The Flu Bug finally got me … :(

Well, after many years of dodging from the Flu bug and feeling high and might as people around me suffered with the flu. It finally get’s me. Mark this as my 1st cold of 2010 year. But I still think I got a pretty strong immune system cuz normally when I get a cold it’s always in my throat like sore throat, coughs, etc. I don’t get the full blown flu as others do. You know the type with Fever, Bodyache/Chill, Stuffy/Runny nose, etc. Normally I just let nature take it’s course til I heal up back to my original strength. But I had to give Mother Nature a bit of a boost with some cold medicine cuz my sore throat was really bugging me and I was having trouble sleeping cuz of it. This is Day 3 or 4 of my cold and I’m getting a little better. My throat doesn’t hurt when I swallow anymore but my voice is still hoarse and crackly like a teenage boy going through puberty. XD Sure aint fun being sick and hopefully I’ll be better in time before Valentine’s Day rolls around. Definitely can’t kiss your special loved ones when you’re sick ! Nothing worst than to give that special someone the Flu as a Valentine’s gift. I’d prefer a teddy bear or flowers. LOL Here’s hoping I get better soon *raises cup with Nighttime cold syrup and gulps it down* Yeck !! Horrible tasting ! (>x<)


One thought on “The Flu Bug finally got me … :(

  1. sanochi says:

    *hugs* Get better soon!

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