Death is all a part of Life !

You know Death is all a part of Life. When we’re born we don’t know when our Life will come to an end. Some come and go sooner than we’d like them to but dying it all a part of Life. When someone dies whether a friend, family member, or stranger I never even knew I mourn the loss and grief but Life must move on. You remember the memories you had with this person or remember the person they were and know they’re in a better place now. I honestly believe that for a few days after they’ve died they aren’t completely gone and will in fact visit you in spirit before they leave “Cross over”. I know that sounds a bit creepy but it’s not really. When my Dad died of Cancer in August 2006 it was hard for me to accept that he’s gone. But the day after he passed my Mom’s house had whiffs of incense smell. She didn’t light any incense but during my Dad funeral since my family is of buddhist religion there were incense lit. She believes my Dad’s spirit returned home for one last time before he left us. And I truly believe in that too.

Does anyone remember the video clip of what appeared to be the Spirit of Michael Jackson passing through the Neverland Ranch ? That was the day after he died. So I believe you don’t immediately go to Heaven but rather get moments to visit the ones you leave behind one last time and over time they’re always visiting us. So when someone in your family or a friend dies they may be gone physically but spiritually they’re always with us in many ways. They’re always with us in our hearts, memories, photos, and of course spiritually they’re always with us. Death is just a part of Life and dwelling on a person’s death is just gonna hurt you by keeping the wound open. You just have to spend time to mourn and grief then move on with Life so that you can allow the hurt to subside and the wound to heal. I admit my heart is always going to have this empty void since my Dad passed and no one could ever fill that emptiness inside but rather than remaining hurt and sad about him being gone. I’ve remodeled that empty void into a remembrance shrine to store the memories and cherish the moments we shared together. And knowing that he’s still always around spiritually helps me be able to move on with my Life and have a better understanding and acceptance towards Death. It’s all just part of the Circle of Life. Every living thing has a Circle of Life and Death is sadly a part of that circle but that doesn’t mean it’s the end. Life still goes on beyond the Earths realm. But no one knows what that Life is like. There are only those who assume or those who’ve had near death experiences who might be able to describe the after life.


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