The Answer to Reviving a Dull Relationship

Is your relationship getting a little stale ? Feel like your relationship has lots it’s Spark ? Losing interest in your Lover or feel Love is gone from your relationship ? My answer is reminisce. The definition of Reminisce is …

Reminisce : To recollect and tell of past experiences or events, recall the past; recapture the past; indulge in memories.

Rey and I have been together for 11 years. and whenever we feel our relationship is going stale we reminisce of past memories. We talk about days when we first started dated and talk about our embarrassing moments to most passionate moments. You won’t know what the other person was thinking that day until they tell you exactly what they were thinking. Rey told me that before he met me he was going out with another woman and the relationship just lacked chemistry and interest. But he explained how different he felt when he met me and that his heart was beating fast. Just us reminiscing about our earlier days revamps our relationship. We feel like we’ve grown closer by remembering the reasons we first met and the moments in between. When we go back to the past afterwards I feel just as much Love for him as I did then. It’s a wonderful experience and most likely ends with explosive sex before bed. So my answer to a fizzled out relationship is to reminisce of the days you first met and started dating. Laugh at the embarrassing moments and embrace the passionate moments. It’ll renew your relationship as you remember why you Love each other and how you felt back then is renewed into the present. Cherish those memories and each other.

One thought on “The Answer to Reviving a Dull Relationship

  1. sanochi says:

    I’m glad to hear the two of you are together. Most relationships don’t do things like going back to good memories, and they end up falling apart. The two of you are a great couple.
    And I like the new blog layout :).

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