Mind Your Manners !!

Well, I’m still battling that cold bug which I graciously received from a woman who nicely decided to share her germs with me. Which brings up my blog entry topic of MIND YOUR MANNERS. I got this cold that I’m still fighting off from a woman who coughed into my face in the ladies room as I approached the bathroom sinks. I understand that when you gotta sneeze or cough you can’t stop it but just let it blow. If your Mom ever taught you any manner you’d know to cover your mouth when you cough or sneeze but this lady just let her rip and right into the faces of anyone in her direction. Sadly I was locked on target for her as she coughs right into my face. She didn’t seem remorseful or apologetic either. It wasn’t until I said to her … Cover your mouth. You just coughed right into my face. I don’t know what germs or disease you have. What if I have a weak immune system your cough could kill me ! She said in a non-serious voice Sorry and walked outta the bathroom. Well, apparently she had a bug and now I’ve got it. (-__-) After that encounter I’ve noticed many people around me have coughed and sneezed without covering their mouths. A lady in a Carls Jr hovered above me to get some ice in her cup as I decided what drink I should get and she coughs into my head. She said Sorry but it’s making me wonder if someone tattooed cough on me on my forehead. After that I noticed many people tend to cough or sneeze without covering their mouths. Do people not have manners anymore ?? With the threat of H1N1 Swine Flu just barely dying down you still wanna go around spreading your germs ?? I would hate to think that a cough or sneeze that I didn’t cover my mouth caused a person to end up in the hospital. But then again Hospitals would be empty if everyone had manners and covered mouths and not spread germs. I’m feeling like crap thanxs to those who think manners are over-rated.


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