My Feline Visitor =(‘T’)=

My night ended pretty interesting today. I was BBQing some turkey legs around Midnight *Late Midnight snack* outside on the propane grill when outta the blue a Grey Tabby cat approaches. I’d say he/she was about a year old but definitely someone owned it cuz it had a flea collar around it’s neck. I fed it a little bit of the turkey meat and as I walked into my house the cat was not hesitant to walk inside with me. It wandering my living room, cautiously sniffed and wandered the kitchen, and honed in on the sound of Maggie *One of my dogs* whining upstairs to be let out. The cat obviously didn’t seem to scared of dogs cuz he/she comfortably wandered my living room/kitchen area. The cat rubbed up against me like it knew me for a long time and I petted it’s head and scratched behind the ears as all my previous cats Loved and would melt like butter in a hot pan when I did that. This cat also purred and melted like butter when I scratched behind it’s ears.

I fell in Love with the soft feeling of the cats fur and reminded of the many cats I’ve previously owned. I used to own a Grey Tabby which I graciously named Tabi. But sadly she disappeared one day just like the rest of my cats I’ve owned. I suspect that my then neighbor’s friend ate them. Yes, you read right … ATE THEM. Once when my neighbor was having a Birthday party one of the guests approached me as I caressed one of my cats outside. He asked me if I ever ate a Cat before and how it tastes very similar to Chicken but more delicately flavored. I was very much disgusted by his remark. Few days after my cats began to disappear. Niblet who is the son of my 1st ever owned cat Misty suddenly disappeared and never seen again. I was devastated !! After a few months of grieving my Boyfriend agreed to let me get another cat. I adopted two cats from the Los Angeles City shelter … Tabi and French Fry. I Loved them so much and felt more secure that being they were Microchipped  if they got Lost I’d find them again soon with the help of the Microchips. I’m allergic to cat hair and pet dander really. So my cats mainly lived the outdoors life but came inside to eat and snuggle up with me then let out again. Wasn’t too long that my neighbor had another party and *POOF* again a cat mysteriously disappears. Tabi disappeared and just like before my neighbors went camping the weekend after the party. French Fry was the only cat I had left and I started suspecting that my neighbor’s cat eating friend took my cats on their camping trip as their Campfire roast. =( A few months later my neighbor went camping again and this time French Fry had disappeared. I said to myself as long as my neighbors live here … I am not getting anymore cats.

But time went by and I yearned the companionship of a four-legged friend. Growing up I always wanted a dog but my Mom who claims to be allergic to ALL Animals never allowed me to have a Dog. I’ve had Fish, Hamsters, Mice, a Wild Bird *Sparrow*, and a Backyard Lizard as my pet but never a dog. My Dad once did care for a stray cat though. I didn’t know my Dad loved animals too. Probably where I got my Love for Animals from. =) When we moved my Dad tried to take this stray cat with him but it ran away soon as we let him out of the hamper when we got to the new house. I Love Animals and always got jealous of people who owned dogs especially those who were very Loving and well-trained. Since I decided not to have Cats anymore til my neighbors are no longer my neighbors … I thought I’d give dogs a try. My landlord didn’t mind the idea of me owning a dog but it came with a price tag. I had to pay $50 per pet that I owned. I originally was just gonna get one dog and I found one off the Pennysavers online. It’s a Miniature Pinscher/Japanese Spitz mix. Kinda looked like a Shiba-Inu in color and had a curly tail that curls over it’s back. But the owner had two who were littermates *Brother/Sister* and desperately needing to find *NEW* homes for both of them. I asked my Mom if she maybe wanted the Sister for my niece to care for. My Mom sorta agreed and my niece begged to have a dog. So I took both of them home with the plans that Maggie would live with my Mom but my Mom backed out and I was left with two dogs. So I decided to keep both cuz they seemed to entertain each other and keep each other company. Moose and Maggie were 5 months when I adopted them and now they’re 3 yrs. old. This cat visiting me tonight really put me in a tough spot. It made me want a kitty again and how having a Cat is different from having Moose and Maggie. They’re not very cuddly dogs. They’re not the type who’ll sit on the couch with you quietly or love being snuggled. They’re like dogs on ADD or Crack. They can’t sit still ! I tried making Maggie a lapdog or a dog I can carry around with me since she’s very small in size about the size of a small chihuahua. But when I tried placing her next to me on the couch … rather than quietly sitting with me she moves around too much. She stands, She sits, She stands, She sits, Gets off the couch, Jumps back on the couch, Runs up the stairs, Runs down the stairs, etc. But if it were a cat for instance … a cat would normally curl up like a ball and peacefully rest besides you and be happy and content laying next to you. They’re purring is a great indicator of their happiness and love. Moose and Maggie always be bouncing off the walls like two children on a sugar high.

At the same time I wonder if the cat visiting me today was my Dad. I’m not sure if you believe in reincarnation or the ability for spirits to return to the Earth in another body/form. Buddhists and other similar religions that believe in reincarnation sometimes believe that our Loved ones who’s passed on can visit us still in a different body/form. Their spirit enters another body and returns to visit. I was thinking alot about my Dad the other day. Missing him, Wishing he was still alive, and Thinking about the many things I still wanted to do with my Dad. I know it’s bad to go back to your past and dwell on those who have passed on but sometimes I can’t help but reopen old wounds. My Dad loved cats and to have this cat appear outta nowhere and be so comfortable around me like it’s known me forever was odd. I mean what stray cat would openly approach you without fear and even enter your home without being afraid ? This cat was super comfortable that it seemed as if it didn’t wanna leave. It was browsing my Living room/Kitchen and making himself/herself at home. Sometimes I kinda think maybe that my Dad visited me from heaven by taking the form of a Cat. Maybe I’m crazy or maybe I’m not but that cat visiting me today really made me think of getting a cat(s) again.

It puts me in a hard spot cuz I’m already paying $100 extra rent for my Two Dogs and to pay another $50 for another pet might land me in trouble with my Landlord. I know their rule/lease says $50 per pet but I know in real life they prefer NO PETS and just biting their tongues about it. Requesting permission for more may lead them to no longer hold their tongues and evict us. Which I definitely wouldn’t want that to happen. So it makes me think about the option of maybe saying Farewell to my Dogs and get Two cats in replacement. But it’s a hard decision to make bcuz Moose and Maggie no matter how idiotic, annoying, and not the dream dogs I’ve always wanted … I can’t just send them away bcuz I want cats instead. I raised them from 5 month old pups to 3 yr. old dogs. It’s like you adopted a baby and raised the baby from 5 months to 3 yrs. old and decide to send him back to the adoption agency bcuz you want a girl instead or a boy instead. Animals to me are like my children ! Since I technically can’t have real children of my own due to Medication I’m on. Animals are my way of releasing and satisfying the yearn to nurture and the mothering instincts that is developing within me.

Rey always tells me to just hold on to my Critter wants til we buy a home of our own then I can get all the Animals I desire. But I just don’t think we’ll ever buy a home. We just never have the money to put a down on a home or even start searching. It’s just a hard decision to make … keep Moose and Maggie two dogs that are always hyper, bouncing off the walls, and can’t mellow out or adopt two cats that are mellow, loving, and the best companions to have ? It’s really a tough call. But having that short moment with that stranger cat was nice. The feeling of it’s soft fur, the sound of it’s purring, the feeling of it’s body vibrating as it purred, and the mystic cat eyes just melts my heart each time. Maybe I’m just more of a cat person and it took two hyper dogs to make me realize that.

One thought on “My Feline Visitor =(‘T’)=

  1. sanochi says:

    It looks like there’s no more cat eating since there’s a cat around, and since you fed it a little bit of food and allowed it to go into your house, it shouldn’t do you harm the next time it’s around.
    It seems like the cat you saw either ran away or is a cat who’s allowed to go in and out as it pleases. You might see the cat every so often, if you’re lucky.

    For now, keep the dogs, because you might see the cat every so often and have the best of both worlds, dogs and cats, for now.

    And I’m sure your dad is looking down on you and smiling. You’re very strong, and I’m sure he knows just as well as I do that you’ll go far.
    Keep your dad’s memory in your mind, and use all the positive moments you’ve shared with him to drive you toward whatever goal you want to achieve.

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