Rain hides the Pain. (-_-,)

Rain has been going on for days,

The Mountain view is blocked by Haze.

Day and Night it continues to Rain,

I like Rain cuz it hides my Pain.

I cry in the rain and you won’t see …

The tears that go rolling down my Cheek.

Behind the Rain Clouds hides the Sun,

Signs the Rains will soon be done.

Pitter Patter sounds the rain,

Washing away dirt down the drain.

Mountain Mudslides, Flood up Streams,

Some places the rain fill up to the Seams.

Rain hides the Pain, the Tears, the Sorrow,

But will the Sun shine today or tomorrow.

Dry up the Moist grass and hear the birds sing,

The rain is over shouts as you spin in a ring.

Not my best work but eh … just Bored and wanted to update my Blog. I’ll type something more of interest and meaning some other day.


One thought on “Rain hides the Pain. (-_-,)

  1. Valpre says:


    I saw your post on the forum and I followed your link and I’m glad I did. Your poem may not have been your best work to you, but I loved it. And the funny thing is as I read your poem and posting this reply, the rain outside is falling relentlessly. I love the rain and gloomy dark weather and I can sit the whole day watching the rain fall. Anyway, I’m into creative writing, but I write stories mostly and if you like you can check out my two blogs and website for stuff I’ve written and I’ll add your blog to my blogroll.

    This is a blog dedicated to my sims 2 story Fallen. Fallen traces the loves, lives, lies and friendships of Lakewitchyka residents.

    And this is my blog for my first sims 2 story Unforgettable, which gave me recognition as a creative writer in The Sims 2 storytellers community.

    Anyway, I hope to hear from you and we can start chatting 🙂

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