Is California gonna be the *NEW* Slums of North America ?

Well, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger AKA the Terminator is living up to his name by stating us to expect more Budget Cuts. He’s gonna cut more jobs, more important health care/welfare benefits, and well, pretty much go on a terminating spree. I knew from the start when Arnold was running for Governor of California that it’d be a bad idea. Yes, his wife has political experience being related to the Kennedy’s but Arnold was just a Gym Weight room meat head who didn’t know squat about politics. We can’t forget his past and how he once smoke marijuana which raises my eyebrow in why he’s supportive of legalizing Marijuana in California. Maybe cuz he’s hoping he can get a puff or two and reminisce of his younger days. Seriously, with him terminating everything important to hard laborers California is gonna go from Glitz and Glamour to Slums of North America. If you’ve ever played that building block game Jenga when you remove one block at a time and hope the tower don’t topple over … well, Arnold is pulling blocks out from the bottom. The bottom is the foundation holding everything and you remove too many from the foundation and sooner or later the whole thing is bound to topple over. He’s taking away jobs of Government, State, County workers … removing Welfare/Health Care/Social Security benefits … etc. It leaves everyone on edge wondering if they’ll be next to get cut. It’s like they’re playing Russian Roulette and each person is passing the gun around hoping the bullet isn’t on their turn. Arnold keeps cutting jobs and with none to little jobs available these people have nowhere else to go. They got homes, bills, and essentials that they can no longer pay for since they got no job. Many either resort to moving outta state/country or living the slum life for awhile til things pick up. I predict it’ll be YEARS til things pick up. I’m glad that Arnold’s term will be over sometime this year. As our *NEW* Governor I’m aiming towards Meg Whitman. No offense to Men but Women seem to have more compassion towards the real issues than Men. Let’s hope California can recover and not become a Slum state. Even I sit on edge cuz I receive SSI and as Arnold terminates Government benefits such as Social Security, Medi-cal/Medi-Care, etc. I hope I’m not next to lose my income. Arnold already terminated Dental and Vision from my Medi-Cal plan.


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