You do the Crime … You pay the Time !

I don’t really care about Lindsay Lohan or other celebrity stories but I’m bored and thought I’d just voice out my opinion since it’s plastered all over TV now. Watching her court hearing was pathetic ! She cried begging for another chance and to not go to Jail but come on woman you got the second chance the last couple times and yet, you still never changed your ways. Last report was she was in France and was a no-show for a court hearing. Her excuse was her passport was stolen. The judge was ready to sentence her jail time then but had a change of heart and rather put a Ankle monitor on her and put her on checks. Lindsay could of them cleaned up her act and taken it as a chance to pass Jail card like in Monopoly. But rather she broke her probation rules and pissed on her chance given. No more Mr/Mrs/Ms Nice Judge ! You failed to follow probation, failed to stay sober, failed to clean up your act so you just gotta face the consequences. I’ve learned early on in Life that everything to Life has it’s consequences and when you’ve done the Crime … you pay the Time. Whether it’d be a State Prison cell or a Time-Out chair in the corner of Kindergarten class. Maybe some Jail time will do you good to think about making better choices with your Life as your there. God definitely has a frowny face on you right now. You’re 24 and as of now you might as well flip the switch and flush cuz your Life is in the crapper. Such talent gone to waste. Makes ya wonder if this is what Hollywood fame really does to you ? So many young celebrities gone psycho and the Hollywood life may be to blame. Not to mention the Paparazzi who follow you 24-7 like the seagulls follow fishing boats. They’re just ordinary people. Get yourself a Life and spend it doing something other than stalking ordinary people like they’re Zoo animals or something in the wild. Lindsay, think about doing something more positive with your Life while in jail. You need a different direction cuz continuing the Life you’re living will someday end in the worse way.


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