Solitary Confinement … Solitary Soul.

I’m not talking about the Solitary Confinement of a Prison but more like the Solitary Confinement of a persons Life. The dictionary defines Solitary as being, living, going alone, or without companion – sadden isolation. You could also say Solitary can be defined as not being part of a group or cluster. Some like the life of Solitariness such as the Tiger, Leopard, Tiger Shark, etc. But some animals don’t like the Solitary life such as Social Creatures like the Wolves, Lions, Apes, and of course us Humans. Wikipedia even states humans are social by nature. One even goes to saying that we inherited this from our ancestors (our closest relations, gorillas, chimps, and baboons are all social critters, too). We survive and thrive in groups. The hanging out with each other is what makes us a group that looks out for each other and cooperates with each other. If that is the case then why are some people forced to live a Life of Solitude or Semi-Solitude ? I am choosing this as Blog topic today bcuz of some games on Facebook. Game such as Farmville, Petville, Country Life, etc. have added items that you need friends to help you build like a Horse Stable, Maison, or Pets Backyard. Some easily get those built bcuz they live or have those groups I previous described that look out for each other and cooperates. But then there are those who don’t have any friends and are solitary humans. I for example am one of those Solitary creatures who are often outcast from the social creatures.

If you’ve watched Nature shows before especially those on Monkeys, Chimps, Apes, etc. A group of Social creatures easily abuses the outcast. One who doesn’t belong or isn’t welcome to the group AKA an outsider. The group will go as far as to attack the outcast til it flees for it’s Life. I often feel that way and have felt that way all my Life. I see a group of people I’d like to become friends with and as I approach the group as they are all chatting, laughing, and enjoying each others company. When I come up and say Hi the group falls dead quiet like the calm after a storm and give this awkward stare and just like the outcast Monkey you flee. I admit I envy those who have friends cuz I honestly can’t say I know what it feels like to have friends or even know exactly what friendship is or means. I’m sure I’ve had a few people in my Life who I’ve chatted with and hung out with in school but do you really call them friends or school acquaintances ? Webster Dictionary defines Acquaintance as a person whom one knows but is not particularly a close friend. So I believe that my Life has been filled with acquaintances but never met or made any friends.

I’m being honest when I say that I do get jealous with my Older Brother and Sister who have Best Friends. My Sister has a Best Friend she knew since Elementary and still Best Friends. They’re so close like Sisters that they’re God-Parents for each others children. My Older Brother has a friend and they’re like Brothers. Always hanging out with each other and sharing things, talking to each other on the phone, joking around, etc. I on the other hand have a Stuffed Animal which I consider my Best Friend. I’ve had him since I was 3 and he’s been with me through thick and thin. Even though I do have a boyfriend/fiance of 10+ yrs. as sad as this may sound I don’t think I even consider him a friend ? I mean we do hang out with each other everyday, talk to each other over the phone, joke around, and etc.

But you can’t really count your boyfriend/girlfriend as being your Friend/Best Friend can you ? I mean it’s not fair bcuz they know you well on the personal level already from the relationship. But even though it sometimes hurts me that I don’t have any friends that calls me to ask if I wanna go to the Mall with them or see a Movie with them or have Lunch or whatever. Girls should always have a close girl-friend and a guy should always have a close guy-friend that you know you can talk to about things a guy-friend/boyfriend shouldn’t know or wanna know. It’s really sad and lonely to be in Friendship Solitary Confinement but I’ve been dealing with it for 27 yrs. now so I’m sorta getting used to the idea that I’m a Solitary creature and friendship may be something that’s always gonna be foreign to me. That and Happiness … I never know what True Happiness is and if or how it feels like but that’s another future Blog topic. For now … Cherish your friends, Count your Blessings, and Let God into your Life ! God may be the only friend you ever need. God Bless you all til’ my next Psychotic Babble.

2 thoughts on “Solitary Confinement … Solitary Soul.

  1. I am a solitary type person too.
    I do have some friends but mostly I just have a lot of aquaintances – well people I know and recognise but dont necessarily chat with etc.
    I don’t know why it should be this way, why I have never been a ‘pack animal’.
    It is sometimes lonely but mostly I am very content.
    Some people say it is a result of the society we live in contacts being made by facebook, txt, msm etc obviating the need for true contact but I dont subscribe to that a) any contact if wanted has to be good and b) I am well into my 50’s so t’internet isnt my excuse.
    I do understand where you are coming from re having a close female (best friend)person in your life. Perhaps the way to do that would be for you to be someone else’s best friend someone who needs one, instead of having one, be one – if that makes sense.
    I am sorry I don’t have any answers for you but you are not alone.

  2. SanoChi says:

    Friends come and go, but the memories last forever.
    My friends are all at work or on the computer, but some friends, like you, seem so close.
    And you’re only as alone as you think you are. It all depends on how your thoughts work.

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