I’m Bored …

After being around the hustle and bustle of my Family for 5 days being in the serenity of my home is quite boring. While I spent 5 days at my Mom’s for Thanksgiving/Her 64th Birthday it isn’t boring there cuz there’s always something to do. Either Mom needs help with dinner prep work or my niece is entertaining me with her antics and requests to play games. Always someone to talk to, Someone to keep me entertained, and Boredom rarely occurs. But here at my place it’s quiet and eerie a bit. It’s so quiet you can hear a cricket nibbling on something outside. *LOL Slight exaggeration of course* But there isn’t much to do here at home. I either try to occupy myself with Crochet crafts, Drawing, Coloring Books, or TV but lately I’ve lost interest in all of those things. Internet isn’t as Fun to me at the moment. So I’m stuck wedged between the barriers of Boredom. Hopefully tomorrow will be a more interesting day or I get my attention span back.

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