Take care of your peepers ! You only get one pair.

CB040720~Chihuahua-Wearing-Eyeglasses-PostersOMG ! I never knew just how expensive glasses were. So it cost me almost $400 dollars for my *NEW* glasses. I wanted to get Prescription Sunglasses along with my *NEW* glasses but apparently it’s gonna run me over $550+ dollars to get both and my budget was $350 which barely allowed me to afford my glasses but almost to possibly MAXED out a Credit Card in the process. It’s not exactly the frame or eye exam that runs your bill into a Heart Attack but rather the Lens that go into the Frames. Looking at the receipt the frames for my glasses were $159.95 and the Eye exam comes out to almost $100 but the Lens itself is what came out to $300 something but with a few discounts and managers discounts it helped a little but seriously for those of you not having to wear glasses and seeing perfect 20/20 vision … Please, I repeat PLEASE take care of your eyes. Glasses aint cheap and unless you got the money or good insurance to back you up … you’re pretty much rowing up a stream without a paddle. I get my Glasses from Lenscrafters and they can be pretty pricey so shop around before you decide to go with Lenscrafters. I wanna thank Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger for putting me in Credit Card debt just to maintain my ability to see clearly. Thanxs to him and his ideas of removing Vision and Dental from Medi-Cal recipients to ease the California deficit, I had to pay for my glasses outta pocket with money I didn’t exactly have. *Sigh* (-__-)

The Ophthalmologist told me a few tips to keeping your eyes healthy ….

[] Get a regular check up say every 1-2 years

[] Make sure to watch TV, Read, or whatever in a Well-Lit room *Watching TV in the Dark is bad for the eyes*

[] Wear Sunglasses when outdoors to protect your eyes from UV-Rays and other damaging rays

[] When on the Computer remember to take 5 minute breaks to rest your eyes

[] Eating Carrots does help the Eyes but you dont need to eat a whole bunch

Remember you only get one set of peepers so keep them healthy and try to prevent the fate of having to wear glasses cuz it’s ain’t as cool or fun as you think.

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