Mother Nature is there something wrong ??

Ok, if you live in Southern California you probably felt the Earthquake that happened a few minutes ago. According to the USGS Earthquake website it was a 6.9 centered in Baja California/Tijuana right off the border of Mexico and California. Apparently the ripple affect was wide enough that it was felt in Los Angeles. Los Angeles is quite a distance away from Baja California/Tijuana. I’m sure San Diego felt it stronger being they’re just a hop skip and a jump away from Tijuana. Whoo … but that is one way to shake up your Spring Break or Easter.

But it brings me to the topic of Mother Nature. A friend of mine who lives in Canada told me that the weather is acting very strangely and that normally this time of year Canada still has plenty of Snow and is very cold. But as he looks outside all the snow has melted, it’s in mid 70s to 80 degrees, and the trees are already blooming and leaving way before schedule. I called my Mom to check everyone’s okay and she told me stories that were similar with her plants and garden. She told me my Satsuma Tangerine tree which hasn’t grown a single Tangerine and we more or less figured it was a dud suddenly bloomed flowers. It bloomed flowers before but just here and there but she said suddenly the whole tree was white with blooms. She said that was very strange. Another thing even stranger was she told me a flower that only blooms once a year bloomed twice this year. Even told me Japan is reporting this strange behavior with the Sakura *Cherry Blossoms*. Normally the Cherry Blossom trees bloom once a year and this year they’ve reported the Cherry Blossom trees blossoming twice when naturally it blooms only once.

What is happening to Mother Nature ? I’d be a bit crazy to assume impending doom or end of the world but something is off with the Earth and Mother Nature. Does Global Warming have anything to do with this ? Or is the world just going through dramatic changes/evolutions ? If Cavemen or Men of history were still alive we’d be able to ask them what happen to make them become extinct and maybe it was geological changes that caused them to die off. No one knows what’s going on but as far as I know all I can say is better buckle your seat belts cuz it’s gonna be a bumpy unpredictable ride. (-__-) Let’s hope for no aftershocks stronger than the first.

2 thoughts on “Mother Nature is there something wrong ??

  1. SanoChi says:

    Well, I know it’s not global warming. Al Gore even admitted it’s all a scam.
    As far as the weather goes, there’s a cooling phase for a few decades, and then a warming phase. I’m unsure on how it works, but due to that, as well as other factors, things should be fine.

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