My Latest Mode of Entertainment !

Well, here is the lastest Online game that is currently keeping me entertained. It’s called Luna Online by I’m not a stranger to the cuz I played a few of their games such as FlyFF and Upshift StrikeRacer. I’m pretty well experienced in the field of MMORPGs due to the fact that I’ve play quite a few of them and all of different types from MU Online to GuildWars. I haven’t tried World of Warcraft, yet so I guess that doesn’t make me a true experience MMORPG player since almost everyone has played it or recommends it. Now with Luna Online it’s still in Beta phase so things aren’t exactly perfect for example there’s only Three(3) classes to chose from … Mage, Rogue, Fighter. Mage *Magician* seems to be the quickest to level up and strongest in my opinion being my main character is a Mage. I have made a character for each class like I normally do for my MMORPG games. I’ve tried out my Rogue and Fighter but I still like my Mage best. So far I got up to Level 12 I think it was when I last logged off. Which was like 10 minutes ago. Overall I’d say it’s an entertaining game that I might stick around with for a bit. I still wanna keep playing Maple Story but something about that game always makes me shell out money to buy Virtual items. XD Since the 1st day I played it I probably have put in close to or about $1,000. Luckily though gPotato cash shop don’t have alot of items you’d die to have for your Character so money spending is very likely. Either way if you play Luna Online … feel free to Buddy me ! My main characters name is BLAZiNx6iRL as you can see from the picture above. Oh and you can pick to play as Human or Elf character. If you can tell by the picture above I’m an Elf. *Hint : The giant dumbo ears sticking out* 😛


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