Let’s be Friends ?


The world has changed SO much in Technology since the days of Atari and Bulky green screen computers. Reaching out to touch someone is now as easy as a click of a button with the vast array of Social Networking sites. You got a billions choices from Facebook, MySpace, Hi5, Friendster, Bebo, Twitter, Gaia Online, IMVU, YoVille, etc … Etc. I’m sure we’ve all joined on at one point or another. So I thought I’d share the ones I’ve joined and hopefully become better acquainted with some and even make a friend or two down the line.

FACEBOOK :www.Facebook.com/BLAZiNx6iRL

MYSPACE : http://www.MySpace.com/BlazinRedxDragon *Not Active on here anymore*


TWITTER : http://www.Twitter.com/BLAZiNx6iRL

There are several others for which I have joined but those Four(4) are the ones I’m Active/Semi-Active on. Feel free to Comment, Visit my Page, or Send a Friends Request. But please note that you’re a reader/follower from my Blog cuz I don’t really add random people.


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