Something smells Fishy and I dont mean the Halibut !

Anyone curious as to HOW Toyota got Multiple Top Safety Awards ?? Am I missing something or wasn’t Toyota being sued for their faulty accelerator, brakes, etc. I remember a husband mourning the loss of his Wife bcuz of Toyota. The faulty accelerator killed his Wife in an accident in her Toyota Camry. With the recall Many Toyota owners had to wait weeks even months to get the faulty part fixed bcuz the Service shops didn’t know what to fix and some didn’t have the replacement parts in stock. Many unhappy people, some got injured, some even lost their lives bcuz of the Toyota faulty parts. I admit I laughed when a lady reported to the Toyota company that she is suing over the fact that her Navigational system malfunctioned and got her lost. But I mean come on lady !! Long before Navigational Systems existed in vehicles people used a system called Asking for Directions ? But apparently in her situation the Navigational System routed her into the middle of nowhere where there were no signs of Human Life to ask for Directions. (T_T) Cell Phones can be used as a Back-Up Navigation in this type of situation. If your phone has it. My LG RUMOR phone has a Navigation application. But anyways with all the Safetyconcerns that were addressed to many of the Toyota models …. How could they win Top Safety Awards ? *Sniff Sniff* Something smells fishy ! (”   ) ?? ( ”  ) ??  (  “) ?? *Looks around* It’s like that episode of the Simpsons when Homer won a bunch of awards for being the Top Safety Inspector at the Nuclear Power Plant when 90% of the Safety issues were caused by Homer Simpson. Can someone say Bribes ? *Cough* Toyota Corp. gives you *Cough* 1 Million if your forget this whole *Cough* Safety issues and *Cough* award us Top Safety Awards *Cough* Man,  I think I’ve got a tickle in my throat. *Cough* Not !! *Cough* LOL

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