Are we becoming lazy human beings ?

If any of you have seen the movie Wall-E you remember how the Humans have become so Lazy that robots took care us by feeding us, changing us, and we rode around on a robotic recliner type vehicle. Its weird but Wall-E seems like an Animated vision into the future. We produce so much waste and yes, we’re coming up with ways to recycle our waste and turn them into biodegradable materials but there are stuff that just can’t be recycled, biodegrade, or do anything with it but toss it in a landfill forever. Someday we’ll run outta places to throw our Waste, Wildlife will all become extinct besides insects, and we’ll be Lazy humans just like the ones in the movie.

I saw this bcuz recently I was watching the NEWS and a person reported to Toyota that her GPS system in her car is malfunctioning and it got her lost. Whatever happen to just asking for directions ?? And just today on the NEWS they revealed that a remote control fishing pole was invented. Whatever happen to standing/sitting at the piers edge and waiting patiently for a bite ?? Japan has a clothing line called Pique which makes clothing that is both Pajama wear and Outer Wear. Why do we wanna walk around in our PJs ? What happened to Pajama wear being separate from Outside wear ? Now we’re combining Two(2) sets of clothing into one ?? What’s next shoes with socks built in or pants with built in undies ?? We’re becoming Lazy humans.

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