Animal Cruelty is WRONG !

You know just bcuz animals may be covered in fur, feathers, scales, etc. Don’t mean they don’t have feelings or should be mistreated. This is my blog entry today bcuz my neighbor smacked his dog bcuz he stepped in a pile of his poop. He was loudly cursing and angry at the dog. I’m a very strong supporter against Animal Cruelty and advocate it whenever I get the chance. If the houses next door to me wasn’t a drug-addict halfway house I might of stepped up and told him to stop abusing his dog. His dog is an outdoor dog, chained to a small area, and if you don’t clean after the dog daily you’re bound to have piles of poop everywhere. I was especially sadden when it rained for 3 days and the poor dog was left to shiver, soak, and cry in the rain. He doesn’t have a dog house to shelter him. As a Pet Lover and someone with a heart. 1st thing you do when you get a pet ANY pet whether Cat, Dog, Hamster, or Fish you buy them a HOUSE. I think it was wrong of my neighbor to hit his dog bcuz he stepped into the poop. It’s like smacking your baby bcuz it pooped in it’s diaper. I honestly think if you smack outta anger like my neighbor did then you should be severely punished. He may or may not smack another person in anger but pets deserve the same respect as a human. ALL living things should never been treated crudely. All I can do is put my neighbors punishment in God’s hands. It’s sad that over the time I’ve lived here neighbors in that house particularly has ALL smacked their dogs. 😦 So Sad !


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