Let the Shopping … BEGIN !!

k1283255 With Halloween now behind us and Thanksgiving around the corner. It’s time to get your Christmas Shopping started. Also time for the Malls to do their annual After Thanksgiving Sales and cross their fingers that Profits will rise up this year and not fall anymore than it already has. I do most of my shopping online and I think most of the people are going to do the same cuz we all know how brutal searching for a parking space on Holiday shopping season are and how carelessly rude some people can be just to get their shopping started. I remember once when I was with my Parents on Holiday shopping season … we were waiting for this person to get out of a parking space and soon as they person backed out of the space. Someone rushed right in and took the spot ! My Dad sat there and watched as this lady gathered her children and without a care walked into the Mall. She has no respect or care that someone was already waiting for the space … no remorse, no heart,  pure scrooge-like behavior. I think it was last year I remember seeing a parking lot brawl over two guys arguing over a parking space. Hence why I shop online now cuz nowadays people don’t fight with just profanity or words some nowadays carry guns and you don’t know what they’d do if you push them over the edge.

But if you are gonna shop online like I am … here’s a tip : SKIP THE OVERNIGHT/1 DAY SHIPPING. You’re honestly just wasting your money to pay the extra charge it costs for the Overnight/1 Day air shipping. I’ve learned the hard-way cuz I ordered something with it needing to be here ASAP and I thought … Ok, Overnight/1 Day so that means I’d get the package tomorrow. Sound quick enough for me. NOT !! The package still took 3-4 days to get here which is the same amount of time the Standard Ground Shipping takes. I could of just paid the Standard Ground shipping instead of the more expensive Overnight. So just stick with the Ground Shipping and just time your purchases to make sure you’ll get your items in time. Some websites tell you around when you should order by in order to get it in time for Christmas such as Amazon.com. Good Luck with your Shopping and remember your Christmas Shopping this year will boost economic revenues so shop freely but still stick to your budgets range.


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