Women vs Men … Just Skin Deep ?

I can make an endless Blog entry about the differences between Men and Women but that’s not my reason for today’s Blah Blah Blog topic. My Fiance and I enjoy taking showers together. It’s nothing erotic or anything of that sort. When California started asking everyone to conserve water use we decided we can save water if we showered together than separately plus the opportunity for closer bonding as a couple. I like Hot showers and he can’t take the temperature of the water. It’s too Hot for him and what’s too perfect for him is too Cold for me. Which made me wonder if Men have thinner skin or tolerance. I enjoy coming outta the shower looking like a pink pig. I wonder if Women have a higher tolerance than men ? (i.e ChildBirth) Men have the strength that most women don’t such as being able to haul a 5 gallon bottled water but I think women can tolerate things a bit better than men. Men are usually the ones who are easily angered and bar fights are usually caused by Men who couldn’t tolerate another Man. Women definitely tolerate more … for example : a woman with a child leaving toys all over the house just tolerates it and cleans up the toys where as the Father is most likely to sit on one or trip on it and not tolerate that the child is leaving toys all over the house. It was just interesting that he can’t handle my Hot showers and I can handle his Cold shower.


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