Ahh … the first rains of Fall.

Nothings better than the first rains of Fall. Although I am having a hard time adjusting to the temperature going from the Hot 100s of Summer to the Cold low 60s of Fall rain. But the plants need the good drenching after the dry summer heat. Besides it’s Autumn which means trees are gonna go bald and the rain is gonna help those branches sprout out new leaves in the spring also to shake off some of those leaves that just won’t naturally fall off. Besides it’s been quite awhile since California has seen any rain. The air during and after it rains smells so fresh. I just feel bad for the dogs who gotta sleep outside in the rain like my neighbors dog who doesn’t have a dog house but rather soggy wet grass for a mattress. But dogs are able to adapt to any condition so even though they may be cold and wet I’m sure they’ll be fine. Now what I don’t understand is why rain doesn’t phase drivers on the road. It could be pouring cats and dogs and I’ve seen drivers still going 80-90 on the freeways, cutting people off, and driving like it was an ordinary day. Yesterday I went out to dinner to celebrate my 11yr. 2month anniversary and even though it was raining hard out people were darting across the street in mid-traffic when there’s a crosswalk like few feet away. I had a man dart right in front of us as we were approaching to cross the street into a liquor store. Ya, I know it’s cold and the alcohol you’re about to purchase will probably warm your soul but do you realize that the braking distance and ability is lowered in rain ? Do they realize that a car may or may not be able to stop on a dime in the rain ? People just aren’t careful anymore. Maybe cuz they have full coverage insurance or no insurance at all that they don’t care if they crash into anyone. People when it’s raining you increase your following distance and decrease your speed not decrease your following distance and increase your speed. I have seen too many rainy fender benders that could of been avoided if they were driving with more caution and awareness. Rain = Slick roads and Slick roads mean your not gonna brake easily and the chances of you sliding as you brake is high. So just drive carefully out there in the rainy day and snuggle with someone special to stay warm. ❤ (n_n)


One thought on “Ahh … the first rains of Fall.

  1. sanochi says:

    All those people are in a hurry to the grocery store to buy milk and eggs. It’s the same when it snows. They think the world’s going to end, so they decide to buy food xD.
    But I hear what you’re saying. People are crazy. Makes me glad I’m not human ^_^.

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