Love is a Battlefield !

Anyone who’s been in a long-term relationship has experienced the UPs and Downs of Love. Has seen the Beautiful and Ugly sides to it as well. Like the wrath of Mother Nature relationships have it’s moments of raging storms and with Mother Nature in a raging storm you get rain but in relationships you get tears. Some relationships can’t weather the storm and breaks apart forever some just bare through it til the storm passes. I can’t say I’m a relationship expert but I’ve been in my currently relationship for over 10 yrs. and it wasn’t all Roses and Butterflies throughout the 10 yrs. There were rough times and times where the relationship rocked off the edge of a cliff about to fall into the pit of break-up but we hung on to that last bit of string keeping us from falling into the pit. But like Mother Natures storms there’s always a rainbow after the storm and the sun begins to peek through the gloominess. I feel that when a relationship goes through these storms it strengthens each time. You may still be hurting from the aftermath wounds left behind by things that were said or the hurt you encountered during the storm but wounds heal and old Love never Rusts. It’s like a dusty window you just need a good polish and scrub to let the sunshine in to warm your heart and soul. Many spend half their lives searching for that special person to share their life with. Through the search you’ll experience pain, hurt, tears, and a whirlwind of emotions but it’s all worth it in the end cuz once you find that Soulmate, that one special person to share your life with, you’ll truly experience the rainbows after the storm. Love is a battlefield and some will be Lost but many are found. In the end you’ll find Peace, Love, and true Happiness within.


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