Baby steps to reaching your dream – Part 3


Hello ! This is Part 3 to my journey that I have begun to blog about. If you are following and reading my previous posts you’ll know that my husband and I started a journey into a business opportunity and as of Sunday April 12th, 2015 we have take our 1st baby steps into the business. We’re no longer in the just looking phase and moved onto the next step. I chose to continue blogging about my journey and every step we take not bcuz a few of you found my journey posts thrilling and asked me to continue on but bcuz I want something to look back upon if I become successful in this endeavor and I will have a permanent document reminding me of where I had started from and the many rough moments and good moments I’ve endured to get to where I am.

In Part 2 of my journey post I explained how this business opportunity will push you to your limits and I still stand by that. Boy do I stand by that !! I just got back from a three(3) day business seminar which I call Boot Camp bcuz it really pushed you to your limits. Most of the meetings were ALL DAY meetings broken up into two parts like from 9am to 5pm then 7pm to passed midnight !! It wouldn’t be so bad except for the fact that it repeats the next following day. So you’ve been sitting in the chair for 8 hrs. only to get a 2 hr. break from the chair to eat, relax, whatever only to get back in the chair for another 5-6 hrs or more depending if the speaker has a lot to say !!

The breaks between each speaker at this function were like 5-10 minute breaks before the next speaker came on to speak. I dunno if this was done intentionally or they were really tight on time and trying to cram everything in. But 5-10 minutes is not enough time to use the bathroom or grab a snack or drink. Especially when this event was at a place that was packed with probably over 1000 people. The long bathroom lines will be more than 5-10 minutes. Luckily for me being in a wheelchair they other guests made sure to keep the disabled bathrooms open for the disabled.

But it was brutal ! To finish the seminar at around 1am then drive back to your hotel room. Especially for us where we booked a hotel that was 7 miles away from the center of the action. Took us another 10-2o minutes to drive back to our hotel room and once we got back to our hotel room … we ate something since we weren’t able to eat while at the seminar meetings, shower, relax a little, etc. By the time we did finally go to sleep it was 3-4am. meaning we’d have to wake up in 3-4 hrs. I’m not used to that kind of Life ! I admit to you I normally sleep til noon-ish everyday so to have to wake up at 5am or so to shower, get dressed up for the next meeting, and try to get some food prior was hard.

The event location did sell snacks and food but very expensive prices. I bought a ½ cup if even that of Cinnamon glazed Almonds for $4. I’m not a breakfast person either so I didn’t exactly eat breakfast before I arrived. It was sheer exhaustion and on day 2 of the meeting I had to leave early bcuz I was really deep in exhaustion that I was dizzy, nauseous, and rushed to the bathroom to vomit. I was really feeling lower than low ! After some food and fresh air I was better and able to return for the 2nd part but it really reminded me of my previous post explaining about how this business really pushes you to your limits.

But I am still hanging on to the belief that it’ll all be worth it in the end ! As of Sunday April 12th, 2015 @ around 12:05pm my husband and I took our 1st baby steps towards reaching our dreams and taking this journey to the next step. I know it’s not going to get any easier from here but rather going to get harder from here on out but whatever lies ahead I’m ready to take it on full speed. I believe in this business and believe that it will help you achieve your wildest dreams but only if you’re willing to work hard, put in the hard work and effort … but most importantly if you are willing to GIVE IT A CHANCE !!

It’s totally understandable to be skeptical and afraid to try this out but my life motto has always been … “IF YOU DON’T TRY, YOU WILL NEVER KNOW” I always give everything a chance and not afraid to try something *new* whether it’d be a product, craft, food item, etc. I always give it a try bcuz if you don’t you’ll never know !! If you don’t give that *new* drink a try … you’ll never know if it is good ! If you don’t try that *new* route to get to work you’ll never know if it’s faster or time wasting. This business opportunity is definitely all about not being afraid to take a chance. Many who have taken the chance and put in the hard work has harvested the benefits of their hard work and efforts in ways they could never imagined.

If you’re looking for change and wanna try something *new* that can change your life dramatically in many ways. Let me know by contacting me or commenting below and I’ll give the information and details into this business opportunity that my husband and I are going into. We can take this journey together and down the road develop a friendship, learn so many things, and find things about ourselves that we never knew existed. I’m going to continue to blog about my business journey and if through my posts you ever get interested of curious about what this business is or what it’s about just hit the contact me tab or comment below and I’ll get in contact with you. GIVE IT A CHANCE .. BE OPEN-MINDED … TRY NEW THINGS !! IF YOU DON’T TRY YOU’LL NEVER KNOW !!

You Lose it, Before you Earn it … *Part 2*

gdmmzfxdec9qmgqvrwi1Well, only 1 hour before the weekend is over. This blog post is a Part 2 of my previous blog post I posted about my journey in a business opportunity with my husband. I decided that I will blog about my journey in parts not just to share the experiences with your guys but also to serve as a memory of what I went through if and when I do make it BIG in this business opportunity.

I still will not name the business opportunity company name again in respects to the company itself as well as the people who are involved. But Wow !! I mean Wow and emphasize on the WOW … I think I said in my previous post that this business opportunity will test you through all your limits, push all your buttons, and for your car enthusiasts this business opportunity will push you to the Redline !! PUSHES YOU TO YOUR BREAKING POINT !! But will it all be worth it in the end ? I don’t know. But I sure am curious to find out !!

I mean seriously !! I haven’t even physically joined into this business yet and I have broken down into tears, had micro emotional/mental breakdowns, etc. This business opportunity of which I haven’t even fully signed up or registered for has beaten me down and left me in sheer exhaustion. Let me tell you … I AM NOT A PEOPLE PERSON ! If anything I am the complete opposite.

I was never diagnosed but was told I by psychiatrists that I have Social Anxiety Disorder bcuz being around people really made me feel like I was gonna have a heart-attack, pass out, and die. My heartbeats at 1 million miles per second, I sweat, my throat starts to close up, I feel like the walls are closing in on me, and I FREAK OUT !! I was never given medication but told if you conquer your fears it will fade away and become a little easier more and more with time.

Well, growing up mostly a loner with no friends and just being that outcasted weirdo for being disabled and being bullied all my Life even by my own family kinda left me with this fear of people. I hated to be around them and disliked having anything to do with social situations which probably is the stem of my Social Anxiety Disorder. In my early 20s I started to become an aggressive person bcuz of it. If someone stared at me bcuz of the way I walked I would literally wanna grab a beer bottle break it into sharp shards and come after you saying WTF YOU STARING AT ? It was driving me to a brink of insanity !

But after I met my husband he slowly helped me overcome my Social Anxiety although never 100% gone. I am able to go to the mall, movies, and other socially crowded places like a restaurant without freaking out or having a panic attack. Why am I sharing this with you ? Well, to explain to you how uncomfortable I am with social situations. I don’t like being around a crowd of people … EVER !! But this business opportunity causes you to attend seminars, events, meetings, and event functions where you are crammed into a small conference room elbow to elbow with PEOPLE !

If you could read my mind or tap into my brain while I sit at these seminars, meetings, events, etc. I swear you’d probably burst out laughing. It’s only been my 2nd one that I attended yesterday which was like 10 HOURS LONG !! (≥⌂≤) OMFG ! But if you were to tap inside my brain while I’m at these seminars random things are going through my head to keep me calm. For example … I was mentally singing the Pokemon theme song in my head while the event guest speaker was speaking or a video/.gif clip of a kitten playing with a ball of string was playing in my head or Pikachu just winking and saying Pika Pi in his cute high pitched voice. L0L

Those types of things were what was keeping me from freaking out while being in a room full of people. There were a few times that my mental meditation if you can call it that breaks and my Anxiety starts to set in and I feel my throat closing up and my heart beating fast. I just sip some water and a deep breath and I’m back on track. But having to attend these meetings after meetings is one of the essential parts of this business opportunity. While they are not MANDATORY they are encouraged that you attend each meeting.

Now these meetings at the same time can be fun bcuz you go to places you’ve never been, cities you’ve heard of but never visited, etc. But for a person like me constantly having to attend these meetings is like being told to sit on a chair that was covered in tacks and you sit all tense trying not to relax your body bcuz the moment you do you’ll be going home with an ass plate made of tacks. Ya, that’s the metaphor I’m going with ! L0L Try and mentally picture that pincushion butt !! :P

Another example of this business opportunity pushing you to your limits is if you’re married … pray to God you’ll still be married when you go into this business 100%. My husband and I aren’t even into this business yet ! We haven’t even joined, registered, or even started a thing. We’re just attending these meetings, seminars, etc. learning about the high ranked peoples success stories and how they got into the business, etc.

I think I talked about it in my last post that it seems like 90% of the married couples ALL experienced marital problems bcuz of and while going into this business. Some didn’t work out even after that it just broke to the point where it couldn’t be fixed and they divorced, some struggled but were able to patch things up, and many struggled, fought, and now in a healthier marriage than before they ever got into this business.

Well, I am no different !! My husband and I aren’t even in the business … Yet ! And we’ve fought, argued, tears have been shed, mean words were exchanged, silent treatments were put into place, acting like rude roommates instead of a married couple, etc. I mean it got real ugly at some times … really ugly !! (ñ3ñ) I know you drama llama lovers are like Oo, dish out the dirt ! How ugly did it get ? If you really wanna know … let’s just say I purposely removed the toilet paper in the bathroom so if he had to go #2 he was paddling down the river without his paddle. L0L

It’s funny and I laugh about it now but seriously people this business opportunity really pushes you to your limits !! I think my husband got more gray hairs now than prior to learning about this business opportunity and I’ve gained probably another 5lbs. as I’m a emotional eater. *ugh* This business opportunity has put me on edge since day 1 !! Now I can say I relate to those hamsters who run so hard in those little wheels and they run so hard they get flung out of the wheel when they stop ? I totally feel that way !!

But anyways another example I wanna share with you and this one is probably the most common one that everyone who goes into this business is gonna face is … Finances. Money, Moolah, the Green, the Jackson and Jefferson, the Cha-Ching Cha-Ching, whatever you wanna call it !! Every and ANY business opportunity requires a certain amount of principle and I don’t mean the old man who’s office you got dragged to for showing a boy you like your undies. That’s a principal. But if you ask me he’s not much of a princi-pal than a princi-bull. That’s for another blog post !

Principle is pretty much just having some money in which you’ve saved up or acquired to used towards your investment such as a business opportunity. Most business opportunities in my opinion is an investment ! You investing your time, money, and effort into it without any guarantees that it’s gonna work or return/double your investment back.

I’ve explained in some previous blog posts that I am physically disabled and unable to work due to my disability. So my husband is the sole income provider and at one point I was getting SSI *disability* income but once I got married that flew out the door as the Government went broke and started discriminating against who should receive, continue to receive, and who to get cut off. Well, I was one of the people who were cut off. No matter how unfair I thought it was.

Living on a one income lifestyle was difficult in itself. More than 90% of my husband’s pay went towards rent, bills, gas for his daily commute to work, and if there’s anything left we buy groceries. Thanks to stores like Dollar tree, 99¢ only store, etc. we’re able to buy some grocery items with what little money we had left. It was sad and depressing but I prayed for God to bless us and keep us in his care. I didn’t worry too much bcuz I had put my life and our life in his hands. I knew as long as he was in control we’ll be okay !

So with this business opportunity it didn’t require ANY money in the beginning just gas to get to the seminar meeting locations, lunch or dinner afterwards, and some clothes. Oh the clothes you have to wear … Bleh !! (≥~≤) I’m a jeans and tshirt kinda gal. I do not own one single formal or business attire-ish outfit. I had to go buy some and being a plus+ sized woman I kinda dislike clothes shopping. I have broad football player like shoulders so fitting into feminine slender shouldered women’s clothes was a pain.

But as your progress and get closer to officially joining, signing up, and registering for this business opportunity it starts to cost you. $20 here, $250 here, then $112-$150 a month, etc. It starts adding up quickly and if you are living off the pocket lint in your pockets you’re gonna stress and again … BE PUSHED TO YOUR BREAKING POINT !!! There’s a BIG event coming up that our upline sorta kinda requires us to attend and it’s a out of state weekend event.

Ok, out of state this is gonna be fun ! Book a hotel room, Enjoy sorta a mini-vacation especially since it’s getting close to my Birthday this would be like a mini pre-celebration, and getting away from the house which I’m in 24-7. I was just thinking paradise thoughts and saying … Let’s do it !! I wanna have fun !! I wanna go swim in the pool, get some nice suntan, have fun, and maybe meet up some friends that live in the area, etc.

It was all great !! I pulled out my old suitcase, dusted it off, found my swimsuits … even one I bought last Summer but didn’t use bcuz my husband didn’t wanna go swimming that Summer at all, and I started gathering things I’m gonna pack up … my travel journal, toothpaste, etc. But I wasn’t thinking about do we have the money ? I was just thinking about the fun and excitement of a out of town trip.

Then we’re like … Wait ! We haven’t booked a hotel room, yet. Let’s start browsing online for a room. *BAM* Reality hits you like a baseball home run hit right to the face. Room prices just made us *gulp* … (T~T;) Wow ! It’s that expensive ? We’re not even gonna be there that long. Oh Wow ! Do we have money to pay for that ? Let’s make a list and budget the expense costs … again … BEING PUSHED TO YOUR BREAKING POINT !!

I don’t think we can afford this trip ! My husband was like … I don’t care ! We’re going and we’ll figure out a way. I was like … The heck we are ! I didn’t wanna take this trip then get bit in the ass by the bills waiting in our mailbox or since we’re driving their our clunky old car breaks while driving there, the cost it’ll be to have AAA tow our car back all the way to our home, and the additional cost of fixing whatever broke. I just didn’t wanna risk it !! Plus I got two(2) lovely dogs who are my children in furcoats that need to be taken to the boarding place … another expense.

It got SUPER overwhelming !! I was like well there goes my suntan, there goes my dip in the pool, and trip away from home. I told my husband to text our upline and tell him … We’re not going and can’t ! I swear my husband was in tears while typing up the text. He was really crying his eyes out and it hurt me so badly inside to see him cry. It’s okay men you can cry in front of a woman but it’s not gonna feel good to see it ladies.

(=_=) I felt terrible ! It was like I had ripped out his heart, tossed it in the garbage disposal, flipped the switch, scooped out the remains, burned it to ash, swept up the ash, and tossed it in the trash. Seriously ! It was that heartbreaking to see how hurt he was that we couldn’t go on this trip. I mean I forget the whole reason I’m in this business opportunity thing is bcuz of him. This is his dream … his hope … his ambition to use this business to create a better life not just for him but for me and our future together.

I feel lower than the gum on the bottom of someone’s shoe. I literally just wanted to say … It’s okay ! We’ll just go and whatever bills are late … are late. They’ll forgive us, right ? But I know financially we can’t as we cannot afford for me to say that. As I watched him teary and typing out this text … I tried to preoccupy my brain with something more cheerful as I wanted to burst into tears myself.

I hate not having money and constantly counting the pennies in the change jar or being so happy that I found a penny on the floor in a parking lot as it leaves me a penny richer. As a wife I support my husband no matter what and I hope that his dreams and faith in this business opportunity will change things to where rather than being happy about this penny I found in the parking lot I’ll take that penny plus a check and donate it to my local charity, take that penny and a buttload of cash and say to the realtor … This house is SOLD and PAID IN FULL !

But I can’t predict the future. I don’t know whether this business will work for us and if we’ll be the monopoly winners of this Life. It’s an investment ! You just invest and hope the odds are in your favor. This business opportunity asks questions and one of them is WHY…Why are you in this business opportunity ? My why ? MY WHY IS MY HUSBAND !!

I don’t know whether this business is gonna work but I do know one thing … I am going to work my butt off to make it work not just for myself but mostly for my husband !! I don’t wanna see him working til he’s old and gray just to keep a roof over our head, food on the table, and clothes on our backs. I want him to be able to wake up in the morning to garden with me in our beautifully landscaped yard, I want him to be able to get on a boat and go deep sea fishing, I wanna go on vacations outside this country, visit his and my family who live in other countries regularly, and most importantly to not have to worry do we have money to take this trip, do we have enough money to pay for this months bills, do we have enough money to buy groceries, etc. I wanna say buy groceries ? Heck ! Let’s buy the entire grocery store chain !! L0L My dogs will run and own their own boarding pet hotel !! L0L

We all have the right to dream but how many of you are willing to make those dreams a reality and not let these Life issues and mountain climbs called Life bother you any longer ? Chasing your dreams will build escalators to just ride easily up those mountain climbs in Life and helicopter flight you over them to see the beautiful Pangea *Earth* from high above. This is definitely a journey and LIFE in itself is a journey ! Nowhere in the bible does it says Life is gonna be easy but it’s definitely gonna be worth it !! #DREAMBIG

Determined to Rise Above …


I know what I’m going to blog about today will most likely have some consequences but I felt that this needs to be heard and written. So my husband and I started getting into this business opportunity and right now we’re just in the presentation stages and learning more about this company and business. I will not disclose the name of this business in respects of the business and the people who are a part of it. But there are many things that I have come to dislike about this business opportunity.

My husband says I am being negative but what he calls negative I call being cautious and aware. I’m not saying this business opportunity won’t work and it’s a scam. Any business opportunity you try, join, or create requires hard work and struggles like the quote by Frederick Douglass *shown above* “If There is No Struggle, There is No Progress“.  Everyone lives their lives differently ! While some need a constant guiding hand in their life, Some need a support system of friends, family, and positive people, Some are better on their own and succeed independently without the constant guidance, support, or motivations.

Of course we all need some form or guidance, support, and motivation once in awhile but if you’re like me who is self-motivated, self-determined, and been that way for pretty much their entire life … You don’t need someone telling you how to do things. This is one of the things I am finding unappealing about this business opportunity. They invite you to attend seminars, motivational meetings, events, constantly giving you audio CDs to listen to regarding the success stories of others who have made it in this business. They talk about what they did, how the did it, and what steps they took to get to where they are today. BIG WHOOP !! So they made it … *applause* Good for you !

But what they did and the steps they took to get where is not gonna be the same for you ! What worked for them did bcuz they it tailored to their goals, their dreams, their lifestyle, etc. If someone says I jumped off a bridge this way and didn’t die … doesn’t mean if you jump off the bridge the same way you’ll also live. I feel like these seminars, motivational meeting/events, etc. are all hogwash ! They want to share their stories on how they succeeded in this business and now living the 6-7 figures lifestyle.

Well, good for them !! How they did it will not guarantee it will work for you. They seem to be training/teaching people who are getting into the business to have like-minded or singular thought process. They shove all these success stories into your brain about how this person and this person all succeeded bcuz they did it this way and that way and if you follow you too will be where they are. I am a independent thinker and person. I do not need anyone to tell me how to do something. I was that kid who got a box of Legos for their Birthday and didn’t even look at the instruction booklet on how to build the house or car or whatever. I built them on how I see fit and worked.

This business opportunity seems to be based off Conformity. The definition of Conform is : comply with rules, standards, or laws ~ (of a person) behave according to socially acceptable conventions or standards. ~ be similar in form or type; agree. So in other words they want you to be like everyone else and be zombie brained with the same train of thought. I’m not saying I am against this business or anything negative about it. I just don’t wanna be anyone’s puppet controlling me in any way.

So as I tread into this business opportunity I am definitely experiencing the struggles and if you’re married this will definitely test your marriage. I can’t tell you the nights my husband and I have gone to bed upset with each other as his brain has already begun to get manipulated by the audio CDs he’s listening to and the conformity seed has started to germinated. He’s already begun swimming in the same direction as the rest of the fishes. While I am fighting to pull him away from the flow and go against the flow to think independently and reach the same destination as them using you’re own routes.

But sadly it has caused many rough nights and marital strains which seem to be another conformity of this business. Many of the successors audio CDs I was forced to listen to bcuz I’m in the car with my husband who’s listening to them a common issue seems every successor went through marital problems even divorce due to this business. So this will definitely test you in all aspects of your Life even parts that have nothing to do with the business like your personal life.

I believe going against the flow and being your own person … you’re own mind … your own individual and then the struggles will not be so hard. Like the traffic navigation app … WAZE. I’m sure you’ve heard of it. If not Waze is a navigational app that will guide you through your everyday travels. When there’s a bumper to bumper traffic Waze gives you alternative side routes to get you ahead of the traffic. Waze is a great example of an app that teaches you to not conform. Why sit there in 0 mph traffic with the rest of the commuting world if you can find side routes that will still get you to your destination. Some may not be as fast and be a longer drive but in the end you will still get to your destination.

I guess a part of this blog post is now becoming a motivation or inspiration to be yourself and not follow or allow anyone to tell you who to be or how to live. So with that I’m going to leave this blog with a few quotes on being yourself and not following the flow.







Not so warm and fuzzy …

3d-funny-monster-cartoon-cute-2928So what I’m about to blog about has happened to me twice already and once is bad but twice is unacceptable. I’m sure you’re now itching to know what is unacceptable and what happened … Oo Oo gimme the dirty details. (u_u) Now now … calm down, turn on your percolator, and prepare yourself a mug …  I’ll get to it in a minute. *Takes a deep breath*

Now when we go to buy groceries at a grocery store we’re expecting to pick up the freshest possible groceries and that includs non farmed items like your bag of chips or chocolate bar. But lately I’ve been feeling like groceries stores stopped caring and started to cut corners. Now I can’t exactly put 100% blame on the grocery store/chain as majority of it goes to the workers who just don’t get paid enough to give a shit.

My latest trip to the grocery store I picked up some Sour cream to make a Macaroni salad recipe I’ve been dying to try. I LOVE Macaroni salad !! *Notice the big emphasis on Love* But a lot of these premade Macaroni salads in stores just don’t taste right. Either they’re too sweet, too sour, too water, too mushy, or have a strange chemically taste. So I thought I’d try making my own.

Anyways before I wander too far off-topic I’ll blog about my Macaroni salad recipe some other time. So back on topic here … I picked up some Sour cream from my local grocery store. I got home and was eager to start going on this Macaroni salad recipe … I had all the ingredients prepped and laid out. I picked up the Sour cream and something said check the date first. (ñ~ñ) Something I maybe should of done before I left the store but the Sour cream was expired. The date of the Sour cream read February 18, 2015 that is WEEKS passed !!

Don’t get me wrong and start commenting that maybe I grabbed from the back of the shelf or something. There was a nice neat stack of Sour cream containers and I grabbed the one on the top front of the stack. I’m not gonna name stores and could of gone back to return or exchange the item but I just tossed the Sour cream in the trash with a broken </3 heart that I won’t be making my Macaroni Salad recipe that day.

So yesterday I decided to try out this other Organic/Health food market that I heard some good things about. It was great to see all these organic products, fresh cheeses, meats, etc. I felt healthy just by walking into this store. L0L I’m too poor to afford anything so I was generally just browsing. But when I came across this basket in the refrigerated cheeses that sold nubs of the deli market cheese blocks … I found three(3) nubs of Gouda cheese for 72¢ and 90¢. I couldn’t pass up Gourmet Gouda cheese for $1.62 ! Especially when it says it’s a cheese that’s $5.99 lb.

I grabbed those nubs of cheese and of course when you got yourself some snacking cheese you’ll need some salami or a smoked summer sausage to go with your mini antipasto snack. I found a bag of Salami for $3.99 and I thought that was decent price since most salami bags are around $6~$8 dollars ? This time I double checked the date to make sure I don’t pick up another expired product. March 14, 2015 … Ok, ;) not expired, yet ! Yum ! Can’t wait !!

It was a pretty nice afternoon so my husband and I decided to snack on the cheese and salami at the outside table bench. The Gouda cheese was SOoo… good !! So creamy and buttery … OMG ! I grabbed the salami and was about to open them when I turned it over to see the clear packaging side and … (Φ~Φ) The salami were covered in black fuzz and instead of the reddish color fresh Salami should be they were a translucent pinkish white. Seriously looked like Salami made out of tissue paper that’s how translucent they were.

This time my husband took the salami back and got a refund. He said he checked ALL the salami that were on that rack and ALL of them were moldy and rotten. (≥~≤) GROSS !! It’s heartening that grocery stores aren’t being strict about making sure their products are fresh and that ALL expired goods are tossed out before someone like myself who’s oblivious to checking the dates get’s horribly sick. I am going to have to someone ingrain or tattoo to my brain to check the dates on things from now on and not willy nilly purchase it trusting the store keeps things in stock.

So do yourself and your tummy a favor and make sure you Double …. Even TRIPLE check the expiration date on every product you buy especially things like Meat, Poultry, Fish, Milk, Eggs, Cheese, etc. that spoil quickly. Things like chips or crackers won’t necessarily make you sick if they’re passed their Best By dates but they do get stale and hard. No fun eating a bag of stale chips or hard cookies that tastes like you’re eating Poker Chips.

Japanese Culinary Lesson of the Day … Miso.

misoSo today I thought I’d blog a little in the culinary topic. I’m gonna share with you the versatility of Miso. A Japanese staple that is used in many ways from instant soups, marinades, seasonings, etc.

So what is Miso you ask ? It’s not peanut butter even though it looks like it. Miso is a soybean paste made by fermentation and adding salt, seasonings, and other ingredients. Soybeans are very healthy for you and Japanese have two(2) Soybean products that help you reap the health benefits. One being the Miso “Soybean Paste” and the other being Natto “Fermented Soybeans”

Now Natto requires a very acquired taste as it’s pretty much rotten soybeans. Many are put off by the stringy slime that Natto is. You may think how can eating rotten beans be healthy for you. But the fermented enyzmes in Natto is what makes it healthy. My favorite way to eat Natto and probably the most traditional way most Japanese eat Natto is to put some soy sauce and sliced green onions then eat them over rice. Growing up my Brother and I used to make monster faces as we opened and closed our mouths making the stringy slime coat our lips like drool strings.

Miso is completely different from Natto although it is also fermented. The fermented soybeans are ground to a smooth paste like peanut butter consistency. I am sure that many of you who’ve dined at a Japanese restuarant has drank Miso soup that accompanies your ordered dishes. The salty broth is made by diluting the Miso paste is boiling water creating a broth. Miso is often sold in square containers such as the one pictured below …
okasan cup koshiSometimes they come in plastic pouches or round containers but most are in square ones like this one. Miso is very versatile as it can easily be used in many ways kinda like bouillion base. There’s different types of Miso each with a different flavor and texture such as White “Shiro”, Yellow “Shishu”, Red “Aka”, and there’s even a Black “Kuro” miso. All are pretty much the same but the color differences are due to the longer fermentation times. The longer the fermenting time the stronger the taste.

I tend to like the Shiro “White” miso which isn’t really white but more a tan peanut butter-ish color. Keep in mind that Miso is very salty and although it can be eaten alone as a dip for vegetables like cucumbers a tiny bit goes a long way. Miso like I said previously is very versatile as it can be used in many things. Most common is to make Miso soup. You just place a tablespoon into a tea strainer and slowly dilute it into a boiling pot of water. You use a strainer such as a tea strainer or mesh strainer spoon so that the miso completely dissolves and you catch any bits of soybean.

Miso does not dissolve properly if you just drop a spoonful into the boiling water. Once the Miso soup base is made you can add in any ingredient you desire. The simple ingredients is Tofu and sliced Onions. But you can add mushrooms … Oyster mushrooms or Shitake is nice or you can add some chicken or even toss in some Ramen. Miso Ramen is very delicious !

A container of Miso lasts a very long time and Miso has a very long shelf life so you don’t have to worry about it going bad before you can use up the whole container. I add a tablespoon in replacement of those seasoning packets that come with instant ramens. A tiny bit goes a long way as I said Miso is very salty so if you’re on a low sodium diet or on a sodium restricted diet you might wanna use less that normal. If I’m not mistaken the Miso that my Mom gave me has 850mg of Sodium and I’m not even sure if that’s in a tablespoon or teaspoon.

There’s a lot of ways to use Miso and I hope you’ll give it a try and experiment with the versatility of this product. Spicy Miso Wings sounds great or Miso marinaded Steak or a Miso gravy to pour over your mashed potatoes. I’m sure if you Google Miso recipes the amount is endless. So give Miso and try ! Feel free to comment your experience or even share a Miso recipe down↓ below in the comments. (∩3∩) Itadakimasu !!

A Day in the Life of a Prissy Brony …

there_s_no_reason_to_be_a_closet_brony__by_x86cam-d64yzqh9bdb0ee6cca31f3330dd55897f31769975360752bc85503364190b966262119eSo this post is about my day yesterday with my husband. My husband is not your typical man … he is a MetroSexual. Now for those who don’t know what that is or means here’s the definition of MetroSexual : An urban male with a strong aesthetic sense who spends a great deal of time and money on his appearance and lifestyle. So yes, while people think it’s mainly women who spend hours primping their hair and face in the bathroom. There are Men who are just the same … my husband including.

Sunday my husband said he needed to go for a haircut but his regular barber whom he adored no longer works at the salon he goes to. So we’re now on this journey to find a *new* salon who can cut his hair just as awesome as his previous barber and stay in the affordable price range as her too. So we went to several *new* places in our area only to find them to be out of his price range. He only had $20 in his pocket and looking to find a barber who’ll cut his hair for under $20.

The journey returned him to a former barber he used to go to after going to like six(6) other places. This former salon *Not naming names* has also done my hair and colored it as well. I love how long the color lasted even til now almost a year later the color remains but what I didn’t like is that she burned my scalp … think 2nd degree chemical burns. I’m not sure if it was the excess amounts of bleach she put in my hair prior to the color or the ammonia in her hair coloring but I had to coat my entire head in neosporin for quit some time for it to heal up.

Anyways I waited in the car doodling in my travel artbook while he got his hair cut. When he came out he was very displeased by how the barber did not listen to his request. He just wanted a blend all around and a trim on top so he can slick his hair back. Something like this … *See Pic Below*
Mens-hairstyle-ideasStill a bit long and scruffy on the sides but trimmed up top to be able to slick back. What this barber did was shave everything pretty short like a ½” or ¼” length. It wasn’t blended in at all either. Even I could see that it wasn’t blended on the sides and back. He came out looking like his hair was cut with hedge trimmers … “Spongebob Squarepants square trimmed”. He was very unsatisfied and wanted to search for another barber to hopefully fix it to something more clean.

By then this was like the 8th or 9th salon we gone to in a day. Which made me wanna blog about this. Where do men go to get their hair cuts ?? It seems like most if not ALL salons are female experienced and solely seem to have more experience in cutting female hair and seem very nervous even jittery when it comes to cutting male hair that isn’t just a buzz fade or cut. My husband told me the barber was very shaky and sweating when cutting his hair as if she were diffusing a bomb.

So where are all the male barbers who are experienced mainly in male haircuts and why women don’t practice on perfecting male cuts as well as female cuts ? (¬_¬) I’m just glad I rarely if ever get my haircut and prefer the old rapunzel look of hair down below your back. My hairstyle is generally rolled up into a bun and occasionally the down ponytail as my hair is thick and hot when just left down. But I never realized how difficult it must be for a man to get a proper haircut to their standards especially if they’re a MetroSexual like my husband whom want every strand of hair to be perfect.

3D isn’t always better …


I think this is a blog topic that many will nod to. Nowadays everything is trying to go 3D especially in the gaming areas but 3D isn’t always better. Two games that is a great example is Cut the Rope .vs. My Om Nom and Candy Crush .vs. Soda Crush. Cut the Rope and Candy Crush was great due to their 2D graphics and game play giving it it’s charm. But once they went 3D it immediately lost it’s charm.

Well, My Om Nom is not exactly the same game play as Cut the Rope since it’s more a virtual pet like game where you raise your own Om Nom but being Om Nom is the main character of Cut the Rope he/she in itself is the charm of the game that draws many people to play it. But once they 3D rendered Om Nom it immediately lost it’s charm and not as many will play it as they prefer the 2D version over the 3D version.

Candy Crush is just the same. (=_=”)  I didn’t think I’d become addicted to Candy Crush but when my hubby started playing it and got so into it to where he’d play til he’s out of Life or beg Facebook family and friends to send him lives. I tried a few rounds on his phone and at first I started playing just to send him life but it sticks to you and you become addicted.

So after I used up all my lives I was still itching to play more. I downloaded the Soda Crush and noticed it’s 3D rendered compared to the 2D of Candy crush. I played a few rounds and didn’t find it all that alluring like the 2D Candy crush and I think it’s bcuz it’s in 3D. If it were in 2D like the Candy crush then it might of been more enjoyable.

Not everything in 3D is better but it’s the wave of the future to go 3D especially in gaming. Video gaming example is the Nintendo 3DS. I played Super Mario Bros 2 I found it more enjoyable to play in 2D than to have 3D setting enabled. So again not everything is better in 3D.