Be a Courteous Driver – Ways of the Road

You know courtesy shouldn’t just stop at the Fancy Restaurants but should extend out on the roads as well. You know things like if a person is trying to squeeze into a lane or drive out from a drive-thru … be courteous and offer some space for the person to squeeze on in. If a car is driving at speed limit or a little slower than the flow of traffic … don’t flash your high beams at them or honk. Just go around if you can and if you can’t just ease of your gas pedal and take your time. What’s the rush ?? Unless you got mean diarrhea and gotta go NOW or you’re wife is in Labor while in the car don’t rush so much !! Think of it this way … you create your own Speed Limits you’re bound to get a Speeding ticket but if you follow those who obey the speed limit you won’t get one. I always notice that on the freeways people are always in such a rush. But what’s the rush ? They’re rushing to get home and sit on their couch ? Rushing to just get from Point A to Point B ?? I don’t see why so many people drive way passed the posted Speed Limits and get upset if someone is driving at speed limit. I understand that cars nowadays are built to go faster than they once were but that still doesn’t give you an excuse to go 90 on a 70 mph freeway or go 45 on a 35 mph street. Driving out on the road always reminds me of the Tortoise and the Hare. You can pinpoint exactly who’s a Hare and who’s a Tortoise. I’m more of a Tortoise driver. Slow and steady gets you to where you need to be. But there are those who ZOOM by you honk at you or tailgate cuz you’re driving at speed limit. If they find an opportunity to go around you they give you a very dirty look as they pass. Now granted Asians haven’t exactly been given a good rap when it comes to driving skills. Mainly the chinese cuz they often drive carelessly like driving out of a parking space without even looking around to see if any cars coming or just back out without even looking in hope that anything that comes their way will stop for them. But bcuz I am Asian I get those dirty looks and I’m a novice driver still learning to perfect my skills. Even if you’re a Novice or been driving for 50 yrs … common courtesy on the road is #1 way of avoiding tickets and peaceful driving. Zipping around dodging cars left and right, honking at those slower than you or in your way, is just gonna land you in a Road-Rage accident, Stress/Frustration, and speeding ticket if a cop catches you. Oh and also using the signal lights is essential for common courtesy. They’re there for a reason not just a decoration. It helps alot to tell a driver where you’re headed. For example if you’re at a Signal light and plan to turn right. Well, signal so the driver ahead knows your intentions rather than having to guess is this guy going straight or turning.


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