Happy Easter !!

Plastic Eggs, Colored Eggs, Chocolate Eggs, Jelly Beans, Egg Hunting, Easter Bunny those aren’t all the things that represent what Easter is all about. Easter is about Jesus and the resurrection. You know those white Easter Lilies ? In the Bible it claims that those Easter Lily grew from Jesus tears as he wept to his Father before he died for our sins. His tears that hit the soil grew these white Lilies and they are sold on Easter to remind and represent the tears and blood he shed for us. Even the colors of the Jelly beans represent his Love for us. Red – the Blood he shed … White – His Purity … Black – Our Sins … Orange – The Sun which shone upon him when he was nailed to the cross … Blue – For the Water which he was baptized  …  Green –  for the Earth God created … Purple – For his Resurrection … Etc. I don’t remember all of them but those are most of what they call the Colors of Faith.

Remember this Easter to take a small portion of your celebrating to remember our Christ who died for our Sins and to reap in his Blessings.


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