A look back on the journey … Part 10

13226c84475c447074827e181a4f6d0eHope you’re having a cool weekend !! It’s 81° degrees today with high humidity making it feel hotter than 81° which made me feel like I was back in Portland, Oregon. As I start to get settle back into my old routines and daily life after having returned from Portland on July 21st and then taking almost another week off to spend time with my husband to celebrate our 16th relationship Anniversary a little early.

Although the trip to Portland, Oregon was for business my husband and I also took it as a vacation/anniversary trip since our anniversaries are so close together. August 5th, 1999 is when I first met my prince charming and on September 10, 2011 is when I became the queen of his domain as his wife. Many people don’t celebrate two(2) anniversaries but I think it’s important to still celebrate and mark the day you first met just as much as the day you got married.

Anyways I was browsing through the many photos I took from our trip to Portland, Oregon. If you recall my previous posts we went there by Amtrak train. So let me tell you about our experience being on an Amtrak train for the 30+ hrs. it took to get to Portland from Los Angeles. It wasn’t really what I had expected and was a bit of a let down mainly due to the fact that the riding car we were seated in was outdated so a lot of things weren’t new.

One of the things that was a bit uncomfortable for me was that the AC wasn’t working by the windows but only in the aisle so if you sat by the windows you did not feel any air and summer heat + a metal train you feel like a canned sardine being steamed or boiled. The AC unit often had to be adjusted by the train conductor so that we all didn’t melt into our seats. Being disabled I was in the lower seating area in the car mainly for disabled riders.

Another thing I was told was there would be WiFi and I said a 30+ hr. ride should be so bad as long as I have WiFi to play some games, watch some YouTube, etc. Well, sadly the train I got on did not have WiFi. I spent most of it just taking pictures of the scenery that we chugged on through. I’m not complaining since the scenery was quite beautiful and we trekked through every landscape imaginable from the coastal beaches, rugged mountains, dense forests, farmer plantations fields, desert plateau, urban city, rural city, etc.

Our train had some emergency maintenance repairs that tacked on a 3 hr. delay. So at that point was a bit bummed that the train had no working AC on the window sides, no WiFi, and what was suppose to be a 29 hr. ride became a 33 hr. ride. It takes 16 hrs. by car and 2 hrs. by plane so why does it take 33 hrs. by train ? I had chosen and paid the extra money for the non-stop Amtrak tickets but it was not non-stop. It stopped at every city point in between Los Angeles to Portland.

Now if you’re wondering about meals on the train … BRING YOUR OWN FOOD !! If you’re a coach guest you have to pay for your own meals. Unlike airlines that provide meals with your flight unless you are in a sleeper car which is the one that has beds and private restrooms included meals are out of your pocket cost for coach riders. They aren’t cheap either ! Although they are good … they aren’t cheap. My 1st meal I had was the Angus Cheeseburger with came with lettuce, tomato, red onions, and kettle potato chips *Drink not included* was about $15 dollars ! Tack on a can of pepsi and it reached to about $16 for the Burger and Soda !!

If you’re a fast food person like myself $16 dollars is like two(2) burger combos with refillable drink not a can. $16 you can probably grill and make your own burger at home with plenty to share with friends. But that’s if the train conductor even get’s to you to take your order. Often times they’d announce that they’re going to be coming down to the coach seating to take orders for the Lunch menu or Dinner menu but they never came through our area. One person who did complained how many cars she had to walk passed before she got to us and it was tiring. (¬_¬) You’re lazy so you’re not gonna bother to walk to the last car and check on the people there ? Very thoughtful of you !

Overall it was a great experience riding the Amtrak train since it was the 1st time for both me and my husband to ride the train and our 1st time ever going outside of California other than Las Vegas, Nevada which to many Californians doesn’t feel like out of state but more like out of city since we go there many times. But next year if our business holds an event again in Portland, Oregon we’ll either go by car or we’ll take Amtrak again but go by Sleeper car so we have the beds to sleep in and private restroom. (∩ε∩) I enrolled in the mobile hotspot service with my cell phone provider so no WiFi is no problem now. (¬⌂¬”) Except for the issue of having no cell phone signal in some areas like the mountain and vast empty nowheresville.

I’d definitely travel Amtrak again and my husband and I added to our bucket list to ride to Amtrak all the way up the coast into Seattle, Washington then travel into Canada. (ⁿ⌂ⁿ) A cruise to Alaska is also on our travel bucket list. I have a very special friend that lives in Alaska that I would die to go visit as I haven’t seen her in ages.

But hopefully through this business my husband and I will be financially free to travel the world and explore all the places mother Earth has to show us. One of my goals is to visit all 50 states before I’m 50. I’m currently 33 so I have 20 something years to visit all 50 states and so far I’ve got three(3) already down – California, Nevada, and Oregon. Even though I didn’t fully go to the sight seeing spots of those three(3) states just being in them counts, right ? So I got 47 states to go !! I think it can be done.

Dreams are Worldwide … What’s your Dream ? – Part 9


From the moment we are born we are all given a Life purpose. Part of the journey of Life’s Destiny is finding out what that purpose is. But along with purpose we all have dreams. Dreams aren’t just to specific people or specific places but rather worldwide ! We ALL have Dreams ! Yet, very few are willing to take those dreams and make them a reality. I think that is a sad thing when we chose to not make our dreams a reality and just keep them inside our heads and our hearts.

A good friend just shared with me something that I felt really resonated and I want to share it with the rest of you.

Wake up – Did you know Life is about making choices, figuring out the proper paths, The decisions that you make are what make you? Start figuring out what you want in life, or out of life and set a goal. work for that goal, work hard toward achieving that goal and then and only then will you understand the true meaning of life! Once you achieve that goal. set a higher goal! Don’t ever stop dreaming and you will never stop achieving!” (David Des Autels ©.2015)

I honestly couldn’t have said it better myself. Life is purely what you make of it !! If there’s unhappiness in your Life change and eliminate what’s making you unhappy. Living a Life of saying … I wish, I dream, and What If isn’t really living at all. Make all those I wish into I can. I dream into I will. What if into I did. I just got back from a very motivating event in Portland, Oregon. The things I have learned from the event and the people I’ve met just fires you up into high gear to work harder towards reaching your dreams.

I am a dream-builder and part of my business is to help you build and achieve your dreams. You’ll never be alone in the endeavor as you’ll always have a team working besides you and helping you every step of the way. I just wish more people were willing to step out of their comfort zone and overcome their fears so that they can take the first steps towards accomplishing their wildest dreams.

Like my business Facebook page *https://www.facebook.com/FreedomEnterprise4u* and if you’re serious in making the changes in your Life to achieve your dreams … Let us help you.

New Places … New Faces … – Part 8

13226c84475c447074827e181a4f6d0eI’ve been pretty quiet lately but that’s bcuz I’m been busy packing and getting things ready for my 1st business trip out of town. I am SUPER excited !! I dunno about my husband but I am excited. This is going to be our 1st business/vacation trip out of state beside the obvious Las Vegas, Nevada. Honestly as Californians Las Vegas kinda feels like it’s part of California as many travel there many times in their lives.

But to say I’ve actually traveled outside California this is my first. Actually everything is a first to be honest. First time traveling by Amtrak train, First time actually going out of State, and First business related travel. I’m excited to listen and learn a lot from this upcoming business convention. I am hoping that what I learn sticks to my brain and helps push my business further to great heights.

Many are still negative about this company and the business opportunity itself but like I said in previous posts … the company may have made some mistakes in the past but they’re human. Did you ever get a black eye that permanently stays for the rest of your life ? I am sure the answer is … No ! It heals and fades away returning you back to normal. Well, sadly this company has been running around with a black eye for many years even though it in itself has healed and improved.

Hopefully as I continue to blog about my journey people’s perspectives will change. With the way to economy and job market is going right now … any opportunity to financially free you from the employment world and give you freedom to live Life as you want to should have people lining up to the door to sign up. But I guess fear stops many from signing on the dotted line or learning more about this opportunity.

In my *new* business endeavor I’m hoping to meet some people who are willing to step over their fear and take the risks of joining in and doing “business term: Duplicating” what I do to others and have the attitude to work hard at their dreams and financial freedom. I have seen many who have taken the risk and deeply succeeded.

I am in complete awestruck by the young early-mid 20 yr. olds who have taken the risks and now financially free. There is a couple who are in the mid 20s that have now reached million-dollar status through this business. How many 20 something year old millionaires do you know ? Why shouldn’t it be you ?? I can help you make the changes to help put you on the million dollar income path as well.

So excited for this upcoming business/vacation trip within a few days. It’s gonna be a long journey but one that is going to definitely be worthy and be a memory I am never going to forget. Looking forward to seeing the *new* places and meeting the *new* faces.

Dot Dot Dot … Part 7

domain-registrationSorry I haven’t updated recently but I’m been a busy that I haven’t had time to sit and write in my blogs lately. So Part 7 of my Business Endeavor is going to deal with my business and retail website link. Both web links are .Biz links and so many people have asked what’s .Biz ? Why isn’t it a .com like Amazon.com or eBay.com ? Is it even a legit site link ?

(┬⌂┬) First of all … Yes, it is a legit site link. There are many domain links other than .com like in the image I chose for this blog post there are TONS !! There are .net, .org, .edu, .info, .gov, dot dot dot, etc etc. So I decided my business journey blog post today will talk about the different domain links and what each of them mean for those who feel my .Biz sites are fake or illegitimate.

Ok, here goes … So according to DomainRegister.com definitions of each are …

• .Com – They’re primarily for Commercial Businesses
• .Net – They’re for Network Organizations
• .Org – They’re for Non-Profit groups or Organizations
• .Info – They’re for Information
.Biz – They’re the Internets Top Level domain for businesses

There are a lot more .domains on the list but if you wanna read the whole list you can go to DomainRegister.com *Here’s a direct link to it … http://www.domainregister.com/comorg.html* to read about them more.

I wanna focus solely on the .Biz topic. Now going further into the .Biz domains let me share with you some interesting facts that will hopefully debunk your assumption or false info on whether my business and retail site is legit. Here are just two(2) that are pretty significant on their own !

  1. There are over 327 million that’s 327,000,000 .Biz sites registered in Google search alone.
  2. There are 90 million .biz names available than .com

Wow ! 327 million probably a lot more now since that number was last tabulated but I dunno how my business and retail domain link can be illegitimate when there are that many .biz domains out there. Again it all comes down to knowing the facts and thinking before you speak which I blogged about that in a previous post I think.

There’s a lot more to the internet than just a .com and if you think domain links are solely .com and everything else is not legit, fake, or whatever you need to look in the mirror and say those things to the reflection looking back at you. Not to sound harsh or mean but seriously if you’re thinking like that get your head out your bum.

I am starting to see this business endeavor for what it’s worth and it’s definitely not easy work and you gotta reinforce your heart to be made of steel bcuz you will encounter lots of heartache and hurt feelings but through the countless NOs there will be a YES and you just gonna stick with it and be persistent.

I have been told by the many who have done this business and succeeded that this business works but it solely depends on how hard you’re willing to work it and be consistent, persistent, and get back up when you’re knocked down. In this biz you gotta plant your feet deep into the soil like the roots of a tree and not let any storm blow you down.

If you have ambition and attitude like above … comment below and let’s talk about maybe starting you on your own business endeavor right besides us and when I say us I mean my husband and I. I will continue to blog about my journey and I’m holding back on blogging about the failures but maybe I’ll do that in my next blog post. Share with you the negatives, the failures, and the hurt I’ve experience thus far.



Words that Resonate … Part 6

Bw3I9MICcAA8W-c 123(=_=) I’ve been procrastinating again and a bit burnt out lately that I’m behind in posting this. On Wednesday May 27, 2015 I attended another business seminar and this one in particular had a message that resonated with me. The part that resonated with me was when the speaker “Mentor” spoke about the Power of Association. You might say well what’s that ? The Power of Association is mainly the people you associate with … (i.e Your circle of friends).

Who you hang out with and spend time with will determine the path you take in Life. Look at your circle of friends are they Positive people or Negative people ? It’s amazing how the phrase Monkey See … Monkey Do really is true. If you’re hanging around friends who drink, smoke, party every weekend … you most likely do the same. If you have friends who are go getters, studying hard to earn that degree, hardworkers … you will be too.

This part of the seminar really resonated with me and stuck in my head like the speaker “Mentor” had stapled it to my brain. It made me think back to all my years and my circle of friends I’ve had and have. I admit thinking about the Power of Association really made sense. Many of the bad decisions I made in my Life would of probably never been if I had chosen a better group of people to associate with.

The bottom center image I posted to this blog says it all … Linda Barnby ~ “When you surround yourself with the encouragement, resources and creativity of like-minded, motivated, and high-achieving entrepreneurs, your own success is inevitable”. The Power of Association and picking your circle of friends wisely is the best way to reaching your personal goals, dreams, and staying on the right paths in Life.

I love everyone that comes into my Life and I’m the type of person that clings and cherishes every person that comes into my Life and finds it difficult to say Goodbye to people. But after hearing the seminar section on the Power of Association I realized there are some people in my Life I have to say Goodbye to as they weren’t the type of associations that were building me up and helping me rise higher. Life is only what you make of it and you are the only person behind steering the wheel. Where you go in Life all depends on which direction you turn that wheel and the path you chose to drive down.

For me the paths I’ve chosen most of the time in my Life weren’t paved and were barren dirt roads with lots of bumpy rocks, potholes, and obstacles to drive over and through making the ride not at all smooth but bumpy and rough. Even though I do not regret the road I’ve chose even though some aren’t the best for me. It has taken me down some very scenic paths where I have experience the beautiful parts of Life. I hope that you will take the time to learn more about the Power of Association and reassess your Life in where it’s going, where you want it to go, and if you are the person you want to be/become.

Think before you Speak … Part 5

1111Rarely when we are presented with the unknown do we research the facts or seek the truth before we speak. We’re all guilty of just assuming something without knowing the truth. I have come across this many times in this business endeavor. Some of us think we know it all and speak in that fashion but that type of attitude will often times just land you flat on your face when you realize what you thought isn’t what you know and what you know isn’t what you thought.

Everyone and everything has a past history. Some may not be positive ones while others are positive. But a dark shadow in your past history is something we all have and have done something that we chose not to express or discuss. Nothing and No one is perfect !! Mistakes are made and often times corrected so they are not repeated again and again. What a person, business, company, etc. has done in the past should not be forever chain linked to them. But when they say the truth shall set you free … the truth is the key to that padlock that has you chained to your past.

Those who know the truth should speak it and spread it like wildfire. I am posting this blog entry today bcuz the company whom I’ve started a business endeavor with has a tarnished past and it is sadly chain linked to it’s mistakes by people who chose to or do not seek the truth before they speak. Being in this business I know the truths and I solely wish I could set the record straight and realign the facts so that this company can be set free from their past that seems to be haunting them forever.

So many false assumptions, facts, and negativity has been written about this company. All of which are either falsely written by haters/people who failed in the business, based on highly outdated information, or just plain hot air blowers. I call them heater people bcuz they’re just blowing hot air about a company/business they know nothing about nor been a part of. Do you research first or speak to someone who knows the truth before you believe in the false speakers or prophets who claim to know everything about this company or business.

But speaking and sharing false facts isn’t something *new* as Christians many of us know in the bible stories about false prophets and falsehoods being spoke upon Jesus, God, and it’s disciples. But this isn’t a religion post so I’m not going to go more into that. Some of the falsehoods spoken upon this company really just makes me feel sad not for the company that is being bashed but for the person who is doing the bashing. I feel remorse and sorry for this person to be holding just a hateful putrid soul rotting falsehood in their mind and heart bcuz what it’s really doing is harming themselves and not the company or business.

The truth is this company/business is BOOMiNG and people who speak/write/blog these negative falsehoods are just brushed off like dandruff on your shoulder bcuz the truth is there are millions who know the truth and one parasite or a group of parasites can’t compare to the millions of defenders who will crush and disinfect with one swoop. So before you speak … think ! Do your research and know the facts before you inevitably fall flat on your face by truth.

I admit it’s difficult working with a company that has such a tarnished past and many knowing about it and believing the false and dwelling in the past history but I have made it a goal upon myself to polish and rebuff the reputation of this company and let it shine for the truth they are and honestly believe even the most tarnished of tarnished can be made new again and seen for the true beauty within.

Slowly but Surely … Part 4

canstock22551107So things are starting to get back into flow and I’m back on the snail trail of my business endeavor. I said in the 1st post that I am going to continually post about my journey not just for personal road marks of where I’ve started but also to share my experience along with potential prospects who begin their own journey along side me. The beginning has been pretty rough and skepticism has been a annoying passenger but I’m beginning to see the light and slowly but surely gaining more and more hope in this business opportunity.

I’m still fairly *new* at this as it’s only been like a little over a months since I signed up but so far I have made a little over $13. I know you’re thinking … (>⌂<) $13 DOLLARS that’s a Starbuck coffee amount. But I have only just begun and have faith that with time my $13 will eventually become $1,300 dollars then $13,000 then $130,000 and it never hurts to dream/wish big to it becoming $13 million dollars *Insert Dr. Evil’s pinky facial expression*. Many have put me down, laughed at me for trying to stick it with this business, some have even placed bets on how long before I quit … You can keep your pathetic money bcuz I have no intentions of quitting !!

I know this business isn’t going to be an easy rat race where I’m gonna instantly zip across to the finish line a winner. Nope, in this business you start off as a snail moving slowly and not getting very far but eventually you will gain legs and the more legs you gain you will transform into a caterpillar slinking and moving at a fast pace. I think we all learning the Life stages of a Butterfly in Elementary school. Once you reach your caterpillar stage you will then move on to earning your wings and being a beautiful Butterfly free to fly as you please and be free from the confines and conformity of the Employees life.

Many have been negative and many have discouraged me but I am going to continue forward in this business maintaining my BIG Dreams, Hopes, and Goals that this business is going to work out as long as I put in the hard work required to reach the peak of this endeavor. Just like climbers of Mt. Everest … some see it’s impossible to do but there has been many before you that have made the climb, reached the peak, and sharing their stories of the sheer beauty and freedom you feel once at the peak.

Only those who are willing to take the risk, make the effort, and put their Dreams into action will reach the summit and peak to look down upon all those who said you can’t, you won’t, and spit out all the negative towards you. Your success in Life whether it’s a business or anything ONLY and SOLELY depends on YOU and nobody else. Others can say all they want to say but in the end … It is you who will succeed and move in the direction of the path you chose.