We are Children of the World !


What good does it do to hold onto years old grudges ?? I’m talking about people who are still unable to coexist with people of different Racial background, Religious background, or of any difference. Every ethnic race has done one negative thing or another to someone but that is of the past. For example … I am Japanese and there are still some Filipinos who hate me bcuz I am Japanese. Yes, I know the Japanese people were Cruel and Brutal during the war years and that we did some things without any remorse but that was many years ago and now times are different. I understand my relatives have done wrong to the Filipino people and to many many others but do you still have to hold that grudge into the present time ? We are all Children of the World and Children to God and when I saw God that isn’t specifically naming just one person. Every Ethnicity has their own form of a God. I just don’t like it when people hate you bcuz of your Ethnic background or hate for any reason. I hate no one ! I Love and Respect Everyone and treat them the same as if they were Family. Coexistence and Peace between people is something I know is impossible but hopefully someday I’ll live to see it happen.


One thought on “We are Children of the World !

  1. sanochi says:

    There is no way the world can agree on everything, but I am waiting for the day where we can at least be tolerant towards one another here on Earth.

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