Evolution of Music … R.I.P – Compact Discs *CD*

Music will never die but Music sold by CD *Compact Discs* has. I was looking for my favorite 8Os band “Survivor”. I have a few songs I’ve download *FREE* but I like them so much I thought it’s only fair to support them by purchasing one of their CDs. That was easier said than done. Many places I went to that sells Music CDs just suggested I order online cuz CD sales are little to zip. I guess all the Newer generations have all gone to MP3s and downloading music without the need of buying a CD. Which is kinda sad cuz I don’t know how much of a profit a band can make outta a .99 cent MP3 download. I still wanna support my favorite bands by purchasing CDs. My how Music has evolved from 8-track tapes to LP records to Cassette tapes to CDs to now MP3. Call me Old Skool but I still like the old fashioned methods of rocking to your favorite band. My Car has a Cassette tape player and a CD Changer. Even though I have an iPod I won’t be able to connect it unless I buy those wireless FM transmitters that plug into the Cigarette lighter but even if … I still prefer to rummage through my Boyfriends Cassette tape collection and place all my favorite CDs into the CD Changer. You know for a fact that Survivor will be in Slot #1. I’m probably the 1 outta 1,000 or more people who still prefer CDs and want to support their favorite band via CD sale. I’m still not willing to grow old in a future of flying cars, 3D television, and virtual dining. I’m was born in and grew up in the 80s and I’m staying there. The world can evolve but I’m staying behind in my Fantasy World.


2 thoughts on “Evolution of Music … R.I.P – Compact Discs *CD*

  1. sanochi says:

    I like CDs as well, and I miss the days when you could record with a cassette tape.
    But MP3s are cheaper to make and easier to distribute, so many bands and such will go for that.
    But my dad and some of my friends still buy records, so there will always be CDs. They’ll just be harder to find.

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