What a Memorable Weekend ! (n_n)

Well, I have the most wonderful weekend ever. It first started out with a Saturday Lunch at the Park *Griffith Park*. I was a little annoyed by the swarm of Yellow-Jacket wasps that flew around me and scaring me at time as they investigated my Lunch menu. But that didn’t bother me much when I saw a family of squirrels scurrying about in many directions. I had wished I brought my Camera cuz taking pictures of Wild Life is one of my favorite parts of Photography. After we finished eating we just walked around the park and I was collecting acorns that I found on the ground. My Mom and I used to always collect Acorns whenever we came across an Acorn tree. We didn’t really have any use for them but rather just for fun. But I collect things as memory keepsakes of each time I spend with my special someone.  (n_n) I was having such a great time and knowing that we had plans to go pier fishing later that night made it more great. But a stranger came up to us and asked if we saw the Skunk wandering in the Tree planter. \(^O^)/ I thought WOW ! I’ve never seen a Skunk in Real Life before. So I carefully went to have a look and it was so cute ! In it’s Black and White stripes. I took some pics using my Cell Phone which I’ll try posting up here but it’s not gonna be of good quality.

So later that day around 10pm-10:30pm we headed out to go Pier Fishing. We left that late in the night bcuz we knew since it’s a weekend if we go there early in the afternoon it’ll be packed with people and there will be no fishing spots open. When we got there it was still pretty packed. We found an empty spot and wasn’t catching anything but there were nibbles. Time went by and we didn’t catch anything. About ready to give up when a spot opened up by the piers deep end. From there we caught one fish, then two, then three, then four … after the got quiet and we didn’t catch a thing. As time got to around sunrise the fish frenzy began we were pulling up fish like crazy. Our catch was mainly Mackerels using a bait of Squid laced with Anchovy gravy to give the Squid a little more taste. So in total we caught about 25 Mackerels of different sizes from Small – Large. But I was totally exhausted on the way back that I fell asleep in the car. That was about a 8 hr. fishing adventure. I think that’s the longest we’ve stayed to fish and it was ALL worth it !


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