Moshi Monster’s Halloween Creative Writing Contest

1236859685Well, just in case my entry doesn’t win I still think it’s a good Halloween story that I created. For those of you not familiar with Moshi Monsters it’s a *FREE* Virtual pet site where you raise and care for a pet. You play Daily Puzzles and such to earn Roxs which is the Moshi Monster currency. These are the types of pets you can adopt …


Going Clockwise … we have Luvli – Cherry looking character,  Zommer – Zombie looking character, Davilo – the Volcano looking character, Furi – the BigFoot/Sasquatch looking character, Katsuma – the Pikachu looking character, and in the middle is Poppet – the Cat/Teddy bear looking character.

Well, they’re having a Halloween Creative Story contest where you pick a topic and go from their. Their topics are …

* I was trick-or-treating with my monster late one Halloween night, when we met a terrifying witch!

* I was cycling home from the Gross-ery one day, when I decided to take a shortcut through Goosebump Gulch over by the Haunted Mansion…

* When my Spider Lolly bit me back on Halloween night, I knew I was in for some scary surprises…

* “I can see your future. Let me tell you your fortune,” Madame Macabre said…

* Its claws began to grow, its hair began to bristle, its fangs got sharper… it’s, it’s, it’s a WERE-MOSHI!

I went with the topic of … When my Spider Lolly bit me back on Halloween night, I knew I was in for some scary surprises … So without further ado let me share my Halloween Creative Writing contest entry with you cuz even if it doesn’t get chosen it’s still a good story. (n__n) Feel free to comment on it.


The day after Halloween I went to school and all the kids at school were talking about how much candy they’d gotten the night before and where the had gone. Then the Bell rang so we all went to our classes and I was in US History. *Booorrring* I was trying hard to pay attention to the boring lesson the teacher was giving. Suddenly I starting getting this itch on the back of my neck. When I reached over to itch my neck it was covered in coarse fuzz. I thought maybe it’s time for a haircut. After US History class it was time for Lunch. I was getting ready to enjoy my favorite Macaroni and Cheese with a Slice of Pizza. Yummeh ! As I was eating my Lunch I noticed my teeth starting to hurt. I touched my teeth and found they were incredibly sharp. I cut my finger on one of my teeth and it started to bleed. But I thought Eh … wrapped a napkin around it and figured I must be taking good care of my teeth for it to be so sharp. By the end of the day I was noticing little changes. My arms were covered in a coarse fuzz as well as half my body. I tried to cover it up and not freak out.

School was over but I had Cheerleading practice after school. We were doing normal routines and practicing for a upcoming Football game. I was the lightest girl on the team so I was always hoisted into the air. There’s a few guys on our Team. Zack is one of them and also one of the guys I have a HUGE Crush on. When the coach instructed Zack to lift it up and toss me in the air I was so nervous like what if I move and he drops me. I gathered my nerves and prepared to be lifted. Zack lifted me up as I did the cheer routine but Zack was looking up my skirt and he blurted out that I needed to shave my legs and that there was a string coming out of my pants. The whole team started laughing and I ran to the locker room in embarrassment.

As I sat in the Locker room crying and angry that Zack could be such a Jerk. But I still had a crush on him. Kinda flattered that he even looked up my skirt. I was feeling so many Mixed emotions. Then all of a sudden I got this pain in my head, the room started spinning, and every inch of my body started to hurt. I didn’t know what was going on. I screamed cuz I felt like my body was being ripped into two pieces. Next thing I know I hear Janey’s voice. Janey is my Best Friend. We’ve known each other since Kindergarten. I hear Janey call out … “Marina, are you okay ? Don’t worry about what Zack did or said. Boys are Jerks and always will be. Where are you ?” Our Locker room was a pretty big area. But I could see Janey walking through the maze of Lockers like I was flying or something. Then I thought am I flying ? I looked around and saw I was on the roof in a dark corner. I tried not to freak and tried to call out to Janey for help. She heard me and said “Where are you ? You don’t have to hide cuz of Zack. C’mon let’s go to the Mall together after practice. I wanna try on this cute skirt I saw.” I attempted to walk and started moving forward. Well, I can move at least so I started to walk towards Janey. I was behind her and I tapped her on the shoulder. Janey turned around and let out this Blood curdling scream and ran like the wind. I thought to myself … Umm … Okay ! That was weird. I started to walk out the Locker room when I passed by the Giant mirror. I looked in the mirror and to my horror … I HAD TURNED INTO A GIANT BLACK WIDOW SPIDER !! Ok, now I started to freak out ! I walked or should I say crawled outta the Locker Room to ask someone to help me. I ran out to the field and everyone screamed and ran like they seen a ghost.

I started walking around campus searching for someone to help me. I thought to myself … WAIT ! Mr. Moshi the science teacher. He’s a retired Zoologist and study alot about arachnids. I’d better hurry and hope he’s still in his classroom and hasn’t left. As I started scurrying to get to his classroom which was all the way on the other side of campus. I was already causing chaos in the school. Students were screaming and running from me left and right. Then the principle and a large group of the School Police stopped in front of me. Principle Roary Scrawl was never the type who was afraid of Spiders. He had a mega-phone with him and he said “STOP ! You can’t be wandering the campus like this. We won’t allow it.” I didn’t care what he said I needed to go see Mr. Moshi before he leaves. I kept going and they dashed outta my way but then the School Police started to shoot at me with their guns armed with Rubber bullets. They just ricocheted off my giant spider abdomen.

I was barely half way to Mr. Moshi’s classroom. I continued to scurry as quick as my eight legs can carry me. I was nearly there when Principle Roary Scrawl and his force now equipped with several Volleyball nets tried to stop me. I was surrounded by all the school police staff not to mention the police squad and swat team were heading towards my way. I looked around and thought I was trapped then I thought wait I’m a spider I can climb anything. I leaped and climbed onto the biggest building on campus and started crawling up to the top. I thought for a second … So now what. Then I remember Spiders can fling around using their silk or spider webbing. So I closed my eyes and jumped towards the adjacent building which was nearly two and a half buildings away. I opened my eyes and saw that I was flying across and behind me was a trail of white string.

I crawled through the halls of the building just a few buildings away from Mr. Moshi’s classroom. Only students not afraid of me were the Goths who thought I was cool and actually started following me around. I finally got to Mr. Moshi’s classroom just as he was locking his door ready to leave for the day. He wasn’t scare at all. But rather intrigued to see such a Giant form of the Latrodectus Hesperus or Black Widow. He walked around examining me as a Zoologist would. He was amazed at how BIG I was. He stared deep into my eyes as Principle Roary Scrawl, School Police, LAPD Police Squad, and Swat team were running up behind. Principle Roary Scrawl shouted out to Mr. Moshi “Stand Back this Spider is venomous and dangerous ! We’ll have this Spider capture and killed before it hurts anyone.” Mr. Moshi still staring into my four black marble eyes as if in a trance or Staring contest. He steps closer and says “Marina ? Is that you ? How … What … Why ?” I tried rambling to him about what happen and everything but no words came out as Spiders don’t speak.

Mr. Moshi explained to Principle Roary Scrawl what he believes had happened and he opened his classroom and started to work on an antidote that might cure my problem. The Goths came outta no where and said “Dude, don’t hurt the spider. What did it ever do to you ? Leave it alone or else”. Principle Roary Scrawl turned to them and said “Why don’t you Juvenile delinquents go home and leave this matter to the responsible adults”. One of the Goths said “Pfft … whatevers. Dude, let’s go ! He’s making me depressed”. Mr. Moshi came back with sweat all over his face and a vial of some purple stuff. He explained all they gotta do is get the Spider to drink this. Then from around the corner Janitor Duey came out rolling his Janitor cart and said “I’ll get the Spider to drink it”.

So Janitor Duey grabbed the largest mop he’s got in his cart, pour the Purple liquid onto his mop, rolled up his sleeves, and taunted “Alright you eight-legged beast. Show me what you got !” He jabbed and swung at me with the mop. I backed away I didn’t like Janitor Duey cuz he’s an grumpy old man who always yelled at us for stuff. I was about to jump away onto the tall building again but Janitor Duey took a large jump and landed on my back. I started swinging and twirling to get him off me. But he gripped on and after a long mad bull like ride he flung that mop with confidence and got it into my mouth. I was clamming my jaws cuz it tasted terrible but as I was doing it I was swallowing little bits of the antidote.

Everyone stood back not expecting what would happen. A bright flash of light that temporarily blinded them and when they opened their eyes there was I was sitting on the floor. Mr. Moshi helped me up and Janitor Duey stepped on a small spider that was crawling away. Picked up his mop and walked away pushing his Janitors cart and grumbling to himself. I thanked Mr. Moshi for bringing me back to my old human self again and promised myself to never eat Spider Lolly’s again. Well, maybe once in a while.

All was back to normal and as I was heading home. Zack shouted from behind and stopped me. He said “Hey, I’m really sorry for making everyone laugh earlier. I was a jerk. I hope you’ll forgive me ? Say you wanna go to the Halloween dance together ?” Like I wouldn’t say No. OMG !



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