Against All Odds … Story of Triumph !

Today I’m gonna share with you a story about a Special person in my Life who I feel is a living symbol that hard work does payoff !! Now this person isn’t just an ordinary person and I’m not just writing this for no apparent reason but rather bcuz it is his Birthday and I feel that in the 41 yrs. he has been on this planet he deserves recognition for the 41 yrs of Life he was experienced both the Good, Bad, and the Ugly. Now may it be we’ve all experienced Life no matter whether you’re 10 yrs. old or 90 yrs. old. We’re all gonna meet the Good, Bad, and Ugly parts of Life. Some more than others but I wanted to share how even through all the Good, Bad, and Ugly we can still triumph in Life.

This Special person I have decide to Blog about today is none other than my Best Friend, Soulmater, Lover, Boyfriend, Future Husband, and Life Partner … Reymond. So let’s start on the brief journey through his Life. Of course this is just a Blog entry. I’m not writing a Autobiography so it’s just gonna be summaries of his Life and his journeys he took to get to where he is today. Before I start I wanna Thank you the readers and appreciate you taking the time and effort in reading my Blogs and commenting on those topics you felt you needed to express your own voice to. This blog entry is a one that’s very dear to me and I’m happy to be sharing a piece of my Happiness, Pride, and Joy with you today. Thank you !
Ok, now in September 10, 1969 in a rural city of the Philippines known as Laguna *Barrio St. Isabel district* a little baby boy was born to struggle through Life. This part of the Philippines is nothing near the urban cities where you got shops, restaurants, and middle class subsides. In this rural city it’s mainly poverty where many kids resort to theft in order to survive. Farmland owners protect their crops from such thieves by going to extreme measures like wrapping fruit trees such as Coconut trees in barbed wire to prevent stealing of the fruits. Coconuts apparently are like the Diamond of this city. One can be sold for $50 or more so anyone hard on cash would be enticed to steal one of these gems.

But one little boy grew up determined to survive in a family with many children. He was the youngest of 8 children and many step-children. Often times he was the last to eat and was left with scraps of whatever was left behind after the older siblings had finished. He was often lucky to even find a golf ball sized amount of rice left in the rice cooker. His Dad owned a small corner market yet he wouldn’t spare a piece of fruit or snack even to his starving son. His Dad also tended someone’s farm and made a little bit of money. And yet, this little boy still didn’t have proper books for school or the supplies he needed to study in school.

It was then that he started working at the age of 10 to start earning money for himself for food, school supplies, clothes, all the necessities he needed that his family wouldn’t provide. It seems like his Life was always struggles and Hard work was the only way to surviving in this Life time. But later on his mother left for the US in hopes to start a better Life not just for herself but for her children. Soon his Life was gonna change as she would send packages with clothes, necessities they otherwise couldn’t afford but the most significant was when he was to be the first child petitioned to the US by his Mother.

His Mother resided in Corona, California. She was a successfully working as a maid and later owner of a Convalescent Hospice house. Rey is now 15 and her Mom enrolls her at Corona High school. Life for him was now better but still not easy for he was having difficulty learning English. Things definitely was not easy. He didn’t have alot of friend bcuz he couldn’t speak English. He even got into a scuffle with another student in his ESL class during Lunch break due to this student kicking the back of his chair and not stopping when asked to. But even though he studied Hard and maintained a B-C Grade average and it was with the help of an ESL Teacher by the name of Ms. Kerr who helped him learn to speak English to a certain degree and to help with his essay which got him to Graduate in 1988.

After graduation he worked a few jobs hoping to go to college but moved out when he turned 18. Life was definitely alot more different now as food as easily attainable and he wasn’t as poor as he was back home in the Philippines. But like in the Philippines he continued to work hard all throughout his Life. He got married in his Early 20s and had a child soon after. But less than 2 yrs. into his marriage things started to fall apart as his Wife was caught in infidelities. They got a divorce but things weren’t completely over bcuz of the child they have together. Court awarded him with custody of their son and the ex-wife was to get weekend custody. He began working as a Security Officer in 1996 at Universal Studios. Life still was hard work to pay for food on the table, roof over his head, and gas in his vehicle so he can maintain his Life for not just him but now his son as well.

He worked a Paycheck to Paycheck Life and got very mediocre results. Life was pretty lonely as work and his son took up most of his Life now. But in 1999 after the advice of his friend decided to start looking for that special someone in his Life again. Be it he still had insecurity due to his bad marriage and infidelity scars left on his heart. He met a few people online but none of them was of interest and felt there was any chemistry. Then in August 5, 1999 he met a young woman *Me*. They talked over the phone for a few weeks but never met in person til’ it was decided to finally have a date. Immediately his heart skipped a beat when he saw her and something told him that this was something special. They officially started dating and Life was a little more pleasurable now that he has someone special to spend his weekends with while his son was with his ex-wife.

Life was gonna change dramatically from now on. There was a opening for Private Security Supervisor and the pay was a little better than what he was currently receiving. With the help and encouragement of his Girlfriend he applied and submitted a letter of Interest for the position. He was accepted and soon after was being trained for his duties as a Private Security Supervisor. After working at Universal Studios Security companies for over 10+ yrs. He was content but not fully satisfied. He wanted something other than just being a dead-end Security officer. Until a friend offered him to study to become a Phlebotomist with him at UCLA. It was hardwork and in order to focus on his studies he quit his job as a Private Security Supervisor after serving almost 15 yrs. of service.

He worked hard towards his goal of becoming a Phlebotomist and studied for the State Certification exam. Again his Hard work pays off bcuz he passes his exam and was trying to find a *NEW* job as a Phlebotomist. But was unable to being he lacked experience. He had no choice but to return working as a Security Officer but this time was working as a Hospital Security Officer at Olympia Medical Center. He continued looking for a job as a Phlebotomist and call it God’s work but a position opens up at the hospital at which he was working for. He applies but has difficulty getting hired again due to lack of actual experience. But being a Security Officer he’s made a few friends and one friend Cesar Mateo decided to help him get hired.

Cesar puts in a few good words and later Rey is given a chance and is hired as a Phlebotomist. All his hard work from the day he was a kid has now paid off. He went from a low-paying Security Officer to a well-respect Phlebotomist. Cesar Mateo sadly died shortly after helping Rey get hired from a Heart Attack. It was sad that Rey never really got to tell Cesar just how much he appreciates the help for getting him hired but he knows in his heart Cesar will not be forgotten.

It’s now been 2+ yrs. since Rey has been working as a Phlebotomist at Olympia Medical Center. But his Hard work continues as he is currently studying towards being a Clincal Lab Scientist *CLS*. Even though he is now 41 today … he is determined to finish his schooling and becoming a CLS. Somewhere around 2014. With Work, School, and Homework it’s alot of Hardwork with very little hours to complete it all but moral of his Life story is … KEEP YOUR EYE ON THE PRIZE, WORK HARD, PLAY HARD and IN THE END YOU’LL SUCCEED !! One can triumph even through diversities and with the help of God you can accomplish anything !! If a Poor Boy from the Philippines can work his way towards success … so can you !

*On a Side-Note : Manny Pacquiao the undefeated Boxing champ was also from the Poverty stricken parts of the Philippines but his Hard work and sheer will power has landed him towards going from Poor nobody to the Richest #1 Boxing champ in the world*



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  1. hi..great blog..thanks for the info.. keep it up..

  2. I don’t even know how I ended up here, but I thought this post was great.
    I don’t know who you are but certainly you’re going to a
    famous blogger if you are not already 😉 Cheers!

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