Ponder Plunder Wednesday (‘_’)??

Ok, first off … no laughing at my Thinking cartoon drawing. He’s a CARTOON !! You can point out all the flaws you like but Cartoons are meant to have these types of flaws. For example … I know you’re thinking or saying to yourself his Finger is a little too big. Well, isn’t Mickey mouse’s hands and feet a wee too big with this string bean arms and legs ? So we’re even now. Cartoons are meant to be silly looking and yes, my cartoon guy is wearing footie pajamas as he ponders over things.

Now I titled this Blog entry Ponder Plunder Wednesday cuz today I thought I’d ponder over some things that come to my mind and thought I’d share with you. Such as …


Can you Lose weight from Playing the Wii aside from playing the games like Wii Fit or Jillian Michaels Cardio workouts ? How about just playing plain actual Wii games that require lots of movement such as the Fight Night Boxing, Baseball, etc. I just recently bought the Mario Power Tennis and I can break out a good sweat as I try to beat Walugi or Big Bowser in Tournament mode. I’m sure if¬† you buy Wii games that require lots of Movement such as the Wii Sports and play Baseball, Tennis, and Boxing every day you’ll probably shed a few pounds. Not exactly sure how much but maybe 3-4 lbs a day if you play in a like an hour in several intervals through the day. Say you play for 3 hours a day. 1 hour around Lunch … 1 hour before dinner … 1 hour before bed … I’m sure you will lose weight. Comment on this and tell me your opinions if you think playing Non-Fitness related Wii games will make you lose weight.


2010 is the year Legalized Marijuana in California is gonna go on to the Ballot and honestly I’m 100% against the idea. California already has a bad rap for gang violence, murders, DUIs, etc. Having the streets with Hopped up people is the least of what California needs. More or less do we want other people from around the globe moving to California just to legally smoke their joints cuz it’s illegal in their country/state. I understand many people swear by their acts that it helps them live a normal life. But I just don’t think it’s right to give your ADD child a sprinkle of cannabis over his ice cream or a Autism child special brownies to calm him down. You’re literally drugging your child not to mention supporting the illegal growers/distributors. I know Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger will gladly sign the approval to legalize long as he get’s a few ounces for himself. Not exactly the best Role Model since Arnold himself smoked Marijuana in his younger years but who knows maybe he’s changed and Marijuana ain’t for him anymore. But for a man who smokes cuban cigars even though he’s had heart bypass surgery probably will think Marijuana will help his heart and party on with the others like he’s done in the past. Bad enough we got accidents being caused by DUIs, People getting shot over Road-Rage conflicts, and now we’re gonna add High-speed pursuits caused by a driver high on marijuana and thought a bunch of pink bunnies were chasing him. Only people who’d profit from Legalizing Marijuana are the drug cartel and McDonald’s. I say McDonald’s cuz we all know one of the side-effect of Marijuana is the Munchies. While smoking marijuana you get the munchies so you pull into a McDonald’s Drive-thru and order 30 cheeseburgers, 3 packs of fries, and a jumbo coke ? LOL

I will Ponder some more later … Stay posted for Updates.


2 thoughts on “Ponder Plunder Wednesday (‘_’)??

  1. sanochi says:

    I like the cartoon. Keep going :).

    As far as the questions, you can lose weight for any movement you do. Any movement burns some calories. The Wii has games that make you move more, so it helps you lose weight with many games.
    For question two, I believe that marijuana should stay illegal, and cigarettes, beer, and wine should become illegal as well. Without all these substances, people wouldn’t drive drunk as much, cough and wheeze as much, make less mistakes, live longer, and overall be happier. No one should need a substance just to be happy.

    • Well, I agree Marijuana should remain illegal but to make Alcohol and Cigarettes illegal ? I think they should just put a stiffer tax on them and permanently ban you from Alcohol after you rack up 3 DUI charges. I think after your 3rd DUI charge or intoxication related incident you become permanently banned from purchasing Alcohol and be issued a Alcohol probation†and be supervised by an officer like a probation officer but this person makes sure you haven’t had ANY alcohol not even at a Family Social event. One behind the back swig of whiskey and you end up in the pokie. I think this Alcohol Probabtion officer also should have a background in counseling to help you through this and who knows in the long run the person may forever stay sober. Unless they wanna end up in the pokie and get a pokie by a cell mate. (>_

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