My how times have changed ! (-_-)

It seems what I learned in Elementary Science that the Earth revolves around the Sun is no longer true. Technology has gotten to advanced that the Sun is now a Super-Bright LED and the Earth revolves around the internet. I say this bcuz I wanna share with you some shopping experiences that made me realize just how much shopping has changed over the years. A while back I was looking for a certain CD but being I like listening to 8Os music the bands I like such as Survivor are hard to find. I went to my local Best Buy searching for this certain music CD. I found the slot where they should be but no CD. I asked a worker if they carry them or know of a store that’d have them in-stock. You know what his answer was ? You know nowadays people just download their music or buy them online. Just find your CD online and buy it. Try Amazon or something. Eventually I did end up buying it online.

But now I’m currently searching for this *NEW* Tamagotchi toy that I wanna get for myself and my niece. We got back into Tamagotchi when my Mom brought us both back a Tamagotchi-ID in Color from her recent trip to Japan. I went to the first store I knew would have the Tamagotchi Tama-Go … ToysRus. I went and found nothing but the faceplates for them. I asked if you have the Tamagotchi Tama-Go themselves and again was given the answer that I needed to get with the times and just order it online.

My how times have changed that people don’t need to shop in a store anymore. Even groceries can be ordered online ! Has it really come to the point that people don’t need to shop outside anymore ? What will happen to retail stores if they don’t wanna jump on the internet bandwidth wagon and still sell in-store only ? Will their business dramatically reduce bcuz they don’t carry a certain item as to the internet which carries almost every product imaginable ??

I would cave in and just purchase the Tamagotchi Tama-Go online but I honestly think it’d be cheaper to buy things from the store than online bcuz online you’d be paying more due to the shipping costs. Not every website offers FREE Shipping and if they do you’ll need to spend over $100 or some limit to get it. Now I’ll admit I’ve done quite a few online shopping in my times. Let me advise you about on thing though … STICK WITH GROUND SHIPPING !! Priority Shipping, Overnight Shipping, Expedited Shipping, etc. are ALL a SCAM. Every online store I’ve ordered from and paid extra for Priority or Expedited Shipping was FALSE. My order was suppose to arrive in 3-4 days compared to the 5-7 days of Ground Shipping. My order came in 6 days ! I could of just paid for Ground Shipping than paying the extra for the Priority Shipping if it isn’t gonna arrive in the 3-4 days they promised. Guess I didn’t learn the 1st time cuz I ordered recently again with Expedited shipping and it shipped in the time frame of Ground Shipping. If you got money to throw around then by all means pay extra for Ground Shipping. But I’m just telling you that most of the time these Priority, Overnight, Expedited, etc never keep their shipping time promises.

I miss going to a store, not being able to find a certain item, ask an employee and have the employee say “Let me check if other stores have them in stock”, and prints you out the directions or calls the store to put one on hold for you. What happen to doing that over simply telling customers … “Dude, just go online and buy it. Save you the time and effort searching for it.” True but compared to finding it in the store and having it then and there over waiting several days as it’s in the process of shipping out your product then waiting for the UPS, FED EX, USPS to deliver it. I think I’d rather go with the having it then and there without waiting or paying extra for shipping option.

Another sign that the Internet has taken over the world is … think what Toy store can you think of that still exists, what electronics store can you think of that still exists, and what music store still exists ?? In my area  …. Toy Stores : ToyRUs and Kaybee Toys. Kaybee Toys went outta business and ToysRUs is the only Toy store still standing. Electronics : Best Buy, Circuit City, Good Guys, and Fry’s Electronics. Circuit City closed all it’s stores and is now and Online store only, Good Guys went outta business. Best Buy and Fry’s Electronics only stores still standing. Music store : Tower Records was the main Music store everyone went to but they went outta business. Only store you can go to to find Music CDs is either Best Buy, Walmart, or Target and selection choices are slim pickins’. It’s like they tell you better off buying Online. My How Times have Changed !! << Never imagined I’d ever be saying that. (=_=) Now I feel Old ! LOL


2 thoughts on “My how times have changed ! (-_-)

  1. sanochi says:

    Hey grandma! Us whipper-snappers still shop in store too xD.
    going to a store is good for things like game systems and DVD players so they don’t break through shipping. It’s also good when you know what you want and where to get it.
    And there’s the opposite with stores like the something store, where you spend $10 and they send you something random.
    There will always be stores, but thanks to the recession, stores are closing down.

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