Immigration … My Two Cents.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinions and I thought I’ve blog about my opinions on Immigration. With the election season around the corner … Immigration is one of the hot debated topics. I think everyone deserves a chance at a better Life. If you were to survey most immigrants you’ll find that 99.9% of the immigrants main reason to immigrating to America is to get a chance at a better Life, better education for their kids, and a more positive future. As presidents in the past have stated that America is the land of opportunity. I was raised by parents who immigrated from Japan. My fiance immigrated from the Philippines. Both my parents and fiance were growing up in poverty where cultivating your own vegetables was the only means of food and survival. But once they came here to America their Life has changed for the better. I believe everyone should be given a chance to a better Life. If you can come to American and become a model citizen then I believe you deserve to stay. But if you’ve come here and caused nothing but trouble then I think you deserved to be deported.

Now people are mixed regarding illegal immigration and yes, we can easily say why can’t they just legally immigrate. Easier said than done bcuz most of the people who illegally immigrate do not have the money to file papers, fees, and other steps it takes to legally come to America. I agree when people stereotype that most illegal immigrants are here to cause trouble like sell drugs or have done something wrong in their own country that they’re coming here to evade police/jail time. I think those people should be sent back to face their consequences rather than come here and cause more problems.

I think if you’re here to create a better Life by working hard and earning your better Life by being a model citizen and when I say Model Citizen I mean someone who’s respectful, follows the rules, knows right from wrong, and believes in the commandment of Love Thy Neighbor. So in my opinion I think everyone deserves a chance to live in America but if you blow your chance via Murder, DUI, Crime, etc. you deserve getting your chance revoked and Americas welcome mat removed.


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