Music melts your Troubles away !

It’s really interesting how when you listen to a favorite song all day you become extremely happy sorta in a fantasy trance that anything and everything around you just sorta melts away. All you know is you’re dancing, singing, or humming along to your favorite song and the rest of the world is just a blur. All day I’ve been listening to the song HUMAN by THE KILLERS and I’ve been extremely happy today. All my worries, troubles, problems, anything, and everything just didn’t seem important and melted away. I was sort of in a hallucinatory trance where all I picture is a white room and I’m dancing around in circles. In I’m living in a secret fantasy world and reality is no where to be found. I feels really good to be in such a Happy mood and it’s all from listening to one favorite song all day.  Next time you need a getaway from Life … listen to your favorite song and turn it up. =] Are we Human or Are we Dancer ?


One thought on “Music melts your Troubles away !

  1. SanoChi says:

    We are human dancers! *Dances to the music*

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