<3 The World needs Love. <3

What the world needs is Love ! As you probably have read, watched, or heard Tiger Woods was found guilty of Infidelities to his Wife. Now there’s rumors that Champion Pro-Boxer Manny Pacquaio has also been a suspect of infidelity towards his Wife. And I wonder why many people now choose to be alone and to just Live and Die alone. True Love seems to be on the brink of Extinction and a Happy relationship is something of a Rare kind. It seems every relationship I know of has ended in Cheating. Cheating is not just a small problem. A person who cheats on someone needs help. They suffer from the lack of being able to control temptation. Life is FULL of Temptations whether it’d be for Food, Alcohol, Cigarettes, or Another Human being. If you can learn to not fall into Temptations especially those of the wrong kind which can ruin your Life … for example infidelity temptations the grass will remain greener on your side of the fence but once you fall to those temptations and cross the fence to where the flowers bloom often times the side of the fence that was always greener will no longer be. Instead that side of the fence will be filled with ugly weeds and prickly thorns. Weeds that go by the names like Divorce, Child Support, Alimony, Custody battle, etc. Many people I know have chosen the path to Live and Die alone. Even my older Brother and Sister have taken this path of choosing to be alone. Relationships are just not worth the effort anymore if it’s gonna end up more pain than pleasure. People are starting to see Love as a painful thing and not as the Cherished pleasure that it once was. I’m sure if you ask someone to say what’s the first thing that comes to mind when you say LOVE I’m 90% sure that they’ll say SEX, Hurtful Emotions, Heartbreak, and Pain. Maybe the other 10% may say positive remarks. But in my opinion the world would be a better place if there was more LOVE. 😀


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