The Planet that One Was …

I read an interesting article on the Yahoo homepage explaining that the days on Earth is a few mili-seconds shorter after the devastating Earthquake in Chile. Apparently their fault line runs deep into the Earths core rather than just on the Earths surface. So when that fault shows activity the results aren’t just a jolt as we can see from the results of the recent earthquake in Chile. What’s most interesting is Scientists say that the Earthquake in Chile has shifted Earths axis causing Earth to spin a little faster than before making one Earth day *24 hours* become a few mili-seconds shorter. You can read the article here at this link >>

It’s really interesting and scary at the same time. Is Mother Earth becoming too old to sustain life ? Weather has changed since the previous years or even since World History. Eastcoast is getting hit with snow blizzards so bad than before, California a state not known for Tornadoes had two touch down in Orange County/Ventura area, Hawaii just recently got over the threat of becoming submerged underwater by a Tsunami, Asian countries are getting flooded from Monsoons, Typhoons, Tsunamis, and everywhere the weather seems to be acting weird. Some say it’s Global warming causing the weather to become outta cycle/go crazy. Others say Mother Earth is getting signs of Alzheimer and forgetting how weather cycles works in different parts of the world. And there are those who freak out about the End of the World is Upon and to repent our sins as the prophecy of Jesus coming to give our Judgment is upon us.  Whatever your theory is the world is definitely changing and all we can do is hope that we don’t become extinct like the Dinosaurs, Cavemen, or Neanderthals before us.


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