Absurd Childrens Songs ???


Hey, there CyberWorld ! I finally was able to break away from my precious vortex whom I call my 2 month old baby. He’s become attached to me when it comes to naptime and won’t sleep unless I nap with him and if you’re a parent especially a *new* parent any opportunity to catch up on some zZz’s you take it. But lately it’s gotten to where I can’t do anything ! I got a scarf I’m knitting for a special friends birthday but I don’t think I’ll get that done in time for her Birthday which is October 23rd. Also today’s blog topic has been on my mind for quite some time and again being sucked into my personal vortex I never got a chance to get it posted. Luckily, I was able to free myself from the vortex today to get this posted and maybe get a few more length added on to that scarf to possibly make it by the due date.

Anyways so the topic for today and today’s Psycho Babble is on Childrens songs. Now that I’m a first time Mom I occasionally play the Childrens songs for my wee one to lull him to sleep or just keep him occupied during quiet time. But I was listening to some of the lyrics and it really struck me that a lot of these childrens song even classic childrens songs that even I grew up hearing are kinda Absurd.

For example the Rockabye Baby song … “Rockabye Baby in the tree top” For one(1) who the hell put the baby up in the tree top ? “When the wind blows the cradle with rock, when the bough break the cradle with fall and down will come baby cradle and all”. I know there are different versions of this song but this is the one I’ve mainly heard and it just seems so absurd to me. Who put the baby in the tree top to begin with and how horrible that the bough … which they could of just said Branch breaks and the baby comes falling from who knows the height of this tree. Let’s just hope there is someone or something to catch and cushion this poor baby’s fall.

Another Childrens song I heard was about a “girl bringing home a bumblebee hope my Mom will be proud of me”. She gets stung by the bumblebee and she goes … “Squish Squish Squish I squished the Bumblebee hope my Mom be proud of me”. Umm … didn’t your Mommy teach you to respect the wildlife and about the consequences of your actions ? You bother a bee it will sting … that’s how it work little girl. But even though you don’t go squishing it. Show some mercy geez ! If a puppy bit you, will you squish it too or if a kitten scratch you, you will squish it too ? I am sure your Mom would be proud of your squishing mentality. 😛

Last song I wanted to include is another well known lullaby is … Hush Little Baby. “Hush Little Baby don’t you cry … Mama’s gonna buy you … then all sort of things a baby doesn’t need. How about hush little baby don’t you cry and comfort the crying baby rather than spoiling the baby with  mocking bird, diamond ring, hot baked pie, etc. I’m glad that the children listening to these songs are so innocent minded bcuz when you’re an overthinking adult like myself these songs just sound absurd and dumb.

Well, then what do you play for your baby ? Honestly, I just play Christian music, instrumentals, and zen meditation rifts. He doesn’t seem to find much interest when I play classic lullabies. He prefers the sound of my voice or just sounds from his surroundings. How do I know that ? He’s quiet and calm … when playing classic children’s lullabies he cries and gets fussy.

( ‘ o ‘ ) *Hears faint cries* Speaking of … it’s time to feed the vortex. Till the next psycho babble that comes to mind. Buh-Bye and hope your week started off blessed. Toodles ! (n u n )/

The Return from Oblivion …


Well, Hello out there !! The last time I posted here was in July 2017 and it is now the end of September soon to be October 2019. So I must of been drifting in oblivion for almost 2 yrs now ? (n ~ n) Nah, all jokes aside … Life just distracts you from things and you often leave things to dust up on a shelf forgotten and neglected. But I’ve never really forgotten my blogs I can spit out every excuse to why I haven’t kept my blogs updated but I won’t bother doing that. Instead I’m just going to cue you into what’s been going on with my Life in the passed 2 yrs that I’ve disappeared into Oblivion.

I don’t have a lot of BIG changes except for the fact that I am now a Mom and most likely will slowly be transitioning this blog into a Mommy blog where I babble on about my son or maybe not. My son was born July 28, 2019 so he’s only two(2) months old. Life has definitely changed in S0o.. many ways since his arrival. Mostly health wise ! How so you ask ? Well, during the last months of my pregnancy I was diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes and put on a very strict diet with micro proportions as well as given Insulin. It was not fun sticking a needle in my sides four(4) times a day and pricking my finger for the glucose meter like six(6) times a day.

I was told that my blood sugar levels will most likely return to normal range after the baby’s born. It’s been two(2) months and my sugars aren’t 100% in normal range least not in the mornings. Luckily I’m no longer doing the insulin but I am on Metformin tablets and I started with just one(1) 500mg tablet after Dinner but since my Blood Sugar levels aren’t coming down in the mornings I was told to up my dose to two(2) tablets after Dinner.

I’m still told that my blood sugar levels should return to normal with time but at the same time also told I am prediabetic but with Diet and Exercise I should be able to steer away from the jaws of the diabetic beast that wants to consume me. Dieting had to be the hardest from the entire experience even harder than the insulin injections.

I was told to avoid carbs or consume in small amounts so No Carbs or Low Carbs and Sugar-free or only a small amount as a treat. So I had to say Buh-Bye to all my favorite Junk foods like chips, candy, donuts, cupcakes, ice cream, chocolate, etc. But luckily I have stumbled across alternatives that I have found as replacements to what were my favorites of the past. For example for chocolate … Russel Stover has a great selection of Sugar-Free chocolates made with Stevia ! A Sugar substitute I was told is ok to use anytime.

I’ve become a pretty BIG Decaf Coffee drinker whereas before I didn’t drink coffee all that much if at all. My favorite way to have coffee was with French Vanilla creamer. Luckily Coffee-mate has Sugar-Free options and my favorite mix has been the Sugar-Free Caramel Vanilla and the Sugar-Free Chocolate Creme. I wish they had the Coconut Creme in Sugar-Free. But I add two(2) packets of Stevia, two(2) cream, a heaping dash of Cinnamon since I heard it regulates blood sugar levels and my mix of the Sugar-Free Coffee-mate creamers.

Now as far as cake-donut-cupcake substitute I have found FiberOne 70 Calories cake bars which are low in sugar as a substitute. So far I love the Lemon Cake bar the best. It’s great with the coffee or just a pick me up snack. Another candy bar option I found is protein bars. So I guess the Diet plan I am following is called the Keto diet. I’m not 100% sure what that really is aside from the fact that Keto diet is No/Low Carb and No/Low Sugar and High Protein ?

So two(2) protein bar brands that I love is ONE Bar and QUEST Bar. My utmost favorite flavor in the ONE Bar is the Maple Donut bar ! It totally does taste like a Maple donut and prior to all this prediabetes/diet crap Maple donuts were my favorite kind of donut. So I’m deeply happy I can still enjoy a Maple Donut just in a different form. As for the QUEST bar I haven’t exactly tasted all the flavors to say which is best but I’m liking the Blueberry Muffin bar.

I’ve eaten Protein bars before in the past and many of them tasted like flavored Chalk. I’m glad that I’ve found two(2) brands that taste great and is low in carbs and sugar. I generally use them as meal replacement if I’m too tired to eat a proper meal or my husband is too tired to cook. *Don’t judge me*

Anyways aside from the whole Blood Sugar and Diet change struggle not much has really changed. I still work at Walmart which at the moment I haven’t been on schedule for the past 5 months due to maternity leaves but I go back in the end of October. Thankfully !! 5 months of not working shrunk our savings down to almost nothing since he wasn’t working as well due to the fact that I had a C-Section so he was helping me recover and care for the baby.

All in all nothing really has changed.

Reverse Evolution ??? … Rant & Vent


Ok, today’s blog post is mainly a rant and venting out which will hopefully be heard and people will start acting like civilized humans and not apes/cavemen. My last blog post I taught you some helpful tricks to using the Walmart app and reading the price tags.

Well, today I want to ask … no, request … No, DEMAND that as customers to please be respectful !! I highly doubt that you’re mother taught you to trash the store you’re at, steal, or make a mess. My Mom taught me to respect the store, keep it clean, clean after yourself, and be respectful wherever you go.

I have seen posts saying that the younger generations have no respect and care bcuz they lack discipline. Parents no longer spank or discipline their children and I witness it at work. A child presses the Fire Emergency Door causing an alarm to go off and the Dad doesn’t even flinch just walks away annoyed of the beeping sound. If it were my parents I’d get spanked and my Mom would be mad asking why did I do that for ? She’d either make me apologize for pressing that door or severely punish me when I got home.

But these days none of that happens. I get kids coming to my Cosmetic corner finger painting with the bottles of foundation, opening up the lipsticks and trying them on themselves, or they rip open the Lipsmacker packages to taste and smell them all while Mom just calmly shops not saying a word to her kids wrecking everything in sight. Who’s the one responsible for wiping that mess, claiming out that lipsmacker package(s) and picking up after the wreckage they left behind ? ME !!

Now my main vent and aggravation is towards product manufacturers. Are they really that trusting of customers that they don’t seal or just any type of protective seal on their products ? I mean how hard would it be to put an inner seal on the bottles of lotions, shampoos, etc. I have gotten some items that do have inner seals. I cannot count the amount of bottles of lotion that are opened, shampoos and conditioners that customers have opened to smell and squeezed to where it oozes down the sides of the bottle.

And don’t get me started on the cosmetics ! Too many manufacturers don’t seal they products shut as I explained above. So lipsticks you can easily just pop the cap off and as most people I’ve seen do color swatches on your arm or hand. Same goes with the liquid foundations … people just twist the cap off test if it’s they’re color put back the one they tested and grab an unopen one to buy it. YOU JUST OPENED IT TO TEST IT !! IF YOU LIKED IT THEN BUY THE ONE YOU JUST OPENED !! You’d think that would be the common sense but sadly no !! No it’s not !!

I still don’t understand the whole fact of grabbing from the back of the stash over the front ones either. I had a customer pull off 20+ eyeliners from the rack and place them all on the floor bcuz she wanted the one in the far back of the stack. I posted about it previously that it’s better to grab the items from the front than the back as the back items are older and been there while *newer – just recently arrived* is put in the front.

I once asked a customer why do you grab the items from the far back and not something up front. Her reason was … “Well, customers usually opened or tested the ones up front and the ones in the back aren’t touched”. I explained to her the items in the far back are usually old and/or damaged and pushed to the back. It’s better to just grab from the front or middle stack and also there isn’t such a think as an item a customer hasn’t opened or tested in Cosmetic dept. EVERYTHING GET’S OPENED, TESTED, TOUCHED, AND DESANITIZED !!

I’m honestly glad I don’t wear makeup bcuz the amount of customers I see swiping the lipsticks on their sweaty arms or dirty hands and dipping their dirty fingers into the bottles of foundation I am pretty sure if you get reactions like rash or itching of the face from these products it’s most likely from the germs left behind of customers who open and tried it using those methods.

I haven’t even worked a year yet at my store only 9 months to be exact … I started October 2016. And I have seen that Common Sense really is extinct and evolution is in reverse. I cannot tell you how many times people have opened bottles of lotion and said to be I buy this lotion all the time but just wanted to make sure it was the lotion I always bought. (>⌂<“) IF YOU BUY IT ALL THE TIME YOU SHOULD KNOW IF IT’S THE ONE YOU ALWAYS BUY !! DON’T GO OPENING THE CAP TO SMELL IT AND SAY YEP THIS IS THE ONE AND GRAB AN UNOPEN BOTTLE. BUY THE ONE YOU JUST OPENED !!

The worse was a customer who grabbed a bottle of shampoo said it’s the one she always gets but opened up the cap squeezes it out onto the floor to smell it and check that it’s the right one then tell your husband I’m going to get another bottle cause this one is open and leaking. (¬⌂¬) Seriously ?!? Really ??? I just saw you open the bottle up and pour out a teaspoon to check that it’s the shampoo you always buy. Then you tell your husband I’m gonna get another one bcuz this one is open and leaking ? 

What’s worse is she leaves the opened bottle laying sideways with the cap open and I’m told by another customer you got a bottle of shampoo leaking onto the floor and everything down below it. (>0<) Now thanks to her stupidity I have to clean up or claim out bottles of shampoo and conditioners AND wipe the floor up best I can before calling a maintenance to mop the rest up. 

I deal with this kind of stupidity on a daily basis which makes me wonder are we just getting stupider and de-evolutionizing back to uncivilized apes/cavemen ? I mean I think even apes are more respectful, clean, and have common sense than the customers. I’m annoyed at people who tell me … Well, it’s Walmart what do you expect ? It don’t matter if it’s Walmart or Target or Costco or Whole Foods or Whatever. Do you go around to someone else’s house squeeze out their lotions, dribble shampoo on the floor, test all their makeup, open all the nail polishes to check it’s the right color, spill things on the floor and leave it there, and just leave a mess saying … It’s not my house so someone else will clean this up !!

I mean how would you like it if I came into your house licked all the condiments in your fridge, drank your soda from the bottle and the milk from the carton to test the taste, squeeze out your handsoap all over your bathroom counter to test the smell and be sure it’s the right one, open and leave your shampoo, bodywash, conditioners on the shower caddy sideways, spill something on your floors, leave half eaten food all over your house, and trash your shelves. I bet you would be furious and call the cops on me. Well, maybe I should do the same to customers ? Call the security or cops on you for trashing my department, testing everything, opening items that now can no longer be purchased by another customer bcuz it’s opened and just cause immense stress and frustration onto the worker for that department ?

Please, have common sense, courtesy, compassion, and be civilized when you shop in a store. Just bcuz we work their and get paid for it doesn’t mean our jobs is to clean up after your mess or be your slave ! Put your mind in our shoes. If your boss had you clean up after your coworkers or let them whatever knowing you’ll take care of it you’d be pretty pissed and most likely quit too. But I’m not quitting ! I am going to try to be more tough and tell customers … please, don’t open the bottles of lotion, shampoo, foundation, etc.

I am generally an all around kindest person you’d ever know but working at Walmart just corrupts all that and makes me go into Bitch mode and tell people … Hey, don’t open that ! – Mam, you can’t test that lipstick or foundation. We have a 90 day return policy so if it’s the wrong color just bring it back but don’t test them – please, control your kids or I will have them escorted out – please, clean up your mess – ETC. I am seriously considering just going into that Bitch mode to bitch on people so that there’s some type of enforcement in my department to prevent the things that are going on there. I honestly don’t care if you complain to my managers that I am rude, mean, or a bitch !! They know who I really am and know that if I was something otherwise there is a legitimate reason for it.

Helping you Shop Better … Live Better – Part 2


Hi, there !! It’s been awhile since I last made a post for you guys. I just haven’t been able to muster up any energy or creative mojo to do anything other than just vege out on my days off. But today I thought I’d stop procrastinating and post another tip to make you shopping trip to Walmart more pleasant. I wish I had screenshots to show you visually but it’s pretty simple and when I get the chance I’ll try to get you screenshots for those of you who are visual learners.

So today I’m going to share with you two(2) tips for making your Walmart shopping easier. Well, make that three(3) tips. First, tip is download the Walmart App ! If you’re a frequent Walmart shopper it’s only fitting to download the App so you can stay up to date on any sales and what not happening in your local Walmart store. (n w n)

Now the next tip is regarding the app. Be sure to set your favorite store location so that you’ll be able to see where items are located in your favorite store BUT if you’re not at your usual Walmart store then if you turn on your Location setting in your smartphone it will tell you the item locations for the Walmart store you are in !! No more running circles in the store trying to find an item.

Ok, so to continue on with the App let me teach you how to use the App to be sure that what you are looking for is being sold in stores. Now when you search for an item it’ll pull up the item(s) with two tabs up above … Walmart.com on the left and your current Walmart store on the right. What’s on the right is what’s in the store and will normally have a small rectangle with a letter and a number for example J-2 or I-5 that means the aisle number in which the item is location meaning it is in store. But if you see an item without an aisle number or it’s on the left side that means the item is sold ONLINE and you can order it through Walmart.com or the App but it’s not available in stores.

Now also through the app you’ll be able to look up the stock of other Walmart stores in the area if you find that an item you are looking for isn’t available at the Walmart you currently at. If you scroll downwards you’ll see Store Availability and the option to check more stores. You can check there to see if any other Walmart has the item in stock and if none of them show as having any available it’s best to order from the website instead. Online order thing is still a bit confusing as some items do say Pick Up Same day which I don’t quite understand since it takes 2-3 days to process an order and if we don’t have that specific item there’s shipping time too. Normally online orders can take up to 6 days to process but you’ll get a text/email if it’s ready. But that’s a whole other blog post which I’ll do in the future.

Hopefully the above is easy to understand without the step by step screenshot pictures. I’ll try to get some of those when I get a chance to help make it easier. Oh and aisle numbers … people always ask me where are  your aisle numbers ? They are always at the upper corner of each aisle entrance. You’ll see a Blue tag with white lettering telling you … I-2, J-9, A-5, etc. I’ll take a picture of that when I get a chance at work. I’m always S0 S0o… Busy !!

For the last tip is regarding the price tags and which is the price. (=_=”) Walmart recently switched their Price labels to these … Untitled

And they have been causing confusion and headaches for many customers as to which is the price of the item and what is the price in the orange square. The Price you pay is in the section highlighted in YELLOW. The ORANGE price is just the price Walmart paid for the items. For example … in the image it says $1.68 that is NOT the price you pay. That is the price Walmart paid and under the it says PER 100 cnt. So what that means is Walmart paid $1.68 for 100 count.

Sometimes you’ll find items with orange price that say PER fl oz. For example say you’re looking at a tag for cologne and it’s $24.97 in yellow but Orange says $3.78 PER fl oz … that means Walmart paid $3.78 per oz ! Now let’s say the bottle is a 8.5 oz bottle … well, that means Walmart paid approx. $31 per bottle and your price is $24.97 you pay less than Walmart did.

Now I’m not trying to disrespect in any way but it shows your person of character if you argue with me about why the Orange price is cheaper than the Yellow and why I can’t pay the orange price when I explained to you what I just explained above. Also Walmart is not a swap meet !! You cannot haggle or name your own price. I’m just saying as I’ve had customers approach me and say $3.00 ? Can you just give it to me for $1.50 ? I mean $3.00 is a bit much for this don’t you think ? (¬⌂¬) Uhh … No ? You pay what the price tag says. If you’re really in a penny pinch try a dollar store to find a similar item ? But I like this brand and like this item just don’t wanna pay $3.00 for it.

Seriously ? $3.00 is too much for you to pay for an item you like ? Anyways hopefully todays post was helpful and if there’s something you’d like me to blog about as far as Walmart goes let me know in the comments below. And an additional tip to Save money … Live better … if you find an item you wanna buy and the packaging is a bit dinged up like box is crushed or has a dent … you are entitled to 10% off for a damaged box. Ok, I gotta run … have a great weekend and I’ll try to blog again soon. Thanks for reading and subscribing to my blog !! Bye !! \(n 3 n)

Helping you Live Better and Shop Smarter …


Been awhile since I last posted something. So to update you on my journey as a Walmart associate … I was temporarily away from my main position as a Cosmestic Cashier due to a personal injury being caused by my repetitive wheelchair use at work. My main hand for manuevering my wheelchair is my right hand which is also my writing hand. But I guess repetitive wheeling around the store was putting pressure on my carpal/median nerve in my palm causing my three(3) fingers of my right hand to start going numb and tingly.

I visited my primary doctor thinking is was peripheral neropathy which is a sign of diabetes. My Mom has diabetes but thankfully I’m safe in that area but rather told it was coming from repeated pressure being applied to my palm. He suggested I speak with my employer for accommodations to minimize use or some type of device to assist me. I am in the process of getting some gloves.

But during the process I was away from my position as a Cosmetic dept cashier and was working as a phone operator answering phone calls. It was definitely an experience to handle all the different types of calls. One of the most popular calls was people looking for snow chains or tire centers and it was difficult to give them a location closest or convenient to them. I did write a list of them down in my notebook but I used the Burbank zip code as the main location.

I explained to callers the process of where to go on the Walmart website to find that information more specific to their location and needs but many were just lost on how and where to look. So I decided to post this up as a tutorial of sorts to help you better find your needs at Walmart stores. I hope that it is helpful and that it makes your shopping experience a little bit better and easier.

Please, feel free to comment with any changes or feedback on if this was helpful to you or not and if there’s anything else I can help with to make your Walmart shopping experience better.

FAQ *Frequently Asked Question* :

Where is the nearest Walmart from say L.A ? – What Walmart has a tire center ? – Does your location have an Optical center if not which one does ? – What’s the phone number to the Walmart in Porter Ranch ? – What time is the Walmart in Panorama City open til ? – Are there any 24 hour Walmarts still around ?

Walmart operators don’t have all the answers to that as we didn’t have access to look up that information for you. But below is a step by step to how you can find a nearest Walmart closest to you and also check if they have certain centers there like Vision Center, Money Center, Tire & Lube Center, Pharmacy, etc. that may hopefully be more easier and of help to you than calling a random Walmart and getting an answer not quite what you had hoped.

Step #1 – Go to Walmart.com and click Store Locator *Click on image to see them larger*

You might be asked by your browser or Google to save your location.


Step #2 – Enter your zip code to find the closest locations to you.


Step #3 – Click Refine your store search to look up Walmart stores that have specific service centers


Step #4 – When you open the refine search box … you have the option to adjust the miles distance of Walmart stores from your location and to pick the specific service centers that you might be looking for.


Step #5 – The information regarding miles away from your location, Store hours are located here but click More services and info to get other information such as store phone number and services they offer. 


Step #6 – Once you click More services and info … here you can find the Store phone # number and a link to get directions to that Walmart store from your location. If you click it using a smartphone you will get the GoogleMaps app which will direct you there step by step or mile by mile. 😛

You can also look up if that Walmart store has a particular item in stock but as a Walmart associate I must remind you that every Walmart store carries different products. What was being sold at one Walmart may not be sold at another Walmart. For example NYX cosmetics are not sold at my Walmart location but another Walmart location has NYX cosmetics but doesn’t carry ELF cosmetics. We carry ELF but not NYX. So take the web results with a grain of salt and tequila. It may say we carry an item but in fact we don’t. Best bet is to call the store ahead to check if they in fact do have the item in stock rather than coming to the store and being told we do not and fume your frustrations at us. /(>⌂<)\ Sorry !!


Well, hopefully the above tutorial will be helpful to whoever is reading my blog still. Remember that what you see on the internet isn’t always going to be available in store. It’s the perils of the internet like if you looked at an item on Best Buys it’s more likely not in stores. But use your common sense too. If you see a Hot Tub for sale on our website think if you’ve ever seen a gigantic hot tub on display in a Walmart store before or if you see a  lawnmower … ask yourself have you seen one of those in aWalmart store before ? I’ve been a long time Walmart shopper before I became an associate and I can tell you even in the Walmart’s with outdoor garden centers I have never seen lawnmowers. Just to let you know it’s easier for us to help a calm customer who’s willing to be helped than an angry one who thinks we’re all clueless dumb minions of Sam Walton. Show respect – get respect, Be rude – You get rude.

Sorry, Temporarily Out of Stock !!


So things are starting to smooth out now that the holidays are over and we are getting less of the things I spoke of in previous posts but the annoyance I want to blah blah blog about is the people who don’t understand when an item is temporarily out of stock. They think we have a magic room where everything they need is stored. Some of us do have access to check if there are any in the back room but if we don’t … then we don’t !

We do get *new* shipment in but when or what exact date the trucks delivering the goods come in is unknown by anyone not even management. So it’s very pointless and annoying to argue with us or look at us like we’re just lazy and don’t wanna check the information. We do what we can to provide you the information you requested but up to our control. What is outside our control like the arrival of the shipment trucks … there’s nothing else or any other info we can provide that we already haven’t provided.

Even I as a Walmart shopper who’s shopped at many different Walmart store locations know every Walmart is different and not every item is available at ALL Walmarts. For example a Stayfree Feminine Padding I always purchase is only available at a Walmart in Duarte. Other Walmarts even the one I work at doesn’t carry the type I buy. You just have to be willing to make the extra trip and go to different Walmart stores.

My husband and I shop @ Walmart in Duarte, Walmart in Covina, Walmart in Chino, Walmart in Norwalk, etc. We shop at all sorts of Walmarts some several hours drive away. We don’t mind the road trip. It’s fun ! The choices you have if we don’t have the item you want is to … 1.) Come back when we might have it in stock – 2.) Go to other Walmart Locations – 3.) Buy it from another store like Target

Just have patience and understanding when you’re shopping at a store. It doesn’t have to be Walmart but any store. Items sometimes go out of stock especially since we’ve been having bad weather all over the US that delays the delivering trucks from arriving on time.

Start 2017 Broke ? (┬.┬)

Hey there ! I hope your 2017 has started off better than mine did. I’m not 100% complaining since I still do have a job but I am deeply bummed that I am only scheduled three(3) days in the whole month of January !! I don’t go to work til the 15th, 18th, and 19th for four(4) hours and that’s it ! That is not going to help me pay my bills.

I have spoken to management who are in charge of schedules and told they will take care of it but I guess not. I have to tell you … Transportation is vital when you have a job. I am disabled and don’t have a license to drive .. yet ! I don’t exactly make a good enough income to constantly be taking a Uber ride home. An Uber ride home costs $17 dollars on weekdays and $25+ on weekends. My husband can pick me up on his two(2) days off but If I did that for the other three(3) days scheduled *if scheduled at all* that would eat up my paycheck to where it’d be like I’m working for *Free* !!

Friends and family have suggested that I apply to be able to used Access transit service but I guess you can say my personal pride refuses. I’m not that badly disabled that I need to be using services like that. I am planning to work hard to pass my Drivers License in 2017 and get a car to drive myself to work. I was SUPER thrilled when I was told that instead of temporary seasonal associate I am going to be moved to permanent which meant I’d have a permanent income source for me to make personal improvements like pass my drivers license, buy a car for the 1st time and make payments, and enroll at PennFoster for their Graphic Design Bachelor Degree course.

But if they continue to schedule me like they did here for the month of January that would not exactly be a good idea if I’m only going to be working three(3) days of only four(4) hours income which comes out to $42 (o~O) ?!? At that rate the only car I could afford is a matchbox car or a model of my dream car. Hopefully this is temporary and February I will be given more hours. But something tells me that I may not last much longer with them. I sense either I’m going to be told that they cannot get a working schedule for me based on my transportation needs or be told I need to find a better transportation or another job closer to where I live.

If they could bump me from Part-Time to Full-Time and schedule me to work 12pm to 9pm then I’d have no problem but I think I might possibly have to rethink my options and resign as the hours and pay is not worth it for me transporation wise. I gained my work experience as my 1st job and established a work history so it wouldn’t be totally a lost. Once I pass my Drivers License I could probably go back and be happy with whatever they give me since I no longer have transportation issues. I pray that I do pass it !! You have no idea what it means to me to have my Drivers License !!