Life isn’t as beautiful if you can’t see it.

(-__-) *Sigh* I just woke up and about to start my day. I woke up feeling refreshed and good unlike normally when I wake up groggy and still tired. I went to say Hello to my doggies and sat down on my computer to do my Internet routines. I noticed my glasses were smudgy so I grabbed my glass cleaning cloth and started to wipe each lens down front and back when *Plop* my glasses break in two complete halves. I can’t see a thing without my glasses and right now I’m kinda making do with my temporary repair of keeping the two pieces together using duct tape til I can get some Super Glue or buy *NEW* glasses. Getting *NEW* glasses ain’t gonna be cheap since Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger removed the Vision and Dental plan for Medi-Cal recipients. But I’ve been saving up for a *NEW* pair of glasses so I will be able to get some but probably not until middle of this week or next week. (T_T) Which means I have to be blind for that long ?? (;^;) *Cries* I wish I had perfect vision like others and never have to wear glasses. *Sigh*


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