amway.

Keep in mind this is solely based off my opinions, experiences, and my observations from being in the Amway business. Please, do not base my views solely on the Amway business or system. Everyone has a different experience in Amway … some Positive and some Negative. For me it’s not quite Positive and not quite Negative but more Neutral. My business is stuck in Neutral and I got the Rev but I can’t seem to get the gear to shift into Drive and start moving somewhere. And slowly I’m running outta gas !

So if you’re thinking about joining Amway or know someone who is considering it know this … You need money in order to make money and unless you have a couple hundred maybe thousands to invest away each month then gaining any substantial income from the business is going to be slim to none. You’ll be spending more money attending the major functions that you are encouraged to attend and spending whatever spare money you have in products AKA investing quite a lot before you see any worthy amount returned.

But like all investments like a Savings account for instance the more money that is steadily being deposited into a Savings the higher the interest %. So if you deposit $3,000 every month your return interest given by the bank is high. So in turn you’ll grow a pretty good amount of income overtime. If you have a 401k at your place of employment a chunk of your pay check is taken out every 2 weeks to go into your 401k fund. The more % you chose the more money is taken out of your paycheck but overtime that amount will become pretty substantial that should you decide to retire you can do so with a very hefty 401k investment check.

So ask yourself … are you currently investing into something that’ll give back a substantial amount ? If you have a couple hundred bucks or even a thousand that you’re looking to invest away then Amway is a great company to invest with by becoming an IBO. But if you don’t have money to invest at all then Amway is not the business for you as you’ll only become discouraged, frustrated, and end up writing angry hateful negative blog posts like the millions floating about out their by people who did not have enough money to invest into Amway to make a substantial income return.

My husband and I are sadly in that position where since we’re a single income household with just my husband bringing home the bacon it’s difficult to have any money to invest into Amway when higher priority things like Rent, Utilities, Transportation Fuel, Daily Necessities, etc. all suck up every last penny my husband makes.

We’re trying hard to get others to invest in their futures but it hasn’t been an easy task as many seem to just be focusing on the NOW and Present time and not thinking about their futures or life 2-5 yrs from now. Most are content and prefer to just live their lives day by day working the 40 hrs weeks and no future investments.

When we ask them questions like do you see yourself doing that for the rest of your Life til at least retirement age ? Most answer with … Ya, I guess ! Then we tell them if there’s an opportunity to make yourself financially free and have more time to do things you enjoy besides working a 40 hr. week job would you go for it ? Most answer with … Uhh… I guess. But what is it ?

IT’S AN INVESTMENT IN YOUR FUTURE !!! How important is your future security and if you are married with a family would you prefer your future be spent home with your kids, traveling the world, or being full-time parents with both you and spouse not having to work but to invest into your future ? Then check out our website … www.FreedomEnterprise4u.wwdb.biz Watch the videos and if you want more information just fill in your contact information in the Contact form or call us … 1(866) 280-5153 If you live in the Southern California areas we can make an appointment to come meet up with you and have coffee to talk about this investment/business opportunity.

Quitting won’t lead to success …. – Part 14

c130f59bfea86afcf2dd41ffd13f92b6I am a person of Truth and Honesty ! So today’s business endeavor blog post is going to contain truths and honesty. I am a brutally honest person and it’s caused me to gain lots of haters and angry people who just can’t handle the truth or hurt by the truth but I tell it like it is and don’t sugar coat nothing ! My blog has somewhat transformed into a place I shared my thoughts and opinions into a journal or diary of sorts noting my journey since starting a business with my husband.

I haven’t clearly stated what that business is and what I do since I wasn’t sure of the business companies policies but since I was notified of the policy that we are free and more encouraged to blog about our business I started doing so but still did not disclose what the business was or who the company was. At this point in my business since my last blog post *Part 13* I’m pretty discouraged about everything so I am not afraid of any repercussions for stating the truths.

With that being said … I am a IBO “Independent Business Owner” and a direct-seller/distributor partnered with Amway. Many people know about the company Amway and right off the bat have negative feedbacks like Aren’t they a Pyramid, Isn’t that a Cult, Isn’t that a scam, etc. The internet is teaming with false and negative blogs, websites, and whatever that Amway is a horrible business/company and to avoid them like the plague.

Well, I’ve been involved with Amway and their system called Worldwide Dreambuilders for about almost a year now. I will tell you the honest truths about the business and company that is so falsely represented on the internet and by people who don’t even know anything about this business just by hearsay or what they read. Nothing is what it seems until you actually go to the source for the truth ! We’ve all been victims of rumors and rumors can spread far and wide but 90% of the time they’re far from the truth and unless you go to the source on which the rumor involves you’ll find it’s not anything that the rumor stated.

So let me tell you the truths and honesty of Amway. Amway is a wonderful company nothing like the false negatives being spewed across the internet. 100% of those negative blogs, websites, posts, etc. are written by people who failed in the business and just have hate and animosity towards the business because they could not stick with it. I’ll be honest here it’s not the easiest business to join into !

What is Amway ? Amway is a manufacturer of sorts who produce top quality products from Nutritional Supplements to Beauty Products to Household Products. What do you mean by Household products ? Well, products like Shampoos, Toothpaste, Body lotion, Cleaning Supplies, etc. Their products are Excellent ! I personally use and consume many of their products. I have nothing against their products but …

Now he’s the truth and honesty part … They are Expensive ! Their cost is what makes the business a very hard business to succeed in unless you are associated with those who are pretty wealthy or willing to spend $500-600 dollars in buying products. Part of the business recommendations is that you yourself spend that much from your store and if you’re like my husband and I “A Single Income household” that is difficult to achieve.

The basis of the Amway IBO system is that everything has points attached to it. Kinda like reward points for a VONS, Ralphs, RiteAid, CVS, or any store with a rewards card program. But unlike those store where you don’t get much back in return for your reward points accrued Amway gives you back actual $$$. The more reward points you got the more $$$ you will get back.

Unlike places like VONS, Ralphs, RiteAid, CVS who just gives you a coupon for % off your next purchase when you reach a reward points milestone or point mark … Amway gives you recognition and status. When I say Status you become somebody in the business and people will admire you to a sense based off that Status. The Status ranks are from Silver to Crown … Excuse me Founders Crown. Like you’d image having a Crown will make you like the King/Queen of the business.

But another truth and honesty is it’s kinda like playing the lotto in order to win that jackpot you’ll more than likely be spending a billion just to win that 2 million jackpot or 50 million jackpot. With Powerball tickets being $2 a piece and being played in 44 states your chances are slim but your chances of losing a million before ever gaining a million is high.

So what did that have to do with what I was previously saying ? Well, it’s very similar in the fact that you will have to spend quite a bit of money before you even get back a quite a bit of money. So like my example of you’ll need to spend a billion to make a million. Kinda is how Amway works.

Since day 1 my husband and I have spend several thousands of dollars to attend these crucial events that you are encouraged to attend. I think I posted about my trip to Portland, Oregon. My 1st time going outside the state of California other than Las Vegas, Nevada. But it was quite a expensive trip having to buy Amtrak tickets to Portland, Rental Car, Hotel, and any dining-shopping expenses. As I explained previously we are a single income household. So it was a blessing that we even had the money to attend this event.

Being a single income household trying to succeed in this business is difficult. Early in the start of this blog I explained that I am physically disabled and unable to work but due to the fact that my husband according to Social Security standards makes too much income I do not receive any SSI or Disability income as I once did. If you want me to talk about animosity ask me about Social Security cutting me off from any income. SSI should be solely based on ones disability and nothing more but sadly it is not the case.

Anyways before I end up straying off the topic. So my husband is the only income provider and although he makes a decent wage it just isn’t enough. Often times we go with an empty fridge and scrounge our cabinets to see what we got to eat if anything. With Monthly Rent, Utilities, Gas for daily transportation, and other expenses what’s left after ever pay period is slim pickins.

Lately we’ve been talking about maybe quitting this business because we clearly got in the wrong business. Amway is a business that requires you to invest a part of your income to them. It’s sorta like a Savings Account with a small % of interest. You have to continually put $$$ into it and overtime that will grow to something worthy enough.

But it’s not completely how it works but the rest of the parts is a bit difficult to explain. As a business owner you need … Employees to work for your business and do part of the workload so you’re not doing it all by yourself. Well, the rest of the part that is difficult to explain is sorta like that. You get some friends or people who are looking to work for a better future and teach time to do what you’re doing. Invest a part of the income buying products and attending events, meetings, functions, etc. and have them teach others to do the same. They call this “Duplication”.

Our issues and snag is that we don’t know too many people or meet too many people who are willing to take that chance or gullible enough to fall for this type of business. Back in the day when my Mom did Amway it was easy for people to join because they weren’t … I wouldn’t say Smart but they weren’t afraid to try *new* things. But people nowadays are smarter with where they spend their money, how they spend their money, and  play it safe.

I don’t blame them since money is hard to come by now and everything is getting so expensive. Cost of Living is rising but Cost of Wages isn’t matching up with the Cost of Living demands that many people as is are struggling financially. Even if they were given an opportunity to become financially free and build a better future they don’t wanna step out of their comfort zone.

That’s what’s making this business so difficult for us. I know it works because there are people in our team group who are making it far and wide succeeding very well in this business but they have something we don’t really have which are skills. I like to say they have the social herd mentality where they join and herd/pack and grown the herd/pack. Where as my husband and I are solitary animals who hunt and live as life partners but chose not to be a part of a growing herd or any herd. Kinda like Eagles they mate for Life but Eagle don’t fly in packs or herd just two solitary birds.

We’re being told that many have started off with that type of mentality and changed for the better. But we just don’t see that change happening. Are we also afraid of stepping out of our comfort zone ? Maybe, yes. We just aren’t people people and because of our current struggles, dead end, and mountain peak we’ve reached in the business we have contemplated quitting but we won’t. We wanna stick through this !

I’m not a quitter ! Growing up physically disabled there were a lot of things in my Life I could of quit on because it was hard. Could of quit walking, Could of quit school because of bullying and teasing, Could of quit this or that. But I was born opposite of a quitter and even now as a grown adult I am still not a quitter. I try and try until it is proven to be either impossible or not meant to be.

But I am going to be honest I am not saying I don’t quit. There are many things that I have quit on and probably could of succeeded in if I had not quit. But I won’t look into my rear view mirror as someone once said. Life is a roller coaster and most roller coasters only go forward not backwards and there are many Bumps, Ups and Downs, Twists and Turns, and scary moments. But when you ride a roller coaster for the 1st time it’s scary but once it’s over what do you do ? I WANNA RIDE THAT AGAIN !!

Sadly in Life you don’t get to ride that again. So enjoy it the 1st time around and endure the scary moments, Ups and Downs, Twists and Turns, etc. Nowhere in the Bible does it say Life is gonna be easy but it does say every minute of it will be worth it. So I’m going to continue with this business and hopefully we’re just on a slow roller coaster climb up the steep hill and soon we’ll be hurling down the other side in a rush of excitement.

Wanna know more about this business ? Check out our business website … www.FreedomEnterprise4u.wwdb.biz and if you want further information click Log-In and use the “Access code: freedom” If you wanna check out our retail website and Pay-It-Forward with a few purchases that would be greatly appreciated as well … www.Amway.com/HealthyAdvantage All our products are backed by a 180 day guarantee so if there’s something you don’t like return it with no questions asked.

Please, feel free to use the Contact button on the website if you have any further questions or if you would like to sit down and have coffee to learn more about Amway and the business. *Of course Southern California only* We aren’t millionaires with a private jet to fly around the world to meet you. ( ‘u~) Least not yet !! Someday … SOMEDAY !! L0L

Dead End … Make a U Turn ! – Part 13

Dead End ProspectI didn’t realize that it’s been about a month since my last post on my business endeavor. A lot of Life has been getting in the way of business growth but I am happy to report that we registered our 1st business associate to partner under our wing. We’re really excited for his growth and pursuit towards a better future as well as proud that he made the decision to make the change from the 9-5 clock in-clock out Life to one where he is able to work his own hours.

But since there a lot of things have been going on in our personal lives that we haven’t been able to go out much and seek more enthusiastic people to join us. We’re kinda hit a dead end and when you hit a dead end there’s nothing else to do but U-Turn and backtrack til you find a passable route. Too many things have been going on lately but with the help of our team we’re getting better and have faith that things will improve with time.

Every business has it’s dead phase where there’s no activity or growth but once that phase passes it picks back up again. Kinda like a garden in a storm … the dark cloudy days hinders the colors of the garden blooms and the rain soaks all the beauty of the garden but once the storm pass and the sun shines again the garden is alive with color and new growth from the rain of the previous storm.

I’m staying optimistic that our current dead phase will pass and we’ll eventually gain momentum again. It’s like waiting in line for a roller coaster ride. The wait is boring and dull but once you get on and start making the climb the excitement builds up. :P Ok, enough of the metaphors ! If you’re interested to know more about our business and what it’s about go check out our website @ www.FreedomEnterprise4u.wwdb.biz and feel free to enter your contact information and we’ll get in touch to give you all the information you may request.

Encourage not Discourage … Part 12


I’m starting to gain a tiny bit of momentum in my business but it’s not a race. There are others who are moving up in their business but the pace they move at doesn’t necessarily have to be the pace you have to move at. As the saying goes … Slow and Steady still wins the race. One of the important aspects of this business is to encourage and not discourage to build up not tear down. Definitely leave your green eyed iguana locked up in a cage as this business is not a place for the green eyed monster to rear it’s ugly head.

We have a couple in our business who are moving up and moving ahead. I am nothing more than proud and excited for their movement. I wish them luck in furthering their success as we continue to work on ours. It’s not an easy task but it’s a do-able task. Kinda like in school there are those who are high achievers and ace every subject and class they take and then there’s those who struggle or pass with the minimum grade or performance achievement.

Sure, back in school you were probably jealous of your friend(s) or classmate(s) who aced every exam and got every achievers awards but we’re adults now and this is no longer school. We have to be mature and encourage those moving above to help motivate ourselves to run besides them or behind them in our own journey to success. You’ll get there just don’t have to be 1st place or 3rd place bcuz no matter if your first or last the end destination is the same for all of us and first place or last place we’re all eventually going to a happy place.

So congrats to all those who are ahead in their success and I wish you all the best as you further your success and your dreams become closer within your grasp. #GoDiamondGo

Simple Yet Not So Simple … Part 11

I attended another business seminar yesterday and I have to say that this speaker is more easy to understand and more in depth in detail “Straight to the point”. I’m not saying the previous guest speakers at all the other business seminars I’ve been to which is quite a few are boring or don’t speak in detail it’s just most of them spent time sharing Life stories where as last night speaker was there to teach and not share life stories although he shared a tiny bit.

One part that resonated with me was his suggestion to quick success in this business which is register 1 person a month. Just 1 which will give you 12 in a year. You only need 3 to become financially free and 6 to transform the Good Life into the Awesome Life. It seems so simple to just register 1 person a month and yet it’s not that simple. Why ? Bcuz too many people aren’t willing to step out of their comfort zones, make changes in their Lives, or Fear just steers them away from the utmost awesome Life changing opportunity there is out there.

My husband and I are now four(4) months into this business and I honestly have to say there are times where I just wanna throw up my hands and throw in the towel to say this is impossible … I can’t do it ! We can’t do this ! I wanna quit !! But that’s not just who I am. Being disabled there were so many moments in my Life where I just wanted to quit and several times where I’ve tried to quit Life in it’s entirety but I always snapped out of it and continued trying and trying and trying.

One of my Life mottos has always been “If you don’t try then how would you ever know”. I am a huge fan in trying *new* things whether it’d be a *new* drink, snack, arts/craft technique, etc. I am the first person to try something *new* ! Many people I know say I wonder what the *new* Acai Berry Green tea tastes like, I wonder how the *new* video game is, or wonder how this or that is. Stop wondering and try it out ! Trial and Error has been a huge impact on my Life and I am not ashamed to say I have gone through many errors but I’ve learned through each one.

I have been told it’s okay to disclose the business in a personal blog so I am going to say that Amway is a bit of a difficult business to get successful in as products although excellent in quality and taste for their edibles is a bit high priced. But TRY THEM ! You have 180 days to decide if you don’t like it return it for 100% Money back guarantee. You can actually eat all the bars in the meal bar box and return and empty box saying you don’t like it and still get 100% of your money back !!

Does that make you go … Whoa ! Seriously ?!? Yes, I am serious ! You can return an empty vitamin bottle, shampoo bottle, used makeup, ANY PRODUCT we sell for a complete 100% Money back return and you got 180 days to decide. Who else do you know gives you 6 months Return & Refund policy ? Every store at most gives you 30 days with a semi-Money back policy. We give you 100% of your money back !! Returning products are easy too. When you order you will get a return label *WITH POSTAGE PAID* just tape the label and ship it back no cost to you !

Does that perk your interest ? Wanna check out what we sell ? You can visit … http://www.amway.com/4healthwellness and check out the many cool products we offer. I highly recommend the XS Energy drinks as most are O Sugar – O Carbs – Low Calories and do not give you the jitters of Caffeine withdrawl. Even people like myself who are sensitive to high levels of Caffeine can enjoy them. They don’t taste horrible like you were drinking carbonated dirt but soda lovers you will love them as they taste like any other soda. We got root beer, cola, orange, etc. My favorite is the Cranberry Grape and Pineapple Mango Guava. We just came out with a *new* Dragonfruit flavor !

The list of items I would recommend could go on and on and on turning this blog post into a Harry Potter book length. L0L But check out the many products we offer ! There is nothing to lose when you got a 180 day 100% Money back guarantee backed behind every product. Don’t like it … Return it !! And if while looking through my site you’re thinking … How do I get my own retail website like that ? Well, good question ! Head on over to http://www.FreedomEnterprise4u.wwdb.biz and enter access code: freedom to learn how you can start your own web based business and get in contact with either me *Mary* or my husband *Reymond*.

All it takes is a few moments of your time to sit down with you in what we call a Meet & Greet to teach you more about the business and answer any questions you got. If you’re still serious about starting your own path to Freedom we’ll take you through a process that all *newbies* go through and the big day comes in the end where we register you and you grow your wings to fly towards your Freedom.

We teach you the basics and guide you, mentor you, coach you through your entire process. But the BIG speakers at the seminars are the ones who really help strengthen your wings so you don’t fall face flat on the ground but fly higher than any Eagle could soar. It seems so simple but yet it’s not so simple !! You just gotta try and keep trying ! Never Give Up !!

A look back on the journey … Part 10

13226c84475c447074827e181a4f6d0eHope you’re having a cool weekend !! It’s 81° degrees today with high humidity making it feel hotter than 81° which made me feel like I was back in Portland, Oregon. As I start to get settle back into my old routines and daily life after having returned from Portland on July 21st and then taking almost another week off to spend time with my husband to celebrate our 16th relationship Anniversary a little early.

Although the trip to Portland, Oregon was for business my husband and I also took it as a vacation/anniversary trip since our anniversaries are so close together. August 5th, 1999 is when I first met my prince charming and on September 10, 2011 is when I became the queen of his domain as his wife. Many people don’t celebrate two(2) anniversaries but I think it’s important to still celebrate and mark the day you first met just as much as the day you got married.

Anyways I was browsing through the many photos I took from our trip to Portland, Oregon. If you recall my previous posts we went there by Amtrak train. So let me tell you about our experience being on an Amtrak train for the 30+ hrs. it took to get to Portland from Los Angeles. It wasn’t really what I had expected and was a bit of a let down mainly due to the fact that the riding car we were seated in was outdated so a lot of things weren’t new.

One of the things that was a bit uncomfortable for me was that the AC wasn’t working by the windows but only in the aisle so if you sat by the windows you did not feel any air and summer heat + a metal train you feel like a canned sardine being steamed or boiled. The AC unit often had to be adjusted by the train conductor so that we all didn’t melt into our seats. Being disabled I was in the lower seating area in the car mainly for disabled riders.

Another thing I was told was there would be WiFi and I said a 30+ hr. ride should be so bad as long as I have WiFi to play some games, watch some YouTube, etc. Well, sadly the train I got on did not have WiFi. I spent most of it just taking pictures of the scenery that we chugged on through. I’m not complaining since the scenery was quite beautiful and we trekked through every landscape imaginable from the coastal beaches, rugged mountains, dense forests, farmer plantations fields, desert plateau, urban city, rural city, etc.

Our train had some emergency maintenance repairs that tacked on a 3 hr. delay. So at that point was a bit bummed that the train had no working AC on the window sides, no WiFi, and what was suppose to be a 29 hr. ride became a 33 hr. ride. It takes 16 hrs. by car and 2 hrs. by plane so why does it take 33 hrs. by train ? I had chosen and paid the extra money for the non-stop Amtrak tickets but it was not non-stop. It stopped at every city point in between Los Angeles to Portland.

Now if you’re wondering about meals on the train … BRING YOUR OWN FOOD !! If you’re a coach guest you have to pay for your own meals. Unlike airlines that provide meals with your flight unless you are in a sleeper car which is the one that has beds and private restrooms included meals are out of your pocket cost for coach riders. They aren’t cheap either ! Although they are good … they aren’t cheap. My 1st meal I had was the Angus Cheeseburger with came with lettuce, tomato, red onions, and kettle potato chips *Drink not included* was about $15 dollars ! Tack on a can of pepsi and it reached to about $16 for the Burger and Soda !!

If you’re a fast food person like myself $16 dollars is like two(2) burger combos with refillable drink not a can. $16 you can probably grill and make your own burger at home with plenty to share with friends. But that’s if the train conductor even get’s to you to take your order. Often times they’d announce that they’re going to be coming down to the coach seating to take orders for the Lunch menu or Dinner menu but they never came through our area. One person who did complained how many cars she had to walk passed before she got to us and it was tiring. (¬_¬) You’re lazy so you’re not gonna bother to walk to the last car and check on the people there ? Very thoughtful of you !

Overall it was a great experience riding the Amtrak train since it was the 1st time for both me and my husband to ride the train and our 1st time ever going outside of California other than Las Vegas, Nevada which to many Californians doesn’t feel like out of state but more like out of city since we go there many times. But next year if our business holds an event again in Portland, Oregon we’ll either go by car or we’ll take Amtrak again but go by Sleeper car so we have the beds to sleep in and private restroom. (∩ε∩) I enrolled in the mobile hotspot service with my cell phone provider so no WiFi is no problem now. (¬⌂¬”) Except for the issue of having no cell phone signal in some areas like the mountain and vast empty nowheresville.

I’d definitely travel Amtrak again and my husband and I added to our bucket list to ride to Amtrak all the way up the coast into Seattle, Washington then travel into Canada. (ⁿ⌂ⁿ) A cruise to Alaska is also on our travel bucket list. I have a very special friend that lives in Alaska that I would die to go visit as I haven’t seen her in ages.

But hopefully through this business my husband and I will be financially free to travel the world and explore all the places mother Earth has to show us. One of my goals is to visit all 50 states before I’m 50. I’m currently 33 so I have 20 something years to visit all 50 states and so far I’ve got three(3) already down – California, Nevada, and Oregon. Even though I didn’t fully go to the sight seeing spots of those three(3) states just being in them counts, right ? So I got 47 states to go !! I think it can be done.

Dreams are Worldwide … What’s your Dream ? – Part 9


From the moment we are born we are all given a Life purpose. Part of the journey of Life’s Destiny is finding out what that purpose is. But along with purpose we all have dreams. Dreams aren’t just to specific people or specific places but rather worldwide ! We ALL have Dreams ! Yet, very few are willing to take those dreams and make them a reality. I think that is a sad thing when we chose to not make our dreams a reality and just keep them inside our heads and our hearts.

A good friend just shared with me something that I felt really resonated and I want to share it with the rest of you.

Wake up – Did you know Life is about making choices, figuring out the proper paths, The decisions that you make are what make you? Start figuring out what you want in life, or out of life and set a goal. work for that goal, work hard toward achieving that goal and then and only then will you understand the true meaning of life! Once you achieve that goal. set a higher goal! Don’t ever stop dreaming and you will never stop achieving!” (David Des Autels ©.2015)

I honestly couldn’t have said it better myself. Life is purely what you make of it !! If there’s unhappiness in your Life change and eliminate what’s making you unhappy. Living a Life of saying … I wish, I dream, and What If isn’t really living at all. Make all those I wish into I can. I dream into I will. What if into I did. I just got back from a very motivating event in Portland, Oregon. The things I have learned from the event and the people I’ve met just fires you up into high gear to work harder towards reaching your dreams.

I am a dream-builder and part of my business is to help you build and achieve your dreams. You’ll never be alone in the endeavor as you’ll always have a team working besides you and helping you every step of the way. I just wish more people were willing to step out of their comfort zone and overcome their fears so that they can take the first steps towards accomplishing their wildest dreams.

Like my business Facebook page *https://www.facebook.com/FreedomEnterprise4u* and if you’re serious in making the changes in your Life to achieve your dreams … Let us help you.