The Mythical Beast inside our Hearts !

Dragons … Mythical Lizard that many adore. I have loved Dragons since I was a little kid and love them to the point of obsession but why is it that so many people like the Dragon so much ?? The Dreamworks movie How to Train a Dragon is at Top Box Office hit. If I’m not mistake when eRagon came out it was also a Top Box Office hit. Both movies featured Dragons. eRagon had a man who was chosen to be a Dragon Rider. I don’t know too many people who hate Dragons. I know a few who enjoy them enough to have Dragon tattoos. In the Asian world the Dragon symbolizes Strength, Longevity, etc. Why is it that a mythical creature is adored so much ? Nobody likes Cerberus the Three-Headed Dog or The Griffin *Eagle/Lion creature* The fact of Dragons actually existing is a bit flip flop as some scientists say they have proof they were real and others say it’s just a mythical creature someone made up. But either way Dragons are well respected and adored by millions.

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