Perfect night for Star Gazing !


This is a late night/early morning blog post but I just got in after sitting outside for a few hours gazing up at the stars. Tonight was a amazingly crystal clear night for Los Angeles which normally the night skies are cloudy in a pollution haze. It was exceptionally crystal clear out and one of my favorite things to do on a crystal clear night is Star Gazing. As I gazed up and played connect-the-dot with the stars identifying the constellations I do know of  such as the Indian with the Bow and Arrow which I see often on a clear night and looking for the Little/Big Dipper and the North Polaris Star. I saw the most beautiful shooting star stream across the midnight blue sky. I anticipate for the next time a Meteor Shower comes to Earth cuz I remember the times where I watched a Meteor shower outside with my Mom as streaks by the hundreds flew through the skies. I Love Star gazing and maybe someday I’ll study Astronomy to learn more about the Stars and Constellations. But watching that beautiful Shooting star sure made my night/morning. Also looking up at the stars I have a belief that every star is a window into heaven and that window is to the room of a missing loved one. I always look up at the starry night sky and wonder which star is the window to my Dad’s room in Heaven as I whisper a message hoping he’d hear it. (- u -) I Miss You, Daddy !! *Yawn* Well, it’s almost 4am. Better get some sleep ! Gnight everyone til next time … Sweet Dreams. ( _ _ ) …zZzZz

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