Good Bye Summer breezes ! Hello Autumn Chill ! (>~<)

Well, I woke up this Afternoon and Brrr… it was chilly ! I just wanted to jump back into my warm blankets and hibernate as the Bears and other Hibernating critters are preparing to do soon. I felt the cold chill shiver up my spine and I knew Summer is finally over and it’s time to pull out those Sweaters, Jackets, and Heavy blankets. I always get Ice toes in the Autumn and Winter seasons. Only parts of my body that freezes up are my feet. Nothing better than a cozy pair of slippers but with two dogs in the house my slippers become a pair of fuzzy slippers as the static caused from my walking on carpet creates a fur magnet for the billions of fur strands all over my house lovingly left behind by my two dogs. =P But as the trees go bald and the birds fatten up for their flight south. Autumn brings a sense of warmth cuz you know in Autumn they’re Turkey for Thanksgiving and the excitement of Christmas is just around the corner. Yipee !!

P.S … I’m getting *NEW* glasses tomorrow. But thanxs to my loving someone who helped put my glasses back together temporarily in the meantime. B-D


One thought on “Good Bye Summer breezes ! Hello Autumn Chill ! (>~<)

  1. sanochi says:

    Yipee for the cold and for new glasses xD.
    *Dances/shivers with joy*

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