False Advertisement !

This AD is False ! It says EVERYBODY GET’S $10 OFF but that wasn’t the truth. It’s actually EVERYBODY WITH A CREDIT CARD GET’S $10 OFF. Not everybody owns a Credit Card ! My subscription to Club Pogo expired on April 2010 I believe. I’ve been a member of Club Pogo since 2002 and with the way the economy has been going I didn’t have the spare cash I once did to constantly renew my subscriptions which is $39.99 a year. I know $40 doesn’t sound like much but I often figured I can buy things of more priority with that $40 than to spend it on a Club Pogo subscription and plus I wasn’t being very active on it aside from playing when I’m really bored and got nothing else to play. But when I got this AD in my email telling me that the membership price during the Promo period is $29.99 instead of $39.99 I figured I may have that to spare this time around. Plus lately I’ve been suffering with a bad case of insomnia and bored outta my mind at 5am in the morning. So I thought I’d renew my Club Pogo subscription. I paid using my Credit Card via PayPal and was charged $39.99. (O_o) I said … Wait a minute ! Isn’t it suppose to be $29.99 not $39.99 ? The payment was already sent so it was too late to cancel or turn back. I contacted Club Pogo customer service and they told me the Promo was for Credit Card payment method only. I told them I did pay with a Credit Card. They said … Yes, but you went through PayPal. The $10 off offer is only for straight Credit Card payment method. D:< I said … Well, how come you didn’t state that and how it really isn’t for EVERYBODY then if the offer is only Valid for Credit Card payment method. I told him not everybody owns a Credit Card. I requested if they can just refund me $10 and they said … We can’t but the best we can do is extend your subscription by one month. I really doubt a one month subscription would cost $10. More or less $7 but not $10 ! I then requested if they can refund the entire amount so I can redo the payment via straight Credit Card payment. Again they said … No. We offer you one extra month to your subscription take it or leave it. Been a member since 2002 and this is how I’m treated ?? I say they are guilty of False Advertisement. Very unhappy customer !! 😡


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