Valentine’s Day !

Well, Valentine’s Day is in 2 more days and even though 99.9% of the Holidays in a Calendar year don’t associate with Happy memories for me. I still celebrate them and will continue to do so. But Valentine’s is a Holiday that brings back the Hurt and Pain I felt each school year. Ever watch the Simpson’s Valentine episode where Ralph get’s no Valentine from anyone so Lisa in pity for Ralph erases her name off someones Valentine and gives it to Ralph or The Peanuts Valentine where Charlie Brown doesn’t get a single Valentine ? Well, I’m Ralph and Charlie Brown. Mainly Ralph though. From Kindergarten on I never got a Valentine or if any not much as others. People often just gave me a Valentine outta pity just like Lisa did for Ralph. Either they got a Valentine from someone they didn’t like so they erased the name and pawned that someones Valentine onto me. Valentines when you’re in school is more of a Popularity contest rather than a Holiday based on Love. You’ll often see the most Popular girl in school carrying mountains of Gifts so many that she can barely hold them in her arms. She’ll be covered in Balloons, Flowers, Candy, Teddy Bears, a Valentine Tiara, you name it.

But Valentine’s for me has gotten a lot sweeter and happier since I met Rey … my True Love, SoulMate, Best Friend, Love, my Everything. Every Valentine’s he get’s me a bouquet of Roses or Flowers, a Teddy bear, and a box of Chocolates. I actually save the heart shaped lid from every chocolate box he’s given me. I have two hanging on my wall from previous Valentine’s next to me. Sometimes he get’s me Balloons but most of them don’t last long enough to keep as a forever keepsake. But I do have one small balloon he gave me years ago that has Piglet and Pooh hugging and it still has air and puffy as the day he first gave it to me. (n_n)

Valentines can mean different things to different people. Some people HATE Valentines cuz it reminds them of the Hurt they’ve been through in relationships, some just think of it like an ordinary day like my brother for example … he takes any Holiday as just an ordinary day even his own Birthday he thinks of it as just an ordinary day. No cake, No presents, No birthday dinner … Just act like it’s an ordinary day. Whatever Valentine’s means to you just remember that there’s plenty of people around you who do Love you this Valentines Day … Mom for once is a person who always Loves you on any day even if she doesn’t show it. If you’re on the religious side then God Loves you always as well. But most importantly remember that Valentine’s Day isn’t just about the presents, card, candy, or romantic dinners. Valentine’s Day is a day to reflect and appreciate the people you Love most ! Happy Valentine’s Day everyone !!

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