Can’t we shop like civilized Human beings ??

Ok, so the Holidays are upon us and we’re all out spending our weekends searching for that perfect gift for Grandma or Kids or Whoever but do we have to act like a pack of wild beast and stampede through the store doors or act like Cavemen fighting over a drumstick ?? Christmas should be a Merry time not a time of Black eyes or Bruises. I was appalled when I watched the TV and the News report was about a brawl that broke out in a WalMart. Why do we fight for Material items or Parking Spaces ?? We should be blessed with the more important things like Family, Friends, Love, Children, things that you cannot buy in a store. I honestly think the psychotic chaos that goes on between Black Friday and Christmas is just pathetic how grown Adults act like kindergarten children who don’t know how to share. I avoid that hoopla and order my gifts online about a month before Christmas. My Christmas shopping is done and over with. So people let’s act Civilized and shop with Respect and Dignity.

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