Welcoming the Warmth of the Sun !!

Spring doesn’t technically start til a few more days. March 20th to be exact but I can feel it already !! Today was in the mid to high 80s. There was a light breeze which allowed me to wear my Good Luck Carebear sweater in the Spirit of St. Patricks Day without overheating. But all around me I can see Spring has sprung ! Store stocked their shelves with Easter items, Flowers have bloomed on the trees and bushes around me, and the warmth of the sun of course. =] Spring is my favorite season bcuz it’s not too hot and not too cold plus flowers begin to bloom. My landlord has an Apricot tree planted next to my house and every Spring the tree blossoms these beautiful pink blooms they kinda resemble the Sakura *Cherry Blossoms*. I take pictures of them every year bcuz just as quick as they’ve blossomed the petals fall off just as quickly. =[ I Love beautiful Blooms in the Spring ! Especially if they are in vibrant colors. I just dropped off my 2010 Census survey at the local Post Office and the Post Office garden has beautiful Golden Poppies and Lavender right by the entrance. Golden Orange Poppies are so beautiful and the Purple hue of the Lavender was pretty. When I get a house of my own I’m definitely gonna be an avid gardener planting Vegetables and of course flowers in a assortment of colors so each Spring I’ll be dizzy by the colors around my garden. Of course I’ll plant fragrant flowers as well such as Freesia, Sweet Pea, Jasmine *My Favorite of all flowers*, Osmanthus, etc. Orange trees sprout very fragrant white blossoms that smell so beautiful !! I Love Spring time !! Probably the only time of year that I’m very cheerful and giddy in excitement by the many colors and flowers that sprout in the Spring.


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