Appealing Peeler !

Have you ever had a sleepless night where no matter what you did you couldn’t sleep ? If you’re like me you were probably up watching TV hoping their something interesting on but all you come across is channel after channel of infomercials trying to sell something for one reason or another. Well, I saw an infomercial for the Titan Peeler and even though I saw it a million times I never thought to buy one. Until this one day I was trying to peel a Chayote with my old vegetable peeler and the vegetable peeler kept slipping and sliding doing very little peeling. I said to myself I wish there was a super strong vegetable peeler that does it’s job in a flash and won’t burn a hole in my wallet. So after reading a few reviews about this Titan Peeler I decided to get one. I went with the BOGO *Buy One Get One* Offer which would give me an extra set that I can give to my Mom as a gift if this peeler performs as the infomercials claims.

My Titan Peelers came in yesterday and I was quick to try it out. I peeled a carrot and it peeled right through like a hot knife through butter. Then I remembered in the infomercial the guy was peeling a Tomato claiming it’ll just gently glide over the tomato taking nothing but the skin and nothing more. So I tested it out … grabbed a tomato and badda bing badda boom the Titan peeler did just softly glide over the surface of the Tomato taking nothing but the skin. So then I said ok, I did a carrot and a tomato but those are still generally soft items to peel. I picked up my Kabocha *Japanese Pumpkin squash* Which is generally very hard, thick skinned, and heavy. I wiped off my Titan peeler and gave it a go. First, attempt was kinda tough. It takes a little bit of elbow grease to get it peeling but once it does it peeled it in half the time it’d take using my old junk peeler. I was pretty impressed !

Now the Titan Peeler come with Two Peelers …. the Peeler and the Julienne stripper. It shreds whatever you use it on into thin strips like something you’d use in a coleslaw. I took a carrot and it beautifully made carrot strips which you can use in carrot cake or carrot bread. It comes with a Mandolin piece where you can thinly slice your vegetables for say Potato Gratin or a thin Apple tart. Now keep in mind this Titan Peeler is extra sharp and if it can gently glide over a tomato taking off just the skin just imagine what it can do if you accidentally glided it over your own skin. (>~<) OUCH ! So when you’re using the Mandolin attachment … go slow and stop when you get to like an inch from the top of the item your slicing. Speeding only leads to accidental injury as quoted in the instruction sheet. I sorta like that saying and think I wanna make a custom windshield sticker with that saying on my car … Speeding only leads to accidental injury or even DEATH ! But that’s a Blog topic for another time.

Now normally items you purchase from infomercials turn out to be junk and far from the what is advertised in the infomercial. But I have to say that this is the 1st time that an infomercial was true to it’s advertising and wasn’t packing in a bunch of bull poopie to make you buy their product. Titan Peeler does what it promises and actually feels pretty durable, solid, and strong. I’d recommend it to anyone looking for a strong and sharp veggie peeler. On the plus side they even give you a small book about making garnishes with the Titan Peeler and the Mandolin. The Tomato peel roses are very pretty ! I’d like to try and make those someday. Overall Titan Peeler is a great product. I paid about $40 for Two sets of Peelers. That’s Four(4) Peelers in all … Two(2) Veg Peelers + Two(2) Julienne stripper and not to mention the Two(2) Mandolin slicing boards. I think it’s a pretty good deal to me. Get yourself one and try it yourself !!


One thought on “Appealing Peeler !

  1. SanoChi says:

    Cool ^_^. I will buy one if I ever have a lot of things to peel xP.

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