What’s in a Last Name …

Names are what makes us who we are and helps us identify each other. Without them we’d be saying Hey You ! Last night I saw him with her and had dinner with Ms. She and Mr. He. Something I noticed about names is the link behind them. For example … I know a few musicians/singers with the last name Holiday. In Jazz there’s the famous singer Billie Holiday. To some it could be just coincidental that they have the same last name and both in the same entertainment field. My last name is Takahashi and most Anime cartoons even Pokemon and Yugi-Oh were drawn by Kazuki Takahashi. I can think of a few other Anime cartoons that were drawn by someone with the name Takahashi. Is it coincidental that I am also a very good Anime artist ? I believe that up the family tree or down the ancestry line we’re all connected and our certain skills or talents run deep. I think sometimes it’s interesting to look into your last name and see who your last name shares with. Google your last name. You might find alot of people with the name Smith who were all skilled at Carpentry or maybe find Flores were all Hardworkers just like you and you’d see a similarity.


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