Top 10 Topics that immediately cause a heated debates …

Thought I’d post the Top 10 Topics that will always cause heated debates between people whether in a Chat-Room, Amongst Friends, a Forum, etc.

1.) Gay & Lesbian Equality – Equality to marry just like a Hetro-sexual couple and be treated Equally like anyone else

2.) A little piece of Chocolate for my Dog won’t hurt – Animal Cruelty always sparks heated debates over Animal Lovers and Non-Animal Lovers alike

3.) BP *Be Pollution-aires* – How BP is killing our Oceans and the Lifeforms who live in it one oil spill at a time.

4.) Muslims being unwelcome by America – Koran Book Burnings and mistreatment towards anyone from the Middle East.

5.) Obama’s Economic Reform – Is he digging us a deeper hole or actually helping fill up the hole

6.) Police Bullying Citizens – What’s considered *You had it Coming* .vs. *That was uncalled for brutality*

7.) Sports – Which team is better than which and which player is better than the rest

8.) Food Diets – What’s Healthy and What’s just plain BULLSH!T

9.) Economy – Higher prices of necessities like Gas and Groceries

10.) Immigration – Is America still the Land of Opportunity or have we hidden the welcome mat ?

Those are my Top 10 Topics that always spark heated debates and arguments. I know from experience in some of these topics and others experienced others in argument over the topics on the list.


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