Spring Roll, Egg Rolls, Unfried, Fried (@~@)

It’s been a long time since I posted something in my Blog. So I thought I’d share my latest food craving story with you. For some reason I started craving for some Spring Rolls. I normally buy my plate of Spring Rolls from PhoCiti. But recently I started liking Mint. I enjoy eating it ! Again PhoCiti is the start of my Mint craze. When you order a bowl of Pho it comes with Condiments like Thai Basil, Bean Sprouts, Fresh Jalapeno Slices, Lime Wedges, and Mint. I always request for extra Basil cuz I’m a Basil-Freak and they bring me a extra plate of Basil and Mint. I’d crush a few Mint leaves and toss them into my drink whether I’m drinking Sprite, Lemonade, etc. It gives it a refreshing zing !

So the other day I went grocery shopping and passed by the Fresh Herbs. I saw Mint and Basil were .79 cents each so I figured I’d buy Three(3) bunches of each. I wasn’t exactly sure what I was gonna do with the Mint but the Basil I was thinking of putting in a sandwich. I took one Mint leaf and ate it when I got home. The Mint leaves a refreshing feeling in your mouth like you had just brushed you teeth or something. Then I remembered that in the PhoCiti Spring Rolls there’s Mint and Basil in it. I began looking up recipes and most consisted of ingredients I had in my fridge like lettuce, carrots, mint, basil, etc. I just didn’t have the Rice Vermicelli and the Spring Roll wrapper.

I figure that’s nothing I’ll just make a quick trip to the Filipino market *Seafood City Supermarket* nearby. I picked up a package of Rice Vermicelli and Spring Roll wrappers. Got home ready to make Spring Rolls when the wrapper didn’t seem like the wrapper you’d use for Spring Rolls. Apparently there’s MANY different types of Spring Roll wrappers and Spring Rolls aren’t always just the uncooked Spring Roll pictured above. Apparently they have fried versions too like Eggrolls just with a thinner wrapping. You got Lumpia wrappers *Filipino Eggrolls* which are also labeled as Spring Rolls. So to my disappointment I can’t make homemade Spring Rolls cuz I don’t know where to buy the proper wrapper. The Filipino store only has Fried Eggroll and Fried Spring Roll wrappers.

I’m not really sure if it’s worth driving around town to find a Vietnamese or Asian Grocery Store just for Spring Roll wrappers. I guess I’m just gonna have to satisfy my craving by ordering some from PhoCiti and put off making my own for some other time. But I Love them ! Especially with extra Mint and Basil. 😛 When I buy a home I’m planting alot of the Veggies, Herbs, and Fruit I like. (U~U) I only wish I had a green thumb like my Mom. She makes any plant thrive. \(>0<)/

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