The Penny … Most Neglected and Ignored Coin.

Poor Mr. Abraham Lincoln ! Who knew that his portrait would be imprinted onto a coin that is most neglected, abandoned, and ignored. When was the last time you used a penny in your purchases ? Most people if they drop a penny wouldn’t even bother to pick it up. They look down and say “Eh … its just a penny”. But if you dropped a quarter you’d frantically search for where it landed. Even goes as far as to ask a stranger that’s passing by to help you look for a quarter you dropped. But the penny … nah, just ignore it cuz it’s only worth 1 cent so who cares. Well, some do care about the Penny and not cuz of it’s worth or dollar value but more the history behind the president that is imprinted on the coin. You’re reminded of the Life lessons you can learn from old Honest Abe. Like how it was said in his younger years Abe worked at a grocery store and he over charged a customer by 19 cents since they didn’t have calculators back then calculations were all done by pencil and paper. Abe closed the store early just to walk across town to where this customer live and return to her the 19 cents she was owed. Honesty is always a great thing to have.

Growing up I didn’t care for the Penny either. If I had a pocket full of pennies I usually flicked them into the air like a catapult or just throw them like rocks into my Mom’s garden. Never occurred to me to cherish the penny. My Mom often scolded me for wasting Pennies trying to instill in my young mind that a penny is still money and money should never be wasted. As I got older into my 20s I started appreciating all the coins and keep a jar by my door for which I drop in any pocket change in. Over time I’ve so far collected over $101 dollars in Nickles & Dimes, I have 4 containers full of Pennies, and a Large chicken bullion jar a little over 1/2 full of Pennies. Which brought me to the idea of trying to collect 1,000,000 million pennies which equals out to $10,000 dollars. Rey and I dream of buying a home but just can’t seem to save or find ways to save for one. But if I had $10,000 it’d be plenty to put towards a down payment on a home and have plenty left over for other things like maybe furniture for the house, paint if we wanna paint the house a different color, plants to make a garden with, or we can spend it on our wedding. It seems like a far fetched goal since it took one man 38 yrs to collect a million pennies ! But if I gather friends and family to help collect pennies then maybe I can reach it quicker. I don’t wanna make it sound like a fund raiser or even turn into one but I’m hoping by the end of 2010 I can collect a million or at least close to it.

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