It sure don’t feel like Autumn. (T_T)

Looks Like Rain(n_n) Each week I’ll reveal a drawing of some sort. (.__.”) I can’t find my printer cord so I wasn’t able to scan any of my current artworks but here is one I made using MS Paint and my Wacom PC Art Tablet. I titled it … IT LOOKS LIKE RAIN ! Hopefully by the end of this week or early I’ll find that Printer cord so I can share with you my better hand drawn arts.

Well, it sure does look like rain which is why I drew the picture above. Weather reports say 4 days of rain is heading my way. It’s very Gloomy outside and Cccooold !!! Normally in Autumn it’s toasty warm out not too cold nor hot but toasty. It’s like we just totally skipped Autumn and went into Winter. I’ve been pulling out all my winter sweaters and extra blankets preparing for the cold nights ahead. What’s strange is why Gloomy whether makes you sleepy and just wanna stay in bed all day ? I understand being extremely tired after being up from 10pm til 9am yesterday Pier Fishing. But I guess we could use the drenching after the bad fire season that just passed. They say the Station fire and Ladybug park fire was set by a Transient and police are looking for him now. Honestly I don’t blame him. For a transient with no roof over their head, warm bed to crawl into, or any place to stay warm the best you can do is start a small fire to keep you warm but most of these fires end up burning outta control and causes more chaos than warmth. I wish we can just all donate a those TV Blanket robes Snuggies to a transient that way they won’t be so cold out in the streets during these cold Autumn/Winter months. If I had a million dollars I’d create a giant apartment building with many rooms like 50 or more to house these transients temporarily for the night or at least provide them warm blankets and sweaters to wear.


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