Singled Out …

Why is it that we have to single out a certain Food, Race, Group, whatever bcuz of a bad experience with just one person or thing ? My friend got food poisoning from Sushi and now she is never gonna eat Japanese food ever again. Why does she have to single out the entire Japanese Food group just bcuz of one bad experience ? It wasn’t the food but rather the preparer to made the food who’s at fault. I have another friend who isn’t a racist but had bad experiences with Hispanics and that one bad Hispanic caused her to single out all Hispanics as bad people. You open a barrel of apples and you’re bound to find one or two bad apples but just bcuz doesn’t mean you gotta throw out the whole barrel of apples. I just don’t get why people have to single out a entire group bcuz of one bad apple.

When you grocery shop for example … you find one bad tomato. Do you single out the entire shelf of tomatoes ? No, you put that bad one back and search for a better one. Why can’t our minds be set to the same way with Foods, Race, Groups, etc. ?? I’ve gotten Food Poisoning once from eating Tacos at my favorite Taco place but just bcuz I didn’t single out every single Taco place or Taco Truck or Mexican Food entirely ! No, I just avoided going there for a couple of days but returned to order Tacos again like nothing ever happened. Could you call me stupid or Homer Simpson minded for going back to eat something from a restaurant that gave me Food Poisoning and risk the possibility of a 2nd run of Food Poisoning ? Sure, call me whatever you like but I didn’t single out that restaurant and think … Ok, this Taco restaurant gave me Food Poisoning so I’m never eating Mexican Food again and instill the mentality that all Taco places are bad and should be avoided. No !!

My Boyfriend got Food Poisoning from El Pollo Loco but we still eat at El Pollo Loco. That’s bcuz he knows it wasn’t the foods fault but rather the store handlers fault. His AC was broken and rather than blowing cold air it was blowing hot air that everyone in the store was sweating as they ate. They didn’t bother to take up any initiative to clear up the matter for example by opening all the doors to let cool air in or providing at least a BIG fan to cool the inside of the restaurant or even turning off the AC to begin with. Their Salsa bar is mainly chilled by Ice and the heat of the room melted the ice and spoiled their salsas. It is both the fault of the store and my boyfriend for not putting the two together that the heat would spoil the salsa and the uncomfortable feeling of eating chicken in a sauna should of given clues to go to another El Pollo Loco. But bcuz of one bad experience he didn’t single out ALL El Pollo Locos.

Why is it that some people have to single out an entire group of things bcuz of one bad experience ? Another example my friend when he was a kid got bit by a Pitbull and a few bad Pitbull stories on the News, etc. Now people single out ALL Pitbulls are aggressive and bad dogs. I own several Pitbull owners who say their Pitbulls are loving dogs and doesn’t have a vicious soul in them. See again a bad experience and we singled out the entire group of Pitbulls. People don’t single out bcuz of one bad experience, one bad person, one bad case of a tummy ache, or whatever the case may be. God doesn’t single you out for your bad faults and we’ve all created bad experiences with someone or something but that doesn’t mean we gotta single them out !!

Had a bad experience with your ex-boyfriend so you’ll single out ALL men who are hispanic or all men who are tall and work in construction, bad experience with your ex-girlfriend so you single out ALL women with blonde hair and work as receptionists, bad experience with Panasonic so you single out ALL electronics or anything by Panasonic ? You ate one bad burrito so your single out ALL Mexican food ? NO ! Life is all about Trial and Error. You try something learn from the mistake and try again. Just bcuz the burrito at a Mexican restaurant was bad then try something else. Don’t single out the entire restaurant chain or Mexican food over one bad burrito. Same goes for people, animals, things, ANYTHING ! I always have a saying which is NEVER HURTS TO TRY !! I’m always up for trying *NEW* things and as I try I learn.

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